Raw Chocolate Shake

I’m in love, yes with David and yes with baby Elsa, I’ve always been in love with avocado, I love that we have this blog, but now I’m also in love with another blog.

It’s called My New Roots and Sarah is the women behind it. David recently showed me her blog with the words: “You will love these recipes, and she has been studying exactly the things that you are always talking about”. So true! Sarah has studied holistic nutrition and the benefits of organic food, and her blog is full of wise words, cool facts, good vegetarian recipes and a sense of humor that I really like. She is the kind of blogger that makes two different soups in one bowl because “they look totally groovy together”. And she also came up this raw chocolate shake.

If you have been cooking a lot of vegan or raw food you’re probably familiar with avocado in desserts. We have heard and read about it, but we never actually took the step of trying it ourselves. Until we tried this recipe. And let me just say, it’s great! This shake has no ice cream, no cream, it hasn’t even got any milk in it. But it’s still super creamy and really delicious!

Since it’s summer we added a couple of strawberries to it, and a couple of raw cacao nibs that made it a little crunchy. If you want to read about all the benefits of cacao I suggest that you stop by My New Roots. Sarah actually claims that this chocolate shake is good for your body. Now how many chocolate ice cream milkshakes can claim that!?

Raw Chocolate Shake (Adapted from My New Roots)
Serves 2-4, depending on how big glasses you use

1 1/2 tbsp hemp seeds (or soaked almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds etc)
3 tbsp raw cacao powder
1 tbsp raw cacao nibs
1 avocado
1 very large frozen banana (not completely frozen if you’re afraid that it will ruin your blender)
5 fresh strawberries
2 tbsp agave, raw honey or maple syrup
a pinch of sea salt
1 cup water
4 ice cubes

Blend all the ingredients until smooth. It’s kind of thick so you can add water if desired. Top it with some chopped strawberries and drink it while it’s cold.


  • Raw Foodist Dylan
    I'm currently going to make this for breakfast. A great take on a shake. I Have not tried but am still making it, I like to mix things up a bit because I will usually do the cacao bannana shake from the recipe book "Raw Food Real World" But this sure does put some more variety and taste into it. I can't wait to try it and.. see how it tastes I bet it tastes delish :p hehe Blessings from USA,Pensylvania Dylan
  • Fantastic. This has quickly become a hit with my fiancée and me. I've been using pureed toasted walnuts in place of the hemp seeds, which works great. The other day I dolloped in some homemade yogurt on a whim, and that was great as well. Haven't had any strawberries to add yet; hopefully as they come into season... My Dietitian's two thumbs up! Cheers, *Heather*
  • Aida
    It's simply delicious! Thanks a lot!
  • I used what I had on hand: adriatic figs instead of strawberries and coconut milk and raw almond butter instead of the soaked nuts and water and it still turned out amazing! Thank you for this recipe. I'm going to live off of these shakes!
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  • Oh my goodness! I can't decide which one is more delicious- the shake or your baby! :)
  • A chocolate shake I can feel good about? Sign me up! I love your blog and the photography is great! I'm a vegetarian and its great to see healthy and creative recipes to try. Would you mind if I link to it from my website?
    • Hi Amy, thank you for your kind words! It would only make us happy if you linked to us from your website. /David
  • This looks soooo delicious. I shared it with my readers today at my blog, Rosie Girl Dreams: http://rosiegirldreams.com/6-sharing-saturday/sharing-saturday-link-love/
  • Dora
    I did that chocoshake also from My new roots (i love her blog) and it's so good, even my picky 8 year old son drunk it and loved it Dora
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for this wonderful post with such a yummy looking shake (I'm dying for one now)... but I want to say thank you for posting the link to My New Roots! What a stunning blog!
  • Yes, I'd very much like a healthy chocolate shake! I must try this. Elsa is so unbelievably cute. That picture of her grabbing the shake, oh my goodness!
  • I am all about raw shakes these days.....I've been into young coconut shakes with fresh berries, so refreshing! Looks like I will have to put this raw chocolate one on my to-do list :) beautiful!
    • Thank you Coco! Young coconut shake with fresh berries sounds divine! We've never made it ourselves but we will try it asap. /Luise
  • This looks delicious. I've been trying to add more raw to my diet and how better to do that than a chocolate shake? And a chocolate strawberry shake is even better. I think this might end up being my lunch tomorrow. Thanks!
  • I've recently discovered a love for raw food and a raw chocolate shake sounds INCREDIBLE. I know what I'll be making soon! Gorgeous photography as always! Jax x
  • Chocolate with strawberry delicious. The baby is cute.
  • I was surprised when I moved to the Unites States and saw people eating avocados with savory dished. yuck. In Brazil we only eat it with sweet things. Now I eat it both ways. This recipe looks awesome. However, Elsa looks even more [awesome]. Nothing is more delicious than chuncky babies. Nothing.
    • Hi Damaris! That is so funny, here in Sweden they (we) only eat avocado with savoury dishes. Now we would love to try avocado in more sweet recipes. /Luise
  • WOW! Thank you both so much for writing such a beautiful post and including me in it. I have been following Green Kitchen Stories since the beginning and I am totally enamored with your writing, your photography, your delicious recipes, and personal stories. Thank you for sharing such beauty and wisdom with the world. You are a constant inspiration. In health and light, Sarah B.
  • Oh my this does look delicious! I'm not even a vegan but my family would love this. I'm makinga chocolate pudding from avacado & figs this weekend and this sounds similar. I'm learning to cook from scratch, low-sugar using natural ingredients and vegan recipes are always a nice fit. Thank you for the inspiration :) Now.. to go visit that blog!
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  • Maria
    How excited I was when I read your introduction to this recipe. Unfortunately I cannot have bananas, do you have any suggestion how to substitute this ingredient? Thanks.
    • Hi Maria: I'm not sure what to use instead of bananas, you need something that gives the same sweetness and creaminess as a banana. Maybe you could try replacing it with a couple of fresh dates and some almond butter? Let us know if you come up with something good. /Luise
      • Maria
        Hey Luise, Thanks for your suggestion. I tried with your tip, but that made the drink really nutty. So a couple of days ago it came to me: A pear. :) A really ripe pear has that sweet yet creamy texture a banana provides. So I am still waiting for the pear sitting in my kitchen to be extremely ripe. Will let you know how it went as soon as I tried
        • Maria
          Dear Luise, the pear was perfectly actually not such a bad idea at all. I made two recipes, one with the pear and one with banana. I didnt notice anything different in the texture, so that was good. Also, my friends who tested both drinks said that the taste does not differ much, the pear just added a hint of a fruity note to the drink. I really LOVED this shake. Such a great recipe, thank you.
  • I'm sorry. I know this is about the food but I just have to comment on Elsa's arms. What a yummy baby she is! I love those rolls! Well done on her! :)
    • Thank you Dana! We don't know how it all happened, it's like we woke up one morning and our little girl had turned into a yummy michelin man ;)
  • Love the sound of this milk shake - off to make one right now!!
  • Soo nice, looks like the kind of thing I treat myself with for breakfast! :D
    • Way to go! We actually had it as a dessert, but I can imagine that it would be a pretty groovy breakfast drink. /Luise
  • Elsa is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) The shake is very yum! My boyfriend's coming home this evening from Hong Kong and this chocolate shake is going to be his surprise breakfast tomorrow! :)
    • Green Kitchen Storie
      Thank you! You are so sweet, what a nice surprise!! /Luise!
  • I certainly do love it when food is delectably delicious yet incredibly nutritious. I love it even more when I can fool those that are skeptical about healthy food actually tasting yummy and this sounds like it would do the trick quite nicely. Thanx for introducing us to My New Roots, she has a lovely blog alright- can't believe I haven't come across it yet. Your photos are perfect once again and Elsa is adorable:)
  • What a beautiful baby girl! And the shake, well that is just gorgeous too! I know what I'll be making next time the temperature starts rising.
  • Shelby
    I love your blog! I have told many friends and family members about "Green Stories." Every recipe is so delicious and the photos ~refreshing~! Thank you for taking the time to share your love for healthy food with us.
  • Wonderful! Elsa is such a cutie :) We use avocado in desserts all the time and you're right, it works so beautifully and makes everything rich and creamy.
  • lucy
    What a fresh take on the classic chocolate milkshake. I urgently need it now!

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