Big Love … December

With only 1 day left of december and 2011 we wanted to sneak in a new list with things that has inspired us this month. We are also throwing in a Kale & Lemon Juice that will cure your headache after the new year-party. You’ll find the recipe in the bottom of this post.

It looks like 2012 is going to be a fun year for us. We have a some super exciting news that we promise to tell you more about later.

• Another exciting thing is our iPad app Green Kitchen (that btw was chosen App of the month in Vegetarian Living Magazine). We are about to update it very soon with more recipes AND also release an iPhone version of it! It is being beta tested right now and it looks very nice. So keep an eye out for it soon.

• If you like vintage furniture you are going to love this. A few months ago we realized that we have this amazing vintage store called Dusty Deco just around the corner from where we live. We have been visiting it almost every day since then. All their furniture are super cool but also kind of expensive so we haven’t actually bought anything yet, but we can’t stop ourselves much longer. Hmm, what should we get first?

• We have been drowling over the photos on this blog a lot this month. I would love to be just as sloppy cool like Katie in my food styling.

• He has been around for ages and we have always liked his music, but these last months we have really been overdosing our stereo on Neil Young. The Harvest album. So fantastically good.

• I gave Luise and Elsa a trip to Barcelona for Christmas gift. We are leaving in a few weeks. All tips on restaurants or other food related experiences would be much appreciated.

• After months (or is it years) of talking about it we have finally ordered a Vitamix. We can’t wait for it to arrive.

• We have been looking through all our photos from our big trip last year. These two were actually taken exactly one year ago. In a bungalow on a small beach in Thailand. Oh those six months with just the three of us traveling around were so wonderful. We will never be able to describe in words just how much it affected our lives.

Before moving on to the recipe we want to give a New Year resolution to all of you. Next year we will be better at answering your emails and comments. We are terribly bad at e-mailing, but please don’t give up on us. We love reading everything you right.

Happy new year!

Kale, Apple & Lemon Juice
Around 2 glasses 

If you want to start the year fresh you need to try this, it doesn’t get much fresher than this. This juice cures both colds and hangovers. If you don’t own a juice machine you could try making it in a blender and then filter everything through a cheese cloth.

5 small organic apples
1/2 lemon, peeled
1 inch fresh ginger, peeled
2 cups fresh kale, thick stems removed 

Add all the ingredients in a juice machine on highest speed. Taste it. If it is too tart add more apples, too sweet, add more ginger and lemon. Serve ice cold.


  • Love it! We've been juicing up a storm. Excited to try a lot of your juice and smoothie ingredients. And as always, your photographs are divine. xo dina

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