Autumn Kale Slaw + Movie Night


“Sorry to disturb you young lady, what kind of vegetable are you holding there?” I was waiting in line at our farmer’s market with curious baby Isac resting on my right arm and two large bunches of green and purple kale on my left and turned around to see the kind old woman that was talking to me. At first I looked down at our little pumpkin, staring at me with his big eyes and cute little hat. But then I realized that it was the kale she was asking about. I was a bit surprised by the question, as kale has been one of the most hyped ingredients these past couple of years and you can buy it in most food stores now during the autumn. But I quickly woke up from my pompous foodie bubble. I told her that it was called kale and explained some of the wonderful ways how you can prepare it. And while I was talking I noticed that the whole line was listening in on our conversation. Apparently we need to keep talking about kale.

So, even though quite a few of you blog readers probably already are using kale in soups, smoothies, batters, bread, salads, pilafs, tomato sauce and as chips, I have realized that there also is a large bunch of people that still haven’t. If you are one of them, I truly encourage you to try it. The leaves might seem thick and sturdy at first, but that only makes them more versatile to use (as you also can use them in warm dishes). And when you massage the leaves with some oil, the sturdiness disappears and it becomes smooth as lettuce. I haven’t even mentioned how healthy it is! Kale is in fact one of the most nutrition packed vegetables on earth. So go grab some kale and start cooking!

Today we are sharing two different ways to eat this superfood.


In this first recipe, we have paired kale with two other ingredients that are in season at the moment, carrots and apples. This is a kind of a slaw with sweetness from apples and honey, creaminess from tahini, tang from lemon and crunch from carrots and roasted hazelnuts. It is a delicious lunch full of flavor and texture and if you add some black lentils, it also makes a filling dinner. I’m sure you can tell from David’s photos that this truly is an awesome recipe.

The second recipe is this video where Elsa and I show how to make Kale Chips. It is a quick, easy and a fun way to eat your superfood. Warning to sensitive parents! The following clip contains images of a child stuffing her mouth full of healthy food. You can also read the full recipe over on our youtube channel.


Autumn Kale Slaw

6 stems kale (we mixed purple and green), stemmed and shredded
6 carrots, very finely shredded
2 apples, very finely shredded
1 cup raw hazelnuts (or any nuts or seeds of choice)

Tahini dressing
4 tbsp tahini (sesame paste)
2 tbsp honey, preferable unpasteurized
2 tbsp lemon juice
water to thin

Heat a skillet on medium-low heat. Toast the hazelnuts until the skin has cracked and golden in color. Coarsely chop the nuts. Combine the shredded kale and carrots in a large mixing bowl. Stir together tahini, honey and lemon juice in a small bowl, add water a little by little and stir until desired consistency. Pour the dressing over the kale slaw and combine. Use you hands to massage the leaves, make sure every single kale leaf is covered in dressing. Top with shredded apple and toasted hazelnuts. Ready to serve.


PS – Movie night!
We also wanted to let you know that David, Isac and I we will be in London for some book related events in a couple of weeks. One event that is open for public is a food and film night on Tuesday 23 September at gorgeous Charlotte Street Hotel just north of Soho. We were asked to select a food movie that we both liked and since film is something we don’t often agree on, it took us about two weeks to finally decide on the food blog movie of all times, “Julie & Julia” with the awesome Meryl Streep as Julia Child. You might have seen this movie before, but probably not in a room full of other food bloggers. It should make for some interesting discussions afterwards.

We will be selling and signing books and before the movie starts we will also do a Q&A with the audience, so make sure to bring any questions that you might have. After the film, the chefs at the hotel have prepared a 3-course dinner from our new book that we all will be having together. Isac and I might have to drop off a bit earlier but David has promised to be there all night to chat with all of you and answer any questions that you might have. You can read more about the event here. Book tickets by sending an email to A ticket for the full night with dinner is £49. Or £20 if you only want to attend the book signing, watch the film and Q&A. There is a limited amount of tickets, so don’t book too late. We are hoping to see you there! /Luise


  • Really hoping there are still tickets left for the event! I've sent an email and am waiting to hear back. Loved the kale chips video. Elsa is such a cutie :)
  • I cannot wait to make this kale salad. If only I had access to kale here in Switzerland. They simply don't grow/sell it short of a few weeks in the Autumn, so this recipe will be on stand-by. Julie and Julia is a fantastic movie, good choice. ;-)
  • Isn't it nice when people actually stop you to ask for information? After all, kale is not as hip in many parts of Europe as it is in the States. A couple days ago, a coworker asked me what broccoli looks like. While I find this utterly disheartening, It is nice to know you can be of help. Wow, I really wish I could come to your movie night! That is one of my favorite movies. Great choice.
  • Sue
    I am presuming you mean 'steamed' kale and not de-stemmed kale, i.e. raw kale
  • Astrid
    My garden is overflowing with kale, carrots and Apples at the moment. Gotta love this season! The work you are doing is such and inspiration. Love from Norway
  • I just received some cavolo nero in my veg box, I think I'll adapt this recipe to use it. Do you think cashew butter would work well as a substitute for tahini? That move night sounds like it'll be fab – Julie & Julia has been a favourite film of mine for years!
  • Eva
    Difficult to find kale in France... It's a pity!! Any ideas how to replace it?
  • I totally agree! I'm still surprised how many people I've talked to that have heard of kale, but have no idea how to use it. + this slaw is just perfect!
  • Kale chips are the best, and this salad looks perfect. I want to eat it all week! And maybe the following week, too!
  • Kale, apples, carrots, and tahini?! So many of my favorite things together in one simple dish!
  • Definitely going to introduce my mum to this recipe, she loves every type of slaw, and I'm sure this one will be no different. I'm really keen to try making my own kale chips because the ones in the stores where I live are ridiculously expensive. Wish I lived near London so I could go to that movie night.
  • Looks delicious! Elsa is SO cute in the video :)
  • Congrats on your new addition. Kale is growing like mad in my garden, will be making both of these recipes. Nice video!
  • Great recipe ideas for kale! I, too, am sometimes caught by surprise when people aren't familiar with kale, but then I remember when I was there myself. (Isn't kale that filler vegetable they use to separate the meat trays at the deli counter???) LOL.....
  • Well, I've certainly eaten my share of kale but am always looking for more recipes. That's too funny that you thought she was talking about your son! Ha!
  • Gorgeous salad! As the produce from the garden starts to slow down, the kale is the one thing that will NOT be stopped, happily. Thanks for sharing.
  • I love kale! Yesterday when I saw fresh kale in my local store, I was smiling for myself - and off course I had to buy it. Thanks for the recipes, I think I will try the kale salad with tahini dressing (another favourite of mine, but I hadn't thought about combining those two). :) Luna
  • Looks amazing! I love the colours of the salad! The movie night also sounds like fun!
  • Both recipes look divine. I've never used lemon juice with my kale chips. What a great idea. I also love how you always include your daughter in the cooking process. Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing Kimberly
  • Hazelnuts and apples are made for each other! YUM! And purple kale is so pretty. Thanks for the reminder that not everyone is eating the same way we are. Sometimes i forget that quinoa and bee pollen are not in everyones kitchen!
  • Emily
    Gorgeous salad/slaw! And Elsa is so cute in the kale chips video. I would love to attend the movie night. I am going to check my calendar right away. Wiih!
  • The photos and the video are beautiful, as always! Kale chips are one of my favorites too!! So delicious and addictive! :) That salad sounds amazing - I have a bunch of kale in the fridge right now, so I may be having this for lunch today!
  • I love kale in all forms and shapes and this kale looks amazing. Great pictures too!
  • I want to cook and to try this superfood. Hope, I find it in Russia))
  • I used to walk past that beautiful hotel on my way to uni every day and Julie & Julia also happens to be my favourite movie. I hope you have a wonderful night!
    • Also I just ordered a Kale slogan sweater today. Perfect timing!
  • At the moment I see there is a new post, I always hurry to look at it, curious for your beautiful stories, stunning photographs and mouthwatering creative recipes! It's a pity that kale is very hard to find in Spain...
    • Sue
      why not grow it yourself? It is so easy to grow, particularly if you cover it with butterfly-proof netting.
  • Cassie
    I love it in my smoothies, but I'm excited to try this recipe!
  • that is a cute story... i like the imagery of having a bunch of kale in one arm and a baby in the other :) and this slaw has allll of my favorite ingredients! tahini! hazelnuts! YUM.
  • im so happy that you guys are spreading kale love at the market. I received a copy of cookbook by my friend Julia @ theroastedroot who wrote all about kale, it was very nice. and this salad sounds perfect for this season.

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