Marbled Birthday Popsicles for Isac


Today is Isac’s first birthday! We’ve celebrated with banana pancakes and popsicles flavoured with watermelon, his favourite thing in the world. More about the popsicle recipe at the bottom of this post. First this.

About 4 1/2 years ago we wrote a letter to his sister on her first birthday and we wanted to do the same for him. Obviously he won’t be able to read this know, but we’re hoping that he might find this 15 or 20 years from now, when he’s curiously scrolling through old internet pages and discovers the weird food blogging phenomena that his parents were involved in.


To Isac. You are sleeping right next to me in the bed so I’m typing this as quietly as I can. A few minutes ago you were lying on my chest looking up at me with your clear blue eyes and I was singing Cat Stevens songs for you until your eye lids got heavy. It was one of those moments you pack into a little box and store inside your heart. You are only one year old and we have already had so many of these moments with you. Every time we tickle your tummy you start laughing this unfiltered, contagious laugh that makes your face all wrinkly. At least a hundred times a day, you put whatever you are holding in your hand to your ear and answer ”Hallo?”, one time it was a cooked beetroot and you smudged it all over your chin and hair while pretending to be talking on the phone. It looked so hilarious and when we laughed, you started laughing even more. Whenever you see your sisters toes, you sneak up to her and bite them, like a little dog. Sometimes she gets angry at you for doing that, but you always just smile back at her (often with her toe still in your mouth). You are a funny dude.

I remember feeling a bit worried, the days before you were born. We had been such a tight family of three for many years and I guess I wasn’t sure what would happen to our close bonds now that you were about to arrive. But then you came and immediately you changed our family. You changed our relationship with each other and you changed your sister. She really hoped that you would be a girl but has loved you wholeheartedly from the second she saw you. And you have loved her back. As soon as you hear her voice in the morning, you start shouting “Ella! Ella!”. So far, it’s the only word you can say, your sister’s name. Your mom and I really hope that you two will continue to have the same beautiful relationship when you grow up.

Of course you can also scream and cry and be terribly unhappy. While learning how to walk, you have been falling a million times, banging your head into walls, floors and furniture. But even when you were bleeding from your eyebrow, you took the cloth I was holding against your cut, put it against your ear and answered… “Hallo?”, and then you started laughing again.

We love you through laughter, cuts, scrapes, beetroot and blood. Happy birthday little man!
/Mom & Dad


And now, ice pops! Watermelon is doubtless Isac’s favourite fruit so we made these popsicles as a little treat for him. Just like with Elsa, we are trying to teach him to eat proper food before introducing cookies and real sweets. So these are perfect as it’s basically just frozen smoothies. Popsicles or paletas are super simple to make and can be varied in an infinite amount of ways. Here we have blended watermelon as one layer and bananas and yogurt as the other, mixed them a bit to create a marble effect and then added a little chocolate crumble for extra birthday glamour.

Check out this Blueberry popsicle video recipe that we did last year if you want to get more visual instructions and popsicle inspiration.


Marbled Watermelon Popsicles
Makes 8-10 popsicles

See this recipe more as a starting point. Almost any type of fruit, berries, sweetener or dairy products can be frozen into popsicles. Pure watermelon popsicles is a great one ingredient recipe. Or you can do something more advanced, like a cheesecake popsicle with ricotta cheese and honey instead of yogurt. Whatever is in season and to your liking.

About a quarter medium size watermelon (2 pounds / 1 kg)
1 cup / 250 ml full-fat Turkish yogurt or vegan yogurt
2 ripe bananas (you can also add some honey if you want them to be extra sweet)
1 tsp ground vanilla or vanilla extract
10 fresh raspberries

Chocolate crumble
1-2 tbsp coconut oil or butter
1-2 tbsp honey or maple syrup
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup sunflower seeds, roughly chopped
1 tbsp cacao powder
1/2 tsp ground dried ginger
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Cut the watermelon flesh in chunks and add to a high speed blender. Mix until smooth and pour the watermelon juice into a jug. Rinse the blender and add yogurt, banana, honey and vanilla to a high-speed blender. Mix until smooth. Slowly pour some of the banana yogurt into the popsicle moulds, filling about 1/3 of the mould (or whatever height you think looks pretty). Then carefully pour the mixed watermelon on top (remember to leave some space for the crumble). Check so the layers more or less stay intact (if the consistency is too loose, you can pop the moulds in the freezer for 10-20 minutes before adding the second layer). To get the marbled effect, simply use a straw or the backside of a teaspoon and stir up and down one or two strokes. Tear the raspberries in half and drop two halves into each mould, use a straw to push them down. To create the chocolate crumble, simply melt coconut oil and honey in a frying pan on low heat. Add the rest of the ingredients and toast for a few minutes while stirring. Spoon the crumble into the moulds as a top layer, then carefully insert the popsicle sticks. Freeze for at least 3-4 hours. When you want to eat the popsicles, rinse the moulds quickly under water to get them out without any hassle.

We bought our popsicle moulds on Amazon. These are similar to ours.


  • This is so sweet! I love how you write these letters (good job remembering to do so for your second child!). It seems like the little moments give the greatest clues to who a baby could grow up to be. Isac is adorable, and these popsicles look divine. I hope Isac had a lovely birthday! xx Sydney
  • Isaac is soooo cute!! Happy birthday to him! This post is just lovely! And this popsicle recipe is definitely a must-try! Gorgeous photos as always.
  • What a beautiful note to your son! From what I've read on GKS and in your cookbooks, it seems like you have such a lovely tight-knit family. Thank you for allowing this little glimpse into your lives :) Happy Birthday, Isac!
  • What a lovely letter for a gorgeous boy! Happy Birthday to your little Isac! I will definitely bookmark this popsicle recipe to try next summer. :)
  • A very happy b'day to Isac! Everything looks magical...Could you please post a pic of both the kids together on his b'day? May be you should handwrite the same letter on paper and keep for him to read at a later stage. Don't know if it's just me - but all the old handwritten letters from my mom,cousins and friends, I still am so excited to read. It's such a comfort feeling to open an old envelop and read the letter from a loved one!
  • This is indeed a great way of making ice-creams. We've been experimenting all summer long and With ripe fruits (no sweetener needed) and no dairy products, there is an endless list of super healthy vegan ice-creams one can make. Happy birthday to Isac and always a pleasure to follow the stories of your family, even more now that we also have an extra mouth to feed.
  • Lieke
    This is so cute! I laughed out loud, Isac is so funny! May i ask where you got you popsicle molds from? I noticed you also used them in your cookbook, but I can't seem to find those retro/classic molds anywhere. Thanks for this awesome recipe :)
  • Happy birthday, Isac! Your parents are super lucky to have you and you are super lucky to have such parents!! <3
  • Happy Belated Birthday Isac! You look adorable. And what a beautiful letter!
  • Very sweet...happy birthday little dude!
  • This post was the sweetest! Happiest of birthdays to you, little Isac! Can't believe how fast time has gone by an what a beautiful boy he is! x
  • A beautiful letter for a beautiful child! Happy Birthday Isac! Ps. I love the popsicles too!
  • What a beautiful note. Thank you for sharing this with the world. Isac and Elsa are luck to have you. I love the bit at the end where you said, "Of course you can also scream and cry and be terribly unhappy". I think at times we get too focused on only feeling happy/joyful and forget that true happiness requires feeling what is there, in the moment, for us to feel. Which sometimes means being angry or sad. I think we have to be willing to feel upset in order to enjoy and experience all the happiness we want in life. Just my opinion, but it has worked in my life. Happy Birthday Isac!
  • Pei
    Isac is so handsome and sweet. What a beautiful post!
    • Brennan Diem
      i love you
  • What a gorgeous baby! Those eyes! And those are completely beautiful popsicles, I love the crumble on the bottom for some extra crunch!
  • Jenny
    What a beautiful story that you have written, he is so blessed to have parents like you. He's a adorable little man. What a wonderful journey of discovery of food he will be on, well done to you
  • This is so incredibly sweet! I hope Isac has a great day full of laughter and Popsicles! They look out of this world good!
  • Happy birthday Isac! That is a wonderful letter, very beautifully written. Your recipe also looks incredible, I hope we have a few more days of summer left so I can make them! H x
  • I was just thinking of making watermelon pops! But these look so much better than what I would've imagined. Yum!
  • Ester
    My husband has been singing Cat Stevens songs to our children almost every night for the past 12 years. Happy Birthday to your boy.
  • Gorgeous, beautiful baby! And lovely recipe + post. Thanks for sharing.
  • Such a poignant and beautifully written pieces. Congrats on your first birthday, Isac.
  • Rebecka
    Beautiful post. You have such a wonderful family! Your kids are gonna love reading all this when they are older, and of course I am going to try this recipe asap ;)
  • Ahu
    We made the pancake cake you made for Elsa for our little daughter's 1st birthday last month and she really likes it! Now I have to make these for her :) Isac is so sweet by the way! and such a beautiful letter you have written to him!
  • 1 year!????Already?Holy cow!When did the time go? Happy birthday to your blue-eyed angel!!!
  • Everything about this post is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your letter to Isac with us.
  • What a gorgeous little boy! Happy Birthday to Isac - the pictures are wonderful as always and that idea of writing a letter is lovely! He sure will be impressed with his parents work a few years from now! ;-)
  • Aww, this is such a sweet post! Isac is so darling. Isn't the internet a neat thing? I love the idea of him looking back to this post in 20 years and getting to see the sweet popsicle his parents made for him!! So cool!

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