Soba Noodle & Herb Tofu Salad

I think we can officially call it summer now. Last week we celebrated midsummer with our friends. We all had a blast, Elsa in particular. She kept dancing around the midsummer pole long after the music had stopped. I’m telling you, if you are not from Sweden and thinking about visiting, come late June and pull all strings possible to get invited to a Swedish midsummer party. They are the heart and soul of all things Swedish.

This salad is totally unrelated to our midsummer celebrations. Never the less, it’s one of those recipes that literally screams summer. Soba noodles combined with thinly sliced zucchini, herb marinated tofu, seasonal fruit, vegetables and a drizzle of sesame oil. Very uncomplicated and the perfect dish on a sunny day.

The recipe is from our app Green Kitchen. We released a new update for the iPhone-version today. We wanted to add something more inspiring than the precious recipe list, so our app-designers built a grid-mode similar to the iPad-version. You can still access the recipe list by swiping left. It’s got such a nice and intuitive feel to it. Check it out and see how you like it. Please get back to us with feedback, as we are constantly working on improving it.

Tomorrow we take a few days vacation from the book project. We felt like we needed a break from recipe writing to hang out with our friends and family. It’s going to be so incredibly nice.

If you have any requests on what kind of recipe you’d like us to post next, please write it in a comment. Our brains are kind of burnt out at the moment.

Soba Noodle & Tofu Salad for 2

buckwheat soba noodles, for 2 persons
½ zucchini (sliced thin, in the same shape as noodles)
2 tbsp toasted sesame oil
1 tsp rice vinegar (optional)
½ lime, juice

Herb marinated tofu
200 g firm tofu
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 handful of fresh herbs (coriander, parsley or mint)
1-inch fresh ginger, minced
salt & pepper, to taste

Vegetables & fruits
4 cherry tomatoes
4 small broccolinis
1 chioggia beet, thinly sliced
4 tbsp edamame beans, blanched
2 slices melon
2 tbsp sesame seeds, toasted
1 handful sprouts, for serving

Preparing the tofu: Combine olive oil, herbs, ginger and salt & pepper in a food processor or chop by hand. Drain the tofu, pat dry, and cut into big squares. Pour the marinade over the tofu and set aside for about 30 minutes.

Preparing the noodles: Boil the noodles according to the package. Drain and rinse in cold water. Add sesame oil, rice vinegar and lime juice and stir until combined. Add zucchini noodles and combine. Leave to cool off a bit.

Assembling the salad: Place the noodles in two bowls. Top with tomatoes, broccolinis, chioggia beet, edamame, melon, tofu and sprouts. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Serve!

Recipe photos by Johanna Frenkel


  • Sini
    This salad looks really delicious. Enjoy your days off! I hope I would have an iPhone or iPad and could enjoy your wondeful App...
  • Lena
    Wow, beautiful pictures again! I'd love to have a recepie for something that looks and tastes like a real chocolatebar (or better) but is totally healthy! (Maybe similar to something like "Snickers" or "Twix") By the way, "greenkitchenstories" is by far my favorite food blog! Yours Lena, from Germany
  • Very excited for your book. Hang in there! The rough ride will be worth it. Fruit dessert recipes are always welcome! Tortes, crisps, cakes, parfaits... Second idea: an oat-based recipe? I love oats and eat them everyday. They are flexible as they can be savory, sweet, baked, soaked, and eaten raw. Maybe something involving them? - Becca (from Canada... looking at these comments alone, it appears that your fans come from all over!)
  • Tona
    I love youre website and I cant wait to see your book!- Id love to have some glutenfree vegetarian recipe:) Love all the way from Berlin
  • Varför är alla mått på amerikanska? Kan ni inte även skriva den europeiska/svenska mått mängden. Inch och cup säger mig liksom ingenting. Blev rätt besviken när jag köpte er app med tanke på att ni är baserade i Stockholm. Förstår att ni vill nu till en engelskspråkig marknad men ändå...
    • Hej Anna. I appen finns faktiskt även de europeiska/svenska måtten. Du väljer mellan amerikanska och europeiska mått under inställningar (kugghjulet). Vi översatte ett tag även recepten på bloggen till svenska och danska, men det tog för mycket tid för oss. Hoppas i alla fall att de europeiska måtten underlättar :-) /David
  • What a feast for the eyes! You two always make everything look and sound amazing. Great photos of your party. We have Swedish friends but they live near us here in Edinburgh Scotland so not quite the same thing. We do plan on going to Sweden next year so we will try and swing it so it coincides with this traditionally celebrated day. Lovely post. Rest up!
  • I love the new update! Yay! Super creative, honeys <3 Have a few amazing totally relaxing days! with all my Earthsprouty love! /Elenore
  • This sounds fabulous! Awesome idea!
  • Sabrina
    How about a barbecue special. I am desperatly searching for yummy barbecue recipies. Creative ideas are very welcome. Cheers Sabrina (Germany)
    • Hi Sabrina, a barbecue post is not a bad idea at all. We will definitely consider it. Thanks! /David
  • Anna
    It looks so yummy :) I am currently living in China and I am almost dying from all the heat. My solution: silky tofu-fruit smoothies! Add oatmeal and you have nice breakfast, use frozen fruit and you have the most delicious creamy ice cream you can dream of! I am munching on a cucumber-green tea-goji berry-mango-orange-banana version right now! I hear Europe is also flooded with heat, so tofu icecream/smoothie might be a nice (and simple to do) idea for your next recipe? lots of love - can`t wait for your book to come out!!! xxx Anna
    • Hi Anna, we have never tried tofu smoothies/ice cream before. Sounds wonderful. Now we just have to come up with of a good flavoring for it. /David
  • wow those photos are breath taking! so beautiful! i agree -- i visited my friend in Sweden over Midsummer -- highlight of my life so far!
  • OMG... the app is BEAUTIFUL! Great interface :)
  • LOVE! Just bought the app :)
  • I love the picture of the Swedish midsummer party! Thank you for the advice - some day I will visit Sweden in late June and I will pull all strings possible for my party invite :)
  • I love the look of the herb marinade for the tofu. Great photo of the salad.
  • These pictures are feast for my eyes. The recipe is very season appropriate and looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.
  • Olga
    Great photo with tofu! I will try it. Could you please give some recipe with turnip? I want to try it but have no idea what to make out of it
  • emily
    I have your app on both my ipad and my iphone and I love it! The ipad-version is easier to cook from, but the phone version has been helpful when I'm grocery shopping. They are so beautifully designed. One improvement could be to incorporate a timer-function. That would be really helpful. I will download the update right away!
  • SO STUUUUUUUUUUUNNING that I almost want to throw up. Ugh, gorgeous.

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