Paleo Bread + Quick Pickled Fennel


A few kitchen related things we find difficult:

Peeling and chopping pumpkins. Cleaning our juicer (it’s not that difficult, but it’s the most boring thing on earth). Sharpening our knives. Keeping our pantry from turning into chaos (this is impossible because we never close the bags tightly enough and therefore the content of all our 947 bags of nuts, seeds and flours spill out all across the pantry drawer). Poaching eggs. Remembering to shut off the stove after using (David!). Finding good avocados in our supermarket. Buying batteries for our kitchen scale. Writing bread recipes.

It is always challenging to write a good easy-to-follow-easy-to-cook recipe. But writing a fool proof bread recipe is close to impossible. At least for us. A successfully baked bread depends on so many different factors. The temperature of the ingredients. How finely ground the flour is. If it is baked on a warm day. What kind of yeast is used. How you measure the ingredients. How long and with which force the dough is kneaded. How long it yields for. And so on. It’s complicated.


This recipe however, is not complicated at all. It is actually as close to fool proof as we could ever come. Probably because it doesn’t include any flour, grains, dairy or eggs. Divide the bread in half and you see an array of nuts and seeds (and a few raisins). That is what it is made of. Nothing else. And can you believe how incredibly good it tastes. Nutty (of course), wholesome, with a touch of salt and with a slight sweetness from the raisins.

We have been baking this quite regularly over the last year. And we are not alone. Recipes similar to this have appeared in media and baking blogs all across world. But it has been particularly popular in Denmark. It’s called Paleo Bread and it seems like half of Denmark have been smitten by the carnivorous, high-protein Paleo diet.


As far as we can tell, the man behind the hyped bread is the Danish chef Thomas Rode. He serves it on his Michelin star restaurant Kong Hans in Copenhagen. His version of the bread includes eggs. Our version is egg-free, and also altered in a few other ways. Here we have topped the bread with some homemade quick pickled fennel. It’s a wonderful condiment on a bread, as a side dish, or eaten straight from the jar.

Here are some links to a few other bloggers that have discovered the wonderful world of flour-free nut breads. Nut & Seed Bread from A Tasty Love Story. The gorgeous Life changing Loaf from My New Roots. And these Savory Pecan Biscuits from Roost.


Vegan Paleo Bread
1 bread or 12 bread-muffins

You can use any seeds or nuts for this recipe. Or make it completely nut free by only using seeds. The psyllium husks powder is essential for this recipe! If you can’t find it in health food stores, order it online, it’s not expensive at all. If you only can find whole psyllium seeds, it could be worth trying to make it into a fine powder. The bread is also really delicious with added shredded vegetables, like carrots, zucchini, beets, apples etc.

2 tbsp psyllium husks powder + 1 1/2 cup /350 ml water
1/2 heaping cup / 100 g almonds
1/2 heaping cup / 100 g hazelnuts
1/2 heaping cup / 100 g sesame seeds
1/2 heaping cup / 100 g sunflower seeds
1/2 heaping cup / 100 g flax seeds
1/2 heaping cup / 100 g pumpkin seeds
1-2 tsp sea salt 
3 tbsp /50 ml melted cold pressed coconut oil + extra for greasing the pan or cold pressed olive oil
1 handful raisins or chopped dark chocolate (optional but delicious)

1. Preheat the oven to 350F / 175°C.
2. Mix psyllium husks powder and water in a bowl and set aside for 5 minutes, until thick gel consistency.
3. Meanwhile meassure out all nuts and seeds and place in a food processor and pulse a few times, do not grind just coarsely chop.
4. Place in a bowl, add salt and oil and stir.
5. Add the psyllium gel and give it a good stir with your hands.
6. Set aside for 1 hour (This step is optional but the end result will be better).
7. Pour into a greased loaf pan (12 x 4,5 inches / 30 x 10 cm) and bake for 60-70 minutes. Or spoon the batter into a greased 12  hole muffin pan and bake for 45-50 minutes.
8. Remove from the oven and let cool completely (we know it is difficult but it is very important!) before slicing.
9. Store in a kitchen towel in the fridge for up to a week. Freeze well.


Quick pickled fennel
1 fennel bulb, trimmed
2 inches fresh ginger, peeled
zest from 1/2 organic lemon, sliced
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
3 tbsp apple cider vinegar
3 tbsp honey, prefereble unheated (raw)
12 tbsp water

1. Slice the fennel and ginger as thinly as you can and place in a glass jar.
2. Add slices of lemon zest and rosemary and combine.
3. In a separate bowl mix together vinegar, honey and water and pour into the jar.
4. Seal and place in fridge for at least an hour. Keeps for up to a week.



  • Wow! So many colors ans so healty! It looks divine!
  • I made and I liked it. the only thing is might turned out way too salty. next time will definety add only 1 tsp of sea salt
  • I made the lifechanging loaf of bread youblink to and it was delicious. I think I will make your version pretty soon too, it looks so nice!
  • I have never seen anything like that ever in my life. Love it! I'm going to try this as the seeds must taste amazing. Great post. Awesome.
  • Arlette
    I made them - absolutely delicious! I added a little fresh rosemary which I love with raisins. Thanks guys x
  • Hi, So glad I stumbled upon your website. I haven't seen this bred before and looking forward to trying it. I miss bread..... Emx
  • menno gaijkema
    I made this bread yesterday and it's great. Real easy to prepare, tasty and topped with whatever it's good. Thanks for your wonderful recipes and site.
  • Yum. Love Sarah's life changing bread as well, so this must be a hit. And pickled fennel - that sure is gonna be a favorite since fennels is so close to my heart. Yet another inspiring post - tack!!
  • Wow, I love this. And those photos! Gorgeous.
  • Maude
    oh! and I forgot to say that I am a reader from a small town near Montreal so hi! from Quebec, Canada xo
  • Maude
    I am just writing to say hi! I have discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I looove it! Your photos are beautiful and your recipes all seem so good. Plus it helps me practicing my english (I'm sorry but I may make mistakes when I write because french is my first language!). Please don't stop sharing your talents with us xo
  • Jette
    Thank you for yet another inspiring recipe! I discovered an extra added bonus which can't be underestimated: The kids absolutely loved helping to make this bread - the gooey jelly of the phillium husks was the highlight of their day!
  • georgie
    I can't wait to make your Paleo bread it looks delicious! Would you have any suggestions about how to modify the recipe to be 'nut free' because my children can't eat nuts. Also, I have just received your awesome cookbook this week in Sydney, Australia and I can't stop cooking from it. My favourite morning recipe this week has been the blueberry and banana pancakes my children just love them! Congratulations you are both so talented.
  • One more thing - about the chilli sin carne, did you guys make that recipe up? Or is it general practice to put some chocolate in from chilli con carne origins??? it's so fun to tell the children that there is chocolate in the mix! They go all silly when i tell them and think that i am playing a game with them! i am a little puzzled as to why there is chocolate in the mix - though perhaps if i had it without i would find out why - anyway, our family and the next door neighbours all think its wonderful to have chocolate in our burritos :-) (not to mention the coook gets the excess from the bar) xxxx
    • Elin
      Yes- the original chili con carne has cacao powder in it :) It does make a difference also in the chili sin carne!
  • i really really like this one - its the fennel pickled, we love pickled vege but never thought of pickled fennel. Does it actually soften like cabbage etc? I will find out eventually, thanks for sharing, so good can't wait. Also cant wait for...recipe book to arrive anyday now in post! at last i ordered it! so excited to be able to cook your foods from a book and not have laptop balancing on top of bowl of oranges trying not to get watered by tap. I am VERY excited, thankyou for taking time to make it into a book, it has always felt so awkward cooking from a computer. And last thing - thankyou for your juicer confessions- makes me feel a bit better about our own lazy juicing cleanups. And if you ever visit Australia come and visit us in Bellingen - Best organic avocados in the country! xx C
  • Wow, it`s look very yummy! I will to try your recipe
  • Janelle
    Looking forward to trying this! The photos are gorgeous! I make Sarah's bread, it did change my life!! Thank you for sharing!
  • Gala
    Did you know, that putting your hard avocado in a big with apples make them turn ripe very quickly? I do it all the time, as it's impossible to find good ones here as well...
    • cathy
      also bananas work the same in ripping an avocado. FYI
  • This looks like a great recipe thanks for sharing. I'm wondering how dense it tastes/feels since it is so full of nutty and seed goodness. I made a paleo avocado bread once which is always popular when I make it. It's amazing what you can achieve without grains or gluten!
  • Oh my yum!! These are packed with so much nutty goodness!!
  • Petra
    Oh, that looks/sounds super yummy! Will it work with olive oil or butter instead of the coconut oil?
  • Like several others I've made Sarah's life changing loaf of bread and absolutely adored it. But I'm always keen on new recipes and can't wait to try this!
  • Arlette
    Looks great - have you tried a dehydrated version?
  • Magda
    I have been baking Sahah Britton's bread for weeks now, delicious stuff! I like that your recipe requires everything in the same quantities - easy to remember and no need to use scales (battery run out about 2 weeks ago), everything straight out of the packet! Great snack for the weekend!
  • I fell hard for Sarah B's Life Changing Bread. This bread sounds similar so I know I'll love it! Love the idea of adding chopped chocolate. After years of not caring for it, I am suddenly reveling in chocolate everything! Thanks for another great post!
  • Ser så vackert ut! har aldrig testat att baka utan mjöl, det här blir en utmaning :)
  • Hayley Crawford
    Looks so yummy! Will definitely be making this very soon!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful recipes x
  • Wow, that bread must be super-filling! That's really dense, powerful stuff... would be particularly good as a post-exercise snack.

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