Beet, Endive & Quinoa Rainbow Salad


I don’t remember my 4-year-old birthday party. And I suppose Elsa won’t either, a few years from now. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good one. Somehow, our little monkey turned 4 yesterday. It was a happy day. The kind that ends in tears because she was so sad that it was over.

She is currently obsessed with rainbows, so for a short while we had an ambitious plan to bake a rainbow cake, colored with natural fruit juices – strawberry red, mango yellow, kiwi green, blueberry blue, you get the idea. But we soon realized that we didn’t have time to be that kind of perfect parents. Not this year anyway.  I still kind of like the idea, perhaps someone else feels like following through on it?


My family came over for dinner and Luise prepared this salad along with a fattoush salad and a piece of sourdough bread for the occasion. I suppose the salad actually turned out a bit rainbow inspired, even if we didn’t plan for it to be. It keeps fresh for hours, which makes it perfect for buffet, picnics and travels. There are an array of different textures and flavors in there – crunchy beets, apples and walnuts that goes so well together with soft baked endives and fennels, avocados, mache and goat’s cheese. Quinoa and chickpeas makes it filling and satisfying enough for dinner. It truly is a salad for celebrations. 


Another thing we wanted to celebrate is that our book finally also is available in Swedish. Look for it in bookstores all over Sweden or get it online. We are giving away 5 signed copies on our facebook page, so head on over there to enter the give-away.

We will be cooking a few recipes from our book in the morning show on Swedish TV4 on Sunday (9th March). So if you live in Sweden, tune in on Sunday morning if you want to see us acting all nervous on national television.


Chioggia Beet, Endive & Quinoa Rainbow Salad
Serves 6

1 cup /250 ml / 190 g uncooked quinoa (any color), rinsed (3 cups cooked)
6 endives or/and fennel, cut in quarters or halves
1 drizzle honey, preferable unheated
1 drizzle cold-pressed olive oil or coconut oil
1 tsp sea salt
1 handful raw walnuts
2 cups / 500 ml / 600 g cooked chickpeas/garbamzo beans (if using canned, rinse well and drain)
2 apples, thinly sliced
4  raw chioggia beets, or any color, thinly sliced
4 large tomatoes (we used green ruffle tomatoes), thinly sliced
2 cups / 100 g mache salad greens or any lettuce of your choice, rinsed
2 avocadoes, stone removed and sliced
200 g / 7 oz organic goat’s cheese, crumbled

2 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil or cold-pressed rapeseed oil
2 tbsp lemon juice and zest from half an organic lemon
2 tbsp honey, preferable unheated
a pinch sea salt & black pepper

Preheat the oven to 175°C / 350°F. Place the rinsed quinoa in a saucepan, add 2 cups water, a pinch of salt and bring to boil. Lower the heat immediately to medium/low and let gently simmer for 15-20 minutes. Set aside to cool. Place the divided endives and fennel on a baking sheet (reserve some space for the walnuts), drizzle with honey and olive oil. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, depending on the size of the endives and the oven, until soft, golden and with slightly crispy edges. A few minutes before the endives are done, carefully place the walnuts on the baking sheet with some salt on top, toast them, turning halfway. Prepare the rest of the ingredients and stir together the dressing ingredients.

Assembling the salad: Place the cooked quinoa, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), apple slices, beet slices, tomato slices, mache greens, avocado slices and dressing in a large serving bowl. Toss well to combine. Tuck in the baked endives and fennels and scatter with toasted walnuts and goat’s cheese. Serve with this bread or wholegrain sourdough bread and organic butter.


PS! Three years ago we were here!


  • A belated Happy 4th Birthday to your beautiful Elsa!!! I am glad to hear that she enjoyed her special day. How can it be otherwise when she is surrounded with her loving family? I love Chioggia beets and this gorgeous rainbow salad is very pleasing to the eye. PS: When our Lila turned 5 she requested a rainbow smoothie for her breakfast, which was a lot easier to manage than having to bake a rainbow cake for sure. :-)
  • Rich Love
    Beautiful salad. A mix of vibrant colours is always good. On a related note, anyone heard of the archonutrition? Looks like sweetness is healthy again:
  • Floor
    Congratulations with Elsa! interesting to find out that my son Haie also turned 4 on the 5th of March. They are a loving warm sensitive kind I think. here in Holland turning 4 means going to primary school and he is loving it! have fun with this age where they learn more and more about being an individual person. Love Floor
  • Gorgeous salad, sounds like a perfect birthday! And I love what you say: "It truly is a salad for celebrations". Love the contrast of cooked endive, soft avocado and crunchy raw veg and nuts.
  • BELL
    hi! i cannot wait to try this recipe!!!! so fun! also, i thought i should let you know that the home button at the top of the page is not working. thanks for being so amazing! p.s. i am currently learning Swedish as my language for school! so maybe getting the book will help me learn!!!!!
  • Jenny
    That's funny about Elsa's birthday cake. Last year our daughter also wanted a rainbow cake. Using your spelt beetroot chocolate cake recipe, I baked two cakes in doughnut cake tins (round with a hole in the middle), then cut them in half to form 4 arcs of the rainbow. We iced each arc with cream cheese icing, sweetened with maple syrup and coloured with vegetable-based food colours. :-) The rainbow salad looks great too, though ...
  • True rainbow! I looove the photos! And have to make the salad asap! Beautiful!!!
  • Just read your post then clicked on Elsa's first birthday post; you guys are the loveliest parents! You've given your daughter so much, travelled to beautiful places with her, prepared amazing earth-inspired food for her and so much more. She'll look back and realise she's part of something special for sure. Keep up all your wonderful work! Happy Birthday Elsa!
  • Beautiful beautiful dish! Such a gorgeous variety of ingredients and they've all come together perfectly in this salad. I love the idea of that rainbow cake - if you ever get round to making it you MUST put the recipe on here!! It would be amazing :)
  • Kassia
    Nothing more nothing less! Just perfect :-)
  • Lovely pics! Fennel is the unsung hero of the vegetable family! This salad looks to die for! And how springy too! Everyone has spring fever! :0) X Kathryne X
  • Gorgeous colors and the flavors seem so rich and enticing! An exciting one to celebrate the return of Spring! Happy birthday beautiful Elsa! <3
  • Linnea
    vet ni vilken tid ni ska vara med på nyhetsmorgon? Vore ju super kul att se!
    • Jag tror vi ska vara med lite till och från hela morgonen. Första gången är runt 8.30. Nervöst! /David
      • Linnea
        Tack! :) Då ska jag sitta och heja.
  • allaboutailsa
    Happy birthday Elsa! What a great recipe, can't wait to try this out for myself!
  • The colour is amazing! I just bought your cookbook and everything I've cooked so far has been wonderful. Can't wait to try this recipe.
  • This is by far the most beautiful salad I have seen. I also love the little addition of honey in the dressing. Perfect for a touch of sweetness!
  • Happy Birthday Elsa and I can't wait to watch you guys on TV. Heja heja! :)
  • Marieke
    Wow the salad looks great! I would love to see your version of the fattoush salad as well! Happy birthday Elsa! ps. I read somewhere that you might be coming to the Netherlands and will be doing some workshops this year, is that true?
    • Hi Marieke, actually we don't know yet. Our Dutch publisher asked us if we wanted to come and we said yes. But after that nothing has been decided. We will let you know as soon as we know anything. /David
      • Vicky
        Pretty please .... Can you come to London too? We Brits need this sort of colour injected into our dreary days!
  • This is gorgeous!! I've never seen a beet like that before - I'll start hunting for them. Perhaps it's my inner child, but I love a rainbow salad. The more colors, the better. I feel not only pleased aesthetically, but I know I'm getting better nutrition and energy, as well! Simply beautiful.
  • Oskar
    Boken damp ner från Bokus igår, här ska lagas mat! :)
  • Happy Birthday to the little princess Elsa! This salad is truly a rainbow salad, love the vibrant colors and the textural combination! Good luck for your TV interview - wish we could see you cooking!
  • wow, now this is a salad for a party! Loved the story about your rainbow cake ambitions :)
  • what a pretty looking bowl.
  • Beautiful colours. Rainbow is actually one of the first thing I thought of before I started reading your post. You did well :)
  • The flavors, the colors! This salad is absolutely perfect! You two truly know how to bring out the natural beauty of food! ps my nephew turned five and had a rainbow party and i too tried to make a healthy rainbow cake. it was an utter failure. here's to next time!
    • Haha, too bad about your cake. Hope you had a backup... Perhaps we were lucky not to try it ourself then ;) /Luise
  • Emily
    Happy birthday Elsa! I believe that is the most gorgeous salad I have ever seen!

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