Avocado Soup & Santa Cruz

We started Green Kitchen Stories to challenge ourselves to keep trying out new nutritious recipes. We hoped that our recipes could inspire others who wanted to eat good, healthy food, but we never expected to reach as many as we’ve done. And we never ever imagined that we would also meet new friends through this blog.

When we first wrote about our trip around the world we got lots of tips on where to go and what to see. A lot of people told us that we had to come to Santa Cruz, so we spent last week there. And while we were there we actually met a couple of our readers that quickly became new friends.

Meet Damaris from Kitchen Corners! She invited us to celebrate Halloween with her family (Elsa’s super cute skeleton costume was a gift from them). We ended up spending almost the whole week with her and her sweet husband Christian, their oh so funny and cute son Enzo and their little beautiful baby Maria.

We cooked (the salad is a version of our Quinoa & Kale Salad), went to the beach and to the aquarium together. They made us ice cream and we did our frozen pink cheesecake. They learned us how to cook brazillian cassava root, beans and rice, acai with granola (Luise’s new obsession) and to pray before eating. We had a blast!

We also met Nancy and her friend Jennifer. Nancy has got an avocado orchard, a couple of miles south of Santa Cruz. We were invited for lunch to see her orchard and vegetable garden. It is a beautiful place with an amazing view, and their avocados … so much flavor! They made us a delicious and wholesome lunch with sweet potato hummus, gluten free crackers, pumpkin bread, dosa, goat cheese, apple sauce, avocados and a lot more. And for dessert she had made homemade avocado chocolate fudge pop-sickles. Yum!

Before we left we got a basket of handpicked avocados and limes to take with us, this is what we cooked.

Warm Avocado Soup
Serves 4 as a starter
Since it’s autumn we wanted to make a warm soup, but it actually tastes good cold as well. The lime and mint gives a fresh touch to it. Perfect as a starter or a lunch.
If you aren’t lucky enough to handpick your own avocados we guess store bought will have to do …

olive oil
1 small onion
2 cloves garlic
1/2 inch fresh ginger, minced
a pinch of dried chili
2 lime, juice
10 mint leaves
3 medium size avocados
1 cup water
salt & pepper

Mint olive oil:
Stomp 15-20 mint leaves in a mortar, add 3 tbsp olive oil. Let it sit for a while before dripping it over the soup.

Add olive oil to a pan on medium heat. Sauté onion, garlic, ginger and chili until soft. Place in a blender together with the rest of the ingredients. Pulse it and taste, add more salt and water if needed. Pour it into a pot and heat it before serving. Top with a couple of drips of the Mint olive oil. Enjoy!


  • Laura
    Mine tasted really bitter, I had a look at a couple of other recipes afterwards and some said if you heat the avocado too much this can happen? Don't let it boil maybe?
  • Currently in Mexico and so limes and avocados are plentiful and cheap here. I was so happy to see this recipe! I just made it for breakfast and it was a delightful change from the eggs and beans that have become so normal around here. So light and easy on my stomach :P I'll definitely be making this again, thanks!
  • Stunning photography, bright and vibrant. Makes me feel healthy just looking at everything. Well done!
  • Photographies are so amazing !! Your life seems full of love & happiness, thanks to share. Good Trip !
  • Seth
    Hey, I can't believe how small the world is. I work with Damaris and Christian; we met you at the halloween party at UCSC. Well, Ken and Nancy are our friends too. It's great to see their amazing avocado farm getting some love, they have a great setup. We were just up there last weekend. We always sneak in a few avos while we're there, and in the spring they have loquats and plums as well!
  • Avacado is one of my current pregnancy cravings so I am bookmarking this one. What a dreamy day!
  • Seems like some of your travel goals (food and people and warmth and joy) are more than nicely met! And that soup is certainly delicious! (can't wait to read about what you'll discover in Asia!!)
  • Valeria
    I love, love, love the look of this soup (that shade of green is my favorite color). I'm heading to the market in a few minutes to buy some avocados! So glad to hear you're spending a nice time in the US. Where to next?... Best, Valeria
    • Hi Valeria, I hope you will like the soup! Right now we are in sunny Santa Barbara, after that we will go to Los Angeles and then San Diego. We love it here! /David
  • Fantastiskt! Så glad för er skull. Ni är en sann inspiration för mig också. Avokadosoppan ska helt klart provas. Vi firade Tures 1-årsdag förra helgen, med en linssoppa som uppskattades av allt från kräsna 6-åriga gottegrisar till gamla kräsna köttätande svärmödrar :o) Till efterrätt var det sockerfri morotskaka (utgick från ett recept jag hade och inspirerades av er) och pannkakstårta (mycket lik den du fick av David). Succé! Hoppas ni får en fortsatt fantastisk resa. Kram Linn (Linas vän)
  • We're already planning our trip to Sweden. It was wonderful hanging out with you two and baby Elsa. It was inspiring to see how calm and compassionate you are with each other and with your first born. The invitation still stands for Thanksgiving. xoxo
    • Once again thanks for having us. Thanksgiving sounds like so much fun! We'll let you know! /Luise
  • I love this post and that soup looks fabulous! I really love your website and I look forward each week to reading about your adventures as a family. Enjoy the weekend! ~Corrine
  • That was so generous of Damaris and how wonderful that you got to meet all these people! I love the photos, and needless (?) to say this avocado soup sounds absolutely divine!! Enjoy your travels, and as always I'm looking forward to your new posts! :-) Maria x
  • The avocado orchard looks and sound like heaven! So glad you're having a nice time in the U.S.!
  • That soup sounds amazing. I've never had an avocado soup but I bet the creaminess is out of this world! I'm still so sad I missed you during your time in San Francisco! I would have loved to have met you guys! I just met Damaris on my recent trip there and she was so sweet.
    • Yes, it was too bad that we missed each other. Hope you had a great time in San Francisco! /Luise

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