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We are so proud to present our new line of vegan certified supplements specially developed for people on a plant based diet. This is a collaboration between Green Kitchen Stories and Puori, the Danish supplement brand famous for there high-quality and clean label products.

V - Multi Vitamin & Minerals

Multi vitamin and mineral complex developed with those eating a lot of greens in mind. Puori V is aiming to fill the mineral and vitamin gaps that people eating a predominantly plant-based diet may experience.
Why did we make V?
The product is developed as a supplement to a regular diet as well as a plant-based diet, for those who do not want to have to compromise on the quality, dose or forms of various vitamins and minerals.

Why should you take V?
Multi Vitamin & Minerals from Puori is a vitamin and mineral complex with specifically selected ingredients and forms of 13 essential vitamins and 9 minerals. Forms and doses of each individual vitamin and mineral are carefully selected based on the latest knowledge and research in the field.  

B12 - Vitamin Berry Booster

Easily absorbed vitamin B12 mixed with hand-picked Nordic wild blueberries. We wanted the B12 experience to be more sophisticated and suitable for everyday meals so we created a tasty, beautiful powder format.
Why did we make Vitamin B12 Berry Booster?
Vitamin B12 typically comes in pills or capsules. We wanted the experience to be more sophisticated and enable it to be incorporated into everyday meals rather than taking a pill, which is why it is mixed with Nordic wild blueberries to give it a great taste and color – besides being packed with natural flavonoids.

Why should you take Vitamin B12 Berry Booster?
We made this product because vitamin B12 is a vitamin it is very hard to get when eating a plant-based diet. Vitamin B12 has some vital functions in the body and it is almost entirely found in animal based products. However, vitamin B12 can be found in some mushrooms, but it is impossible to eat the quantities it would require getting your daily intake of B12 covered.

Ingredient history
Wild blueberries grow in the Nordic forests and are also called Bilberries, are part of the same plant family as blueberries but are usually smaller in size, darker in color, and full of flavonoids. Therefore, Bilberries have about 4x more antioxidants than conventional blueberries. Several scientific studies show that bilberries have unique health benefits, mainly due to their high levels of flavonoids (e.g., anthocyanins). The Nordic wild blueberries in B12 are handpicked and carefully processed to preserve the goodness from nature. The fresh taste of the Nordic wild Blueberries is slightly sweetened with natural stevia.

PB - Plant Protein Booster

Organic pea protein with calcium from sea algae - 25 servings

Puori PB is a calcium fortified vegan protein powder intended to be used as a booster in shakes and food recipes.
Why did we make PB?
Puori Plant Protein Booster is an organic, calcium fortified vegan protein powder intended to be used as a booster in shakes and food recipes. We developed the product to make it easy for people eating a predominantly plant-based diet to reach the desired daily intake of protein and calcium.

Why should you take Plant protein Booster?
Intake of the right amount of essential amino acids can be a little challenging when eating a plant-based diet. PB provides organic, high quality protein with all the essential amino acids in a decent amount. Furthermore, calcium is a challenging mineral to get through a plant-based diet, since a lot of calcium intake in the western world origins from dairy products. PB is therefore fortified with calcium naturally derived from algae.

Ingredient history
Algae calcium is derived from fossil red algae and naturally rich in calcium and trace minerals, which are preserved thru a through a cold process to retain all nutrients. The minerals are in organic form, which results in a higher absorption rate compared to other calcium substances such as calcium carbonate. Due to its fossil form the calcium dissolve quicker in the stomach’s acidic environment, which eases the uptake and digestion. Algae calcium is natural and made of fossiled plants hence, it is suitable for vegan products which is why we have selected this ingredient for Puori Plant Protein Booster.

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