Miso Noodle Soup

Elsa started preschool last week. It was a big step for her, but probably an even bigger for us. We have been very allowing at home, making things as easy as possible for everyone. If Elsa wants to eat while she dances around the apartment we let her do that. Now when she has started preschool we might have to learn some rules at least … Anyway, so far she loves going there. It turns out that kids her own age are more fun to play with than us. We were a little worried if the preschool would accept our “weird” food requests. But one of her teachers was a vegetarian (yay!) and they seemed pretty cool with not serving her wheat and milk as well. Here comes the best part, they have a no-sugar-rule in Stockholm’s preschools, so we don’t even have to worry about that. Sweet! If you want to know more about our thoughts on children’s food please let us know. We have not followed any particular food philosophy with Elsa, but rather trusted our instincts, and so far she seems to be doing just fine.

Another thing that has taken up our time lately is the upcoming Green Kitchen iPad-app. We are currently beta-testing it and expect to release it in October. It looks so nice and it feels really good to flip through the recipes with the touch of a finger. The pictures are bigger than here, we have added some new features, made the recipes even easier to cook from and added a bunch of new ones. We will definitely let you know when it’s out.

One new recipe that will be on the ipad-app is a really good noodle and tofu salad. As we were shooting it we talked about that we actually haven’t showed any noodle recipes on the blog. It is kind of strange since we use buckwheat noodles often in our cooking. So today we came up with this Miso Noodle Soup for you. Miso is a fermented soy bean paste from Japan. It is very healthy, with supposedly high sources of vitamin B12 (which is important if you are a vegan) and a lot of other good stuff. Make sure you don’t boil it, since it will reduce its nutritional values. This is one of those incredibly quick recipes that is perfect when the first cold days of autumn arrives. Have it for lunch or add some tofu and have it as a light dinner.

Miso Noodle Soup
Serves 4

1/2 fresh chili
2 cloves garlic
2-inches (5 cm) fresh ginger

1 stalk fresh lemongrass
1/2 leek

4 small carrots
1/2 cup (1 1/2 dl) romanesco (or broccoli)
6 brown mushrooms (or shiitake)
1/2 cup (1/2 dl) fennel bulb with greens
1/2 cup (1 1/2 dl) green beans

8 cups (2 liter) water, boiled
4 -6 tbsp miso paste (to taste)
1 tbsp soy sauce

soba (buckwheat) or wholegrain noodles for 4 persons

1 handful cilantro
sesame seeds
1 lime

Preparing the vegetables: Finely slice the chili, mince garlic and ginger, cut the lemongrass in half and “bruise” it with the bottom of your chef’s knife. Finely slice leek, carrots (use a peeler) and divide the Romanesco into small pieces. Cut the brown mushroom into quarters, slice the fennel bulb and chop the fennel greens. Trim the green beans by removing the top stems.

Preparing the miso: Pour 4 cups boiling water in a pot, add miso paste and whisk. Add soy sauce, chili, ginger, garlic, lemongrass and set a side for a couple of minutes.

Preparing the noodles: Meantime, pour the remaining water (4 cups) in a new pot. Place it on the stow on medium heat, add a pinch of salt and the noodles, cook them according to the package.

Assembling the soup: When the noodles are done, place them and all the vegetables in the miso soup and reheat it, makes sure it doesn’t boil. Pour in 4 bowls and top with freshly chopped cilantro, lime juice and sesame seeds. Enjoy!

Ps. We are nominated in the German magazine Brigitte food-blog-award. You can read about us here (if you understand German, we don’t …) and vote for us here.


  • Julie Celene
    I recently discovered this blog and now it's my goto for simple delicious recipes. I found lemongrass at the farmers market today so I decided to give this recipe a try and it turned out really yummy! I nixed the romanesco and just added more leeks and awesome purple carrots I spotted at the market. I paired this soup with a black eyed pea salad, a perfect dinner! I'm really excited for your iPad app, will it include all of the recipes from the blog?
  • What adorable photos of Elsa! My daughter Vera started pre-school three weeks ago and loves it as well. Her school has a no-sugar policy as well but when I looked closer at what they served the children I noticed that they got very sweet bread for afternoon snacks (Pågens Längtan) and jam when the get pancakes... I don´t want Vera eating white sugar and explained this to the staff, which they took in a very good way. So now she gets unsweetened bread in the afternoons and grated apples with her pancakes instead. :)
  • Danni
    Hey there! Elsa is growing so fast, I can´t believe it!! I would love to hear some tips about food for children. I also already posted a question about this in your "Elsa" (the first one) post: I discovered your blog a few months ago and really love it and your attitude towards healthy food! :) I am planning to get pregnant soon and was wondering if you have any book recommondations or general tips regarding nutritious food during pregnancy and especially also for newborns / young children? I find it very confusing what we should and what we should not feed our kids, especially the very little ones, so a good and reliable source which bears “less sugar and more nature (products)” in mind would be great! Thank you so much! Danni
  • I'm quite sure that even if I made your soup exactly as written, it would not look as beautiful as yours does. Not that it won't keep me from trying. Elsa is looking so big - what a sweet girl. Our preschool has been very supportive of our boys' vegetarian diet but I think that is partly because we are in Seattle!
  • Just found your blog and lovin it!!! It is absolutely beautiful and the recipes seem wonderful. Must try a few of them soon! My passion is to cook and bake without sugar, gluten and often also without milk, so this is paradise to me. :-) Thanks! / Elin
  • what a perfect soup for a rainy fall day. I'm thinking of using earthy puerh tea instead of water for the broth p.s. just voted! congrats on the nomination!
  • Gorgeous food and Elsa photos as per usual. Although my 'baby' is now 15 I till remember those first days of pre-school for her, and the too-big-for her backpack. It is wonderful that the school is so progressive and supportive of your family's way of eating. Some school's here in Scotland have a no-sugar rule but it is not legislated. If they served nourishing miso that would be even better! I have miso probably at least once a week and I make it different every time, depending on what's in the vegetable bin. I think you will have encouraged others to give it a try.
  • Christine
    Elsa is such a cutie! Yeah for her veggie teacher and the no sugar rule. That is awesome! And thank you for the soup recipe. It's just about what I had planned on making for dinner. Seriously. We'll enhance the orignial soba soup I planned on making w/ a GKS flare. ;)
  • I love, love, love miso soup and will have to try your version. Here's hoping Elsa's schooldays continue to be as happy as they have been until now. :-)
  • Anna
    First: Thank you for another gerat recepie - i am trying it. Second: Since you don't understand german and it was me who i suggested your page, i hope i can help you with a translation of the german website. They write: 1. Who cooks: Luise Vindahl, supported by her husband David. Luise is from denmark and bloggs since Oktober 2009, her family lives in Stockholm. Together with their little daughter Elsa they present a vegetarian cuisine which is very easy and playful. What can we eat? Wholesome, vegetarian bio-cuisine, the colour of their name is their program. Beyond that many recepies show us tasty alternatives for conventional sugar, milk products or gluten. What do we like best? The two have traveled together with her little daughter Elsa a half years, the U.S. and Asia and gained their culinary experiences on her blog. Good luck with the voting!!!! ANNA
    • Valeria
      thanks for translating :D I was really curious about what the page said Congrats to Elsa for starting preschool (: she'll sure have lots of fun
  • Lynn
    Hi ! I got to know about your blog by our neighbours who told me they found a really cool blog with healthy vegetarian recipes. I looked it up and was instantly hooked ! I've been trying new recipes almost everyday !! The recipe's are kept simple and are always delicious so I'm a BIG fan and thanks to your blog, I've convinced my boyfriend to eat veggie at home :). THANKs A LOT !!
  • Carolin
    Hey! I've found your blog through the BRIGITTE website as well! Since then, I have read almost every post and recipe and voted for you, of course :) I'm not a vegetarian, yet not a big fan of meat either... I'd love to try some of your recipes as soon as I am back home and already told my friend about it so we can try together. Your blog and the great pictures really inspire me to try and eat less meat, less sugar and no gluten. Thanks a lot! Greetings from Germany, Carolin P.S.: Elsa looks adorable! :)
  • Maria Coma
    Elsa is so funny and beautiful with the yellow bag! And I do wish to learn more about your thoughts on children’s food! For example, does she eat sweets sometimes? What if somebody offers her sweets, or if other children around are eating them?
    • Hi Maria Coma! Thanks! Elsa is 1,5 years old. She is, so far, happy with a fruit instead of sweets. When we eat dinner at friends or families houses, she often plays around or sleeps (she sleeps at 7.30 pm) when deserts are served. Most of the times people respect it and serve fruit salad for desert or makes a quick alternative for her :) /Luise When other people offers her sweets or sweet drinks, we thank and tell them that she is to little for sweets, she doesn't even know what it is.
  • Dawn
    That's great about the no sugar rule, I did not know that. Good to know for when we settle in Stockholm in a few years.
  • I'm in denial about those first cold nights of autumn, so I'll have to come back in a month or so for this one!
  • I have a new packet of soba noodles in my pantry and I now know what to do with it :)
  • Great pictures and a great soup! Congratulations on the nomination!
  • Elsa looks sooo cool in her yellow backpack! Paloma actually just started going to a big pre school, so we can relate. The food thing is definitely not easy to explain to teachers, but so far it has been okay. Really looking forward to the iPad app, I don't have one, but maybe a friend will let me look on on theirs :) Thanks for the delicious recipe, perfect for fall!
    • Hi Golubka! Thanks :) Can you believe it is such a big challenge all around the world to get healthy food for young children in schools?! Good luck! By the way, I LOVED your post about Pad Thai! /Luise!
  • MammaKate
    mmmmmm....miso soup! just as the weather is starting to turn cooler and the bright coloured leaves are beginning to peek through. nice timing :) i have a 1 year old daughter and have not yet found any really great source for preparing healthy, nutritious, tasty and (mostly) organic kids food. i would appreciate any and all advice you may have....in your own experience! i am new to your blog but love it so far. thanks, from canada.
    • Hi MammaKate! Welcome:) We have got so many request on this subject, so we will soon write a post about Healthy food for children. Stay tuned! Happy Cooking /Luise
  • Awww. You will treasure the first backpack/first day of school photo more and more each year. The soup looks delicious and beautiful. Since we started homeschooling in middle school due to our travels, my kids are appalled at what "school" lunches look like. Especially all of the vending machines in American schools! And snacks right by the register!
  • I always have been a fan of miso soup. The combination of all the veggies make this sound like a great noodle soup. Thanks for sharing this recipe!
  • Elsa looks so cute with her big yellow backpack! The miso soup looks great too! I love that it has so many vegetables! The miso soup I've had a restaurants is mostly just broth.
  • Jennifer L.
    Elsa is getting so big! She has transitioned from looking like a toddler to a little girl, especially with the backpack. It is great that preschools do not allow sugar at all. Phew! One less thing to think about. Dahlia's first school was great, but this year we're going to a different school that has a typical American viewpoint (it seems) that organic = healthy, even if it is something like boxed gluten free kid cereal. A whole new world is opening up on the food front. How could we not like it? It's gluten free (gluten free *and* organic definitely equals healthy, don't you know?! It's hard to explain why we'd like to avoid the processed cereals made from puffed corn, evaporated cane juice and salt. It's hard when they do a community snack time and Dahlia has all kinds of limits with gluten, eggs and garlic. Fortunately they bring their own lunches! Do you pack a lunch, or is it a short day? The soup looks yummy, by the way :-) Good wishes to you all from sunny Santa Cruz!
    • Hi Jennifer! Oh I miss Santa Cruz! Funny how healthy food preferences comes with so many challenges! Elsa is at preschool between 10 - 14.30, they have a kitchen with a person in charge who cooks meals for 2 groups, 1-3 year old and 3-5 year old. They also cook vegetarian food and allergy food. But they want a note from the doctor. We bring a box with healthy wheat-, milk- and meat free snacks from time to time. It can be sunflower seed butter, pumpkin seed butter, hummus, seed crackers, rice crackers, mayonnaise, homemade bread etc. Good luck with the new school! Hugs from Luise.
  • I just found your wonderful blog through the Brigitte Food Blog Award - so glad I did. Wonderful pictures and great recipes! I'll be back for more, I just spent so much time browsing on the blog, but I could not stop. Love & Veggies, Franziska
  • I love a big bowl miso. It got me through my single years. My fav combo is spring onion/ginger/shitake mushroom/carrot/tofu and rice noodles. Not so sure about miso being a good source of B12. Most sources say it's an analogue (mirror image of B12) and can actually block the uptake of the vitamin?
  • This recipe looks fantastic. Miso Noodle Soup has always been a personal favorite. Congrats on the nomination, by the way. That picture of happy Elsa is just so endearing :)
  • That picture of Elsa is so precious. I'm happy to hear you found a preschool that will honour your food requests. I'm looking forward to the iPad app. I have no doubt the photos will be stunning and the recipes incredibly satisfying. xo
  • The miso soup looks so delicious and nourishing! One of our friend's child (who has life threatening food allergies) just started preschool recently. It's been interesting to hear about their concerns and conversations. Starting school is a big family adjustment for anyone-I know Elsa, and you, will do great!
    • Thanks! One of our friends have a son that also has very serious food allergies. He also just started preschool and they decided to take on extra personel just to make sure that he won't eat anything that is dangerous for him. It feels so good that these things are being taken seriously. /Luise
  • I absolutely LOVE miso soups, and just looking at this makes me want to doggy paddle right through it. DIVINE.

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