Orange & Vanilla Overnight Oats + New York

A few months ago we got to spend the weekend in New York, on the way back from the Saveur Food Blog Awards. Since our time was limited we had (for once) prepared well, with a list on several places that we wanted to visit. It turned out to be such a nice little trip. We came home with holes in our shoes, our bellies full of delicious food, two vintage muffin tins and a breakfast recipe.

We had brunch at Peels one of the days, and it was there that we tried a delicious soaked oats recipe. In many ways, it was quite similar to the one we normally make at home. But their oats were soaked in orange juice – so brilliant! It gave everything a very fruity and fresh tone. Since then, we have totally adapted/stolen their recipe and made it into our own. We serve this breakfast in layers, with soaked seeds in the bottom of the glass, oats in the middle and roasted coconut flakes and fruit at the top. If you like our Raw Buckwheat Porridge, we are certain you will love this as well. We have shared the recipe at the bottom of this post. But first, some snippets from NYC.

Farmer's Market Union Square

Count me in!

Farmer's Market Union Square

Wheatgrass shot!

Farmer's Market Union Square

Union Square Greenmarket.



Buvette. Great food (a tad on the heavy side), a beautiful space and a lovely atmosphere.

The Butcher's Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter. Such a funny name on a juice bar. They had super delicious and fresh juices, smoothies and salads. We only went there for lunch, but they seem to have pretty awesome dinners as well. All vegetarian & non-dairy.

Williamsburg Flea Market

Williamsburg Flea Market.

Williamsburg Flea Market

People’s pops on Williamsburg Flea. That guy in the cap shaves the ice by hand, scoops it over to a cup and tops it with different syrups. Very high coolness factor on that! We suddenly felt the urge to own a big ice block and an ice shaver (or whatever it is called).


Orange & Vanilla Overnight Oats
Serves 4

1 3/4 cup / 400 ml rolled oats (preferable gluten free)
1 tsp vanilla extract or dried vanilla powder
1 3/4 cup /400 ml (about 4 oranges) orange juice
1/2 cup sunflower and pumpkin seeds
1 cup water for soaking
4 tbsp shredded coconut, lightly toasted
fresh fruit for serving 

In the evening: Mix oats and vanilla in a bowl, add freshly squeezed orange juice and stir to combine. Place seeds in a bowl and cover with water. Place both bowls in the fridge overnight.
In the morning: Scoop a couple of spoonfuls of soaked seeds in 4 jars or glasses. Scoop the soaked oats porridge on top of the seeds and cover with fresh fruit and lightly toasted coconut.
Keeps for 3-5 days in the fridge.



  • Valeria
    What a lovely breakfast for these nice warm days! Where in Stockholm do you buy all your beautiful fresh produce? (having a hard time finding anything as nice looking, and probably tasting, as the food in your blog). Tack så mycket! :)
  • Didi
    Wonderfull timing guys! I'm leaving for NYC in three nights (can't wait!). I'm definitely going to try out the places you selcted! And this recipe when I get home :)
  • Barbara
    Oh my goodness! I made the oatmeal and it is exquisite! The flavor of the vanilla and orange juice is amazing. This is my new favorite breakfast recipe ever. Thank you so much for sharing. This is one of those recipes that is life changing. Blessings.
  • Love the use of orange juice instead of milk. Keeps it light and refreshing during summer :)
  • I love this recipe and I don't know how many times I've made it. Unfortunately it wasn't to Vera's liking but Allan can't get enough of it. He usually gets a serving as an afternoon snack. Thank you once again for making it for us in Falsterbo and here's how I usually serve it. :)
  • Anisha
    We had this debate this week! My hubby prefers apple juice, though I prefer to soak mine in Oj too!! I add loads of coconut, seeds to the mix. Top with yoghurt ( plain with more orange zest!) and blueberries/ strawberries !!! My favourite breakfast.
  • Looks delicious. I've never had overnight oats like this before, healthy and yummy :)
  • I've never had soaked oats but have been eager to try your Raw Buckwheat Porridge recipe. I love the idea that you can prepare this the evening before and simply scoop out and arrange in the morning...and enjoy!
  • Such a good idea to use orange juice rather than milk - so bright and fresh sounding. I love your NYC pictures too, they really seem to capture the energy of the city.
  • That's such a fab idea to soak them in orange juice, would never have thought of it, so thank you for the tip :)
  • Bec
    Sounds beautiful! I love the raw buckwheat porridge so can't wait to try this. I was wondering though, is it 1/2 cup of pumpkin and sunflower seeds combined, or 1/2 a cup of each? Sorry, just wanted to be clear :)
  • I adore your raw buckwheat porridge that I have been making my own too! Love the look of this! I run cookery classes & an about to open my 1st cafe serving all wholefood dishes, this blog & your book is a great inspiration! Xx
  • I normally soak my oats in coconut or almond milk but when I was at my parents house in Italy recently there was a jug of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice so I used that. The result was absolutely gorgeous, especially mixed with a little greek yoghurt, so I can imagine this is wonderful too. Beautiful photos, as always.
  • So beautiful - love the photos of NYC and the oats are just out of this world stunning. Since I've been traveling, my go-to breakfast has been cooked oats made with a water + currant juice combination - but I'm growing tired of it and will have to get my hands on some orange juice to give the overnight variety a go.
  • I adore oats, I haven't tried to soak them through. Will have to give the oats and orange juice bath next time.
  • What a superb idea to soak oats in orange juice, I bet it must taste deliciously sweet with a tang! Thank you for sharing another inspiring recipe and your great photos of NYC. We were just there 2 weekends ago and took both kids sight-seeing around town for the first time for them, of course they both loved it and were dazzled by all the new discoveries in the big city. We'll have to check out the Butcher's Daughter Juice Bar & Café next time we go up there, their menu looks enticing.
  • Just gorgeous!!!Thankyou so much for sharing such special snippets! You guys must be so busy!!! your cookbook came through the post yesterday and ive mounted it almost like a sacred text up high in my kitchen hehehe its totally amazing. Thankyou always for the inspiration! ps you must come to Australia!!!!
  • Yum! Both the photos of New York and the recipe. I love holidays where you come back with recipes as permanent reminders (which you can recreate at home!). These oats look delicious!
  • I love oats, but have never thought of soaking them in orange juice! Sounds like a great summer breakfast. I passed by the Butcher's Daughter in NYC but it was unfortunately closed! Will definitely try to pop in the next time I'm there.
  • I pinned this recipe and can't wait to make it! NYC is my hometown, so it's nice to see familiar images since I moved two years ago and now live in Colorado (which is really one of the best thing I've ever done :) Next time I visit my folks, i'll be sure to stop at The Butcher's Daughter! Looks like you had a lovely trip!
  • The oats are a wonderful idea. What a fun recipe! I was at that flea market a few weeks ago...what a great place.
  • Overnight oats make me seriously happy, and this recipe is lovely!!
  • This looks so beautiful, though I always use almond in lieu of vanilla. If only I can get my boyfriend to eat oats?
  • Wendy
    We always soak ours in apple juice, no water, and then add a little yoghurt and fruit. I will give your recipe a try, sounds delicious of course!
  • sally alexandrine
    I often eat soaked oats in young coconut water along with chia seeds and top it with hemp seeds and pine nuts. i will definitely try your recipe in winter when oranges are in season <3
  • I gather this is served cold? Are the seeds raw and that's why you soaked them? Thank you...can't wait to try!
    • Hi Sharon. Yes it is served cold and yes the seeds are raw. Sorry if we were unclear about that. /Luise
      • Thank you for your quick response...and you weren't unclear, I'm just learning my way around the "raw" world-but loving it. Thanks again, Sharon
  • I used to live above the Union Square Market. Nothing better! And the Williamsburg Flea! I miss NYC so much! Thanks for helping the memories flood back in. Love the raw oatmeal. Can't wait to try your version!
  • This looks fantastic. I love the idea of OJ. Just tried mine with a 50/50 blend of almond and coconut milk, which was fantastic. Also, I always add a couple of pinches of sea salt. It makes the flavors shine like you wouldn't believe.
  • emily
    I often make soaked oats but have never thought about using orange juice. Will try for sure. Wonderful photos from NYC! I have never been there but if I go I feel like I must try butchers daughter! Yum.
    • @emily: Orange juice is commonly used with this type of recipe, even orange peels can be used! Have a nice day!

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