Birthday Layer Cake à la Earthsprout

Today is Elsa’s birthday! She turns two. It seems like a decade ago that we celebrated her birthday last time. As you probably can imagine we have had our hands full this week, with the launch of our new iPhone app and planning a small birthday party for Elsa (we held the party yesterday and it was a huge success!). So instead of us stressing a recipe together, we invited a dear friend of ours for a guest post. Meet Elenore from Earthsprout! She came up with this incredible raw layer cake, which suits perfect for today. If you have any questions, write them in the comments below or hop on over to Earthsprout. Now we leave the word to Elenore!

Oh, hold on just a second… mmm-m. Let me just.. M-MM! Are you wondering what on earth is going on? Well, I thought it would be a good idea to eat the last piece of this decadent Raw layered cake while I wrote this post but I cannot seem to focus. Anything other than loosing myself in the flavour explosions happening in my mouth comes in second place. Focus, Elenore!

So, this is what’s cooking; I am amongst other things a lover of Mother Earth (more about me and my work in the interview below) and when spring comes around I simply have to celebrate it! This is how the Raw Super-Infused Celebration Cake came to life, and I promise you, after you’ve had a bite of this you will hop around in some silly crazy dance as well.

Me planning the garden / The making of the Raw Chocolate Fudge layer

Some of my Raw Food creations gets a special place in my heart (this would be one of those creations), and in one fell swoop I’m hooked in the very experience of eating. Gosh when the combination of perfect harmony and hidden surprises hits me, that’s when I have succeeded. Succeeded in making the eating part both a blissed meditation and a freaking roller coaster ride. I always feel like a magician when that happens and I love sharing it with You!

Nettle from my Nordic Superfood Mix / Mortar love

I get questions like are you a Vegan/Raw Foodist/Fruitarian/Vegetarian all the time but I think it’s enormously important not to identify one self with what you are eating. Therefore my answer is always I AM me, and anything I eat, I eat because A). It´s delish B). It boosts both my own health and the wellbeing of the planet. (To feel and look energized and fab is an awesome side effect of eating greenylicious things). Simple as that. It does not matter if it happens to be a hot miso soup, a slice of sourdough bread with cashew cheese, an occasional egg (that my mom brings from their hen house), fresh veggies from the garden or Raw chocolate… You get the point. My intuition is what I swear by in the kitchen or when shopping for groceries. Try it, It’s super fun!

I could not stop myself from adding nettle and spinach to the minty layer

Fun & Fabulous Facts
Now, this wouldn’t be a cake á la Earthsprout if it was not both tasty, pretty, and had nutritious superpowers too. All you have to do is check out the list of ingredients below and you have me busted. There is nothing refined, processed, bleached or anything that has harmed others in the making. I like it Pure, Raw, Whole and absolutely amazing (both your booty and the animals will thank you). Raw chocolate is a chapter of it’s own but let me tell you, nature is a miracle worker! When in their natural state, Cacao beans (aka food of the gods) present a wide array of nutrients like magnesium and antioxidants not to mention their positive effect on our cardiovascular health and our insulin sensitivity. This means that eating good quality cacao can actually help preventing both cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. Then there is the aphrodisiac part too… Remember that if you add low quality sugar to the chocolate it has the opposite affect = not so hot!

But the raw chocolate was not enough for me when making this cake. My motto is “Go green, Go Hot’n Healthy” so there had to be something with the colour green too. I took some nettle powder from my Nordic Superfood Mix, juiced a few leaves of spinach and added it all to the minty layer. Spinach is among other things smack packed with carotenoids but their usual red/orange/yellow colours are in this case hidden by the amounts of chlorophyll in the pretty leaves (and chlorophyll we LIKE). Carotenoids strengthen your eyes and also enhances the cell communication. Nettle is like all other leafy greens rich in protein. These babies also cleanse your lymphatic system (the dump of the body) and are loaded with minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and vitamins.

Enough with the kick-ass powers, go make that cake!

Raw super-infused chocolate cake
Serves 8-10

This cake plays with the colours of spring and all four layers make one amazing eating experience. Remember, this cake is loaded with whole and natural foods, which makes it enormously filling (so do not get scared off by the small size). If you don’t want to make all four layers, no problem! Make candy out of the Chocolate fudge layer or turn the Frosting into a mousse and top with some pomegranate seeds. The sky is the limit!

Pistachio crust
1 cup natural pistachios
1/3 cup yellow raisins
2,5 tblsp water
1 small pinch of Himalayan salt

1. Crush the pistachios in a mortar and add salt
2. Blend raisins and water into a paste and stir down the pistachios.
3. On 3 baking sheets, draw a square that measures 6*6 inches (15*15 cm) and press out the nut dough into the square on one of the sheets. Put in the freezer

Chocolate fudge layer
2 cup dates, chopped & pitted
8 tblsp raw cacao (or regular organic cacao)
1/4 cup cacao nibs (optional)
1 pinch of Himalayan salt

1. Put all ingredients in a food processor and mix until a dough-like consistency.
2. Press the fudge into one of the squares and let it rest in the fridge.

Super-infused mint layer
2.5 cup shredded coconut
1 handful fresh spinach, juiced
20 drops of peppermint essence
2 tsp firm honey
2 bananas
1 tblsp nettle powder

1. Make coconut flour by grinding the shredded coconut in a coffee grinder or food processor.
2. Get the juice out of the spinach by juicing them or chop them finely and press out the juice.
3. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well incorporated and beautifully green.
4. Press into a square on one of the baking sheets and refrigerate.

1 cup avocado (2 medium sized)
1 banana
1/2 cup melted coconut butter
8 heaping tblsp raw cacao (or regular organic cacao)
1/2 tsp pure vanilla powder
1/2 cup chopped & pitted dates

1. Melt the coconut butter carefully over hot water. Remember that the temperature should not exceed 118 degrees (42 grader).
2. Peel the avocado and banana and add all the ingredients to a food processor. Blend until a mousse-like consistency. Ps. Try not to eat it all…
3. Put the frosting in a bowl and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes.

Put the layers on top of one another (see picture) and spread the frosting evenly on top of the mint layer. Dust with some raw cacao and Sea Buckthorn for extra superpowers.

Supermat, Helena Nyblom, Albert Bonniers 2007
The new Whole Foods Ecyclopedia, Rebecca Wood, Penguin books 2010

You are a Raw Food chef and organic gardener, tell us about your work?
I started my company Earthsprout both because I wanted a creative space for my passions and because I wish to spread them to the world. Here I work with projects that have superpowers and are close to my heart. Like healthy recipe developing, costume made adventure changes (with natural nutrition), inspirational workshops, photography and organic gardening. Healing the earth while healing the people! Some have called me a green goddess and that I am absolutely fine with;)

Is it true that you live inside of a forest?
It is! Fabian and me live in the cutest little house in the south of Sweden, surrounded with oak trees, wild animals, water springs (our next-door neighbour is the sky). Come visit and I’ll make you a green juice!

What is your favorite ingredient in the kitchen?
I’d say my camera but since It’s quite hard to digest I will have to say that my all time favourites would be anything I have grown myself. Those veggies are so loaded with love and care! I’m a harvesting nerd!

What is the story behind your Nordic Superfood Mix?
Years ago when I started to learn about Raw Foods, I got the Superfood craze just like everyone else, but after a while I realized the stupidest thing. While I ordered Spirulina and Maca from the other side of the planet, Nordic Superfoods grew at my very feet. So I created a Nordic Superfood Mix! All ingredients are locally harvested by hand (kind friends and family), prepared á la Raw Food and exciting both for the eye and the taste buds. The third round is about to get ready and I’m looking all around for great places & companies that can sell it. Do contact me if you are interested in hearing more about the Nordic Superfood Mix!

Do you have any fun upcoming events?
I will be a part of THE greatest ever Healthkick course held in Andalusia at Casa Acequia where I spent my last year tending the gardens. The course will be loaded with the latest of knowledge in the world of natural nutrition along with crazy kitchen inspiration. As if that was not enough there will be visualization- and hypnosis practice, meditation and easy dance & yoga. All surrounded by olive trees, a pool, organic gardens and spring in Spain. The holiday you’ve always wanted to go on! There are actually still a few spaces left so get on that list before the 9th of March! I know I’m excited:)

Much love and an empty plate dusted with cacao…


  • Joelle
    Happy birthday Elsa! Grattis på födelsedagen! Thank you so much for this post, I'm really looking forward to trying it!!
  • Natalie V
    Perfect timing! My mom just asked what sort of cake I want for my birthday and I'm definitely recommending this. :)
  • Signe Z
    What a wonderful and heavenly cake! I just made this today for my boyfriend's 25th birthday. AND he thought it was THE MOST DELICIOUS cake EVER. YAY! My day was made. Thank you so much for a truly inspirational blog <3 Peace, love and tofu, Signe
    • Hi Signe! So great to hear from you:) Wiiiho, if this cake made your day I´m beyond blissed out! Maybe i should make it for my boyfriends 25th birthday too;) Good idea, you! Much love and keep in touch!
  • Emma
    Yum! I would love to make this right away - but I'm deathly allergic to bananas! With what can I replace them?
    • Then no bananas for you, Emma! In the green layer, replace them with 1 small avocado and 2 more tsp of firm honey. In the frosting add half a small avocado and you´re good to go, sweetness!
  • Christa
    Dear Elenore, First of all: happy Women's Day! I do have a question about the cake though: I don't have a freezer. Do you think that if I just put layers in glasses and put them in the fridge for a while, it would also taste good? Of course the layers won't look as nice, but that's ok. I just don't want to ruin any food by experimenting without asking first:) I will also try to use fresh mint instead of spinach. Thanks for the recipe! C
    • Christa, Happy goddess day <3 Great questions and the answer is easy, really! Just reduce the amount of water and put it in the fridge - done! Also I guarantee you, They will still look absolutely divine! Best of luck and let me know how it went! Love
    • Christa
      I made it yesterday and it was simply amazing!!! Wow! Thanks a lot, Elenore!
  • Bonnie
    Hi there, this cake looks super yummy! (Happy Birthday little-Elsa from Canada!) I have 2 questions... what is Himalayan salt? Is there something special about the quality of this? and in the frosting you use coconut butter, is this the same as the coconut oil that is solid at room temp? Thanks!
    • Hiya Bonnie! Great questions! Himalayan salt is a pinkish high quality salt but you could go for any salt that is high in minerals and boosts your health rather than sinks it.. good sea salt is also an option. If you do not have any of these, go for your regular one! Maybe consider upping your salt game to treat you body:) as for the frosting, you can definitely use coconut oil! The best of luck to you, gorgeous! Do tell me how it went!
  • Chocolate and mint! And spinach and nettles too. This sounds wonderful, Elenore. The beautiful layers remind me of topography.
    • Laura, funny you should mention that since that was definitely an inspiration;)
  • Wonderful! The frosting layer sounds especially easy and useful for when the inevitable cake or cupcake craving hits. Thank you so much! And I would just love to live in the forest, it'd be a dream come true, especially if I had a neighbor who loved green juice as much as I do! Let me know when a little house becomes available in your neck of the woods! ;)
    • You bet! I´ll keep my eyes open:) Much luck with the frosting and let me know how it goes <3
  • Caisa Fhager
    As always, Elenore makes my mouth water and my foodiefingers go to the kitchen. Seeing her do a guestpost at the other favourite foodblog of my life, makes my heart so happy! You are a great inspiration to all, and as much as Elenore helped change my life, you have made it equal amount easier. Happy birthday to little Elsa and a big spring-hug to all four of you!
  • Wow, thanks for this stunning recipe and the interview!
  • What a lucky kid to have two loving parents who know how to cook up a great nutritious cake! Happy birthday to the little one and thanks for a great recipe!
  • Happy Birthday Elsa! My daughter also celebrates her birthday today, she turns eight...though the boring old chocolate cake I made is looking a little underwhelming now...
  • Happy Birthday to Elsa! The cake is a true piece of art!
  • What a beautiful feast of a cake! Questions: the juice from the spinach is discarded? I'm wondering if you've tried adding fresh mint to such a cake? Thanks so much.
    • Oh gee, it´s the juice that I use, not the leaves.. Thanks for pointing that out, we´ll make that more clear in the recipe! No I have not tried using fresh mint actually but please tell me how it went if you do:)
  • Yummie.....and so gorgeous pictures!!!!
  • This cake looks unbelievable. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it asap. Looks like my mother-in-law will be the lucky one to get it (sharing it, of course) since her birthday is this month. Thank you for such a beautiful and nutrition packed cake.
    • I promise, maria, it tastes just as unbelievable too:) good luck making it <3
  • Happy birthday so yummy!!!!!!!!!
  • That cake looks and sounds delicious. What a great way to celebrate.
  • When first seeing this beautiful cake I immediately thought that it was going to take MAGIC hands to make this, but when looking at the directions it is possible! Your life looks so pure and amazing, and as a person living in the city, I can only hope to capture the essence of your natural life by creating such a beautiful cake :)
    • I know it may seem tricky but I promise you it works out like magic with all pair of hands on earth :) And I have to admit, sometimes I just want to run away to the city;) Swap? <3
  • Happy Birthday, Elsa! I'd feel very deserving if someone made me that birthday cake! Enjoy!
  • Hey Honeys! Thank you everyone for your s-w-e-e-t words! I can´t even begin to describe how glad I am to be able to share this post here for Elsas B-day<3 Let´s keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook! And as for the layering part.. it is not that difficult at all, actually! Raw gourmet á la easy:)
  • WOW! The ingrediants are so interesring in this cake and it sounds exactley the way you described it Eleanor, increible! Happy Birthday, Elsa!
  • I want to visit your forest home! And try that cake.
  • All the flavors in this cake ... pistachio, mint, banana, coconut, cocoa nibs! Such a unique cake. I'm pretty certain if I tried to attempt the layers at home there would be a lot of swearing involved, but it sure is nice to look at your lovely pictures. :)
  • This is such an interesting cake! Full of flavours that I adore! Great idea!
  • This post was so inspiring! Thank you very much for the wonderful photos & recipe. I am absolutely ENCHANTED by your "planning the garden" photo - my goodness! You took my breath away. :) xx
  • Happy Birthday, Elsa -- and what an amazing cake -- I might make this for myself on my birthday!
    • It would definitely be a project -- I don't think I have the skill for it, but it would be fun to try! xo
  • Matilda
    Happy Birthday dear little Elsa! I'm very much looking forward to seeing how your coming birthdays are celebrated if the last two are anything to go by. Absolutely amazing!!
  • I know Elenore, I follow her blog and follow her on Twitter too. I love raw cakes and this one is incredible. Absolutely amazing and delicate! I will definitely make it!
  • It looks very delicious! - Happy birthday, Elsa :) Its funny, Its my birthday, too:) Lots of greets from germany, Zuckerwandlerin

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