Chestnut & Mushroom Tart

It has been a while since we listed blogs, recipes and other stuff that has inspired us throughout the month. So we thought it was about time. We are also keeping our promise from last week, to share the recipe for our gluten free picnic tarts that we shot at Rosendals Trädgård. You’ll find it at the end of this post. But first, the list:

• After years of using an “old” camera we have finally geared up. It costed two arms and a leg, but we are so happy with our new toy!

• Until now David has walked around with our camera wrapped in a scarf (not kidding). We obviously need to put an end to this, so he is looking for a nice looking camera bag. We think this bag looks kind of neat. If you have any other tips on camera bags, please let us know. We’d love to check them out.

• This is one of our latest blog crushes. We are appealed by their simple and minimalistic photography that puts all focus on the beautiful food.

• A very talented friend of ours is having an art exhibition in London. We LOVE her decadent and spectacular art. If you are there, go and check out Dust, Dirt & Dingy Weeds.

• Here is a wonderful illustrated food blog.

• Oh, and if you haven’t checked out this vegetarian blog, you have missed out on something gorgeous!

• Doesn’t this pasta recipe sound absolutely fabulous? We are doing something similar (but with forest picked greens) in our book.

• Adorable video of a rhubarb and strawberry pie.

• We are incredibly grateful and excited that so many have downloaded our app and given it nice reviews. More than 100 reviews worldwide, 71% five stars and 12% four stars! Right now it is featured in both the Cooking Campaign and the Go Green Campaign plus being a Staff Favorite in US! We are adding some more recipes to it right now, so stay tuned.

We used chestnut flour in the crust, which adds a wonderful nutty flavor. All tarts are filled with different vegetables but they have the same coconut milk base. We share our favorite filling with you, oyster mushroom, sheep cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Bon appétit!

Chestnut Tart Crust
Makes 1 large or 6 small tartlets

100 g (1/2 cup) rice flour
45 g (1/4 cup) chestnut flour or amaranth, quinoa, almond flour
2 tbsp corn starch or potato starch
½ tsp sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
3 tbsp coconut oil or ghee, butter (room temperature)
5 tbsp ice-cold water

Oyster Mushroom Filling
coconut oil, ghee or olive oil for frying

1 clove garlic, minced
Oyster mushroom or mushroom of choice
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
½ cup coconut milk (unsweetened)
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
sea salt & black pepper to taste
5 sun-dried tomatoes (in oil)
50 g (1/4 cup) sheep feta cheese, crumbled

Making the Tart Crust: Combine the first 3 ingredients in a bowl; season with salt and pepper. Add coconut oil and ice-cold water. Using your hands, work dry ingredients toward the center until dough forms. Gather it into a ball, wrap in plastic and chill for 30 minutes.

Do ahead: Dough may be made 1 day ahead. Wrap tightly with plastic and chill.

Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C). Press the dough evenly onto bottom and up sides of the tart pan. Trim dough flush with edge of pan. Prick bottom with a fork to prevent it from bubbling as it bakes.

Making the filling  Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add garlic and cook until lightly browned; add mushrooms and rosemary. Cook until it is brightly colored, about 5 minutes. Whisk coconut milk, eggs, nutmeg, salt and pepper in a small bowl until well mixed. Place mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and sheep feta cheese on the tart. Pour coconut and egg mixture over the tart pans. Place on medium rack and bake for about 35-40 minutes.

Photos: Johanna Frenkel


  • There's something wrong with crust, I am not able to do it right, is so delicate that crushes under gentle touch. Do you bake it befor you add filling or no? Best regards x
  • Oh my goodness, this looks so beautiful and the recipe makes me lick my lips... the chestnut flour is such a great idea.
  • Arlette
    I have been meaning to make this recipe for ages and finally did so at the weekend. The only sub I made was dried porcini mushrooms ( that had been soaked) for the sun dried tomatoes. What a wonderful tart - the pastry was the most delicious I have ever made both in terms of taste and texture and so much better than even conventional white flour and butter versions. I did use butter for the pastry and ghee to fry the mushrooms plus a little Comte cheeses - but this was a truly elegant and scrumptious creation. Thanks so much x
  • Erin
    Hi There! I'm guilty of never telling you guys how many times I've wistfully looked through your blog recipes. I am not a commenter generally, in fact i never have made a comment on a single website... but you guys really deserve all the praise you get (and I know you get lots!) I would love to make this recipe for a picnic tomorrw but i'm low on funds (about to move to London from Australia!) and only have the rice flour part of the flour. I have a little spelt flour,a lotta wholemeal SR flour, plain flour and semolina. I also have cornstarch. Could I use any of these to substitute the chestnut/amaranth/quinoa/almond flour portion? Thanks once again for all your amazing recipes. I hope to buy your book once I've moved to the UK! Erin x
  • Mona
    I absolutely love this recipes, oh the chestnuts!!! Can't tell you how much I loved it, it gives the tart a winner flavour. My only issue with the recipe, is the measurements. I followed the recipe to the letter but I never used 5tbsp of water, it's always not less than 8. Also how exactly do you make the dough the same thickness all around the pan since you're not using a rolling pin? It's tricky for me. Any advice Luise/ David ? Thanks Mona
  • Julia Evans
    Hello Green Kitchen Stories! Epiphanie is an AMAZING brand of camera bags that I found a few months ago. Goodbye to ugly nylon bags, these are some of the cutest most functional bags I've seen. Hope you find something you like! Julia :)
  • Elizabeth
    Hello - Where can I find the recipes for the other tarts pictured in this post ? I'd like to try a variety together, and the other ones look delicious as well. Thank You ! Elizabeth
  • Wat een prachtige site. De taart ga ik echt maken. Blijf jullie graag volgen. groeten Maud
  • Clarissa
    Looks delicious!! Do you think it is possible to substitute the different flours with just whole wheat or oat flour? These kinds of different ingredients are hard to find in Brazil. How would you make the substitutions? Thank you!
  • and I would give my left arm and right foot to be able to eat pie and eggs again! I can't think of one thing that is more satisfying in the spring time. but I'll definitly try out the crust, perhaps for an apple or rhubarb tart!
  • Miss Lemon
    hi there, I leave "this comment" here because i couldn't find any email adress to contact you, so feel free to delete this "comment" after reading! : o First of all a BIG Thank You! x all the the inspiring, delicious moments that brightened up my days while following your charming blog! I’m not much a person leaving comments on the sites I visit, or even subscribe (have to apologize, as I know a positive feedback is always welcome!), but chefs timetables don’t leave much time for socialising : ( , especially as I’m writing to you as a german blonde and writing in english makes it even more complicated x me... ; o But these days I’m so exited about the very first FOOD * REVOLUTION * DAY coming up on saturday, 19th of may (yep, only 4 more days to go – again have to apologize x not getting in touch earlier, but I just found out 2 weeks ago myself & since that have been busy like hell in first bothering the all the locals here before finally taking a step further..), that I can’t help but spreading the word allover the world! Maybe you’re already into it – otherwise that’s what it’s all about: Food Revolution Day on 19 May is a chance for people who love food to come together to share information, talents and resources; to pass on their knowledge and highlight the world’s food issues. All around the globe, people will work together to make a difference. Food Revolution Day is about connecting with your community through events at schools, restaurants, local businesses, dinner parties and farmers' markets. We want to inspire change in people’s food habits and to promote the mission for better food and education for everyone. Together we can change the way people eat by educating every child about food, giving families the skills and knowledge to cook again, and motivating people to stand up for their rights to better food. Isn’t it just such a wonderful idea!? Another incredible charity project iniciated by Jamie Oliver and his stunning team – so if you might be interested to join this splendid idea, or you just got curious about the whole thing you can find out more on: Thank you sooo much for taking your time to read my little note! All the best to you and the ones you love, Miss Lemon "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi
  • Thanks for the inspiring blog tips! Congrats on your new camera and I can't wait to see what mouth-watering photos you will be taking with it.
  • Jess NZ
    I made this for me and my daughter tonight, and wow it was amazing! Definitely will be making it again, thanks for the recipe :) . Can't wait til your book comes out
  • Thank you for all these wonderful (and beautiful) links! I'm loving!
  • marycurly
    Have a look at the Crumpler camera bags ! Thanks for your inspiring blog !
  • Have been following some of the blogs and now have subscribed to a few more favorites in my list. Gorgeous clicks..the first picture look so dreamy..
  • What a nice package of nice and inspiring stuff! I love the ONA camera bags.. And i really wish for one :)
  • Looks gorgeous you guys! And a HUGE congrats on all of your accomplishments - you deserve them all :) Have fun with the new camera... xox, Sarah B
  • wonderful! crazy for chocoloate? please check out my blog! :)
  • Because I love your site, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I hope you accepted!
  • Merci for your amazing blog. I'm following it for some time and I just want to compliment you on the marvellous design, photos and recipes. Keep it up!
  • This recipe is wonderful! I have chestnut flour in my freezer, I bought it in Tuscany at the end of last year. I'll bake a wonderful tart from it. Your recipe is so inspiring. I'm also laughing because our camera is always wrapped in a towel (similar to scarf) so we need to get a camera bag too! :)
  • Miriam
    I´m so happy i discovered your beautiful blog! This tart looks absolutely yummy :) Is it possible to use corn flour in stead of rice flour for the crust?
  • Love the vegetarian blog! Will be popping by that one often in the future, methinks. Tart is gorgeous - and the filling is an interesting mix of flavours.
  • emily
    Thank you for many lovely new blog finds! Kokblog was an immediate favourite. I have made my own camera bag by putting an insert from an ugly old camera bag into an ordinary handbag. They were similar in size so that worked great. And if I'm not bringing the camera I can just remove the insert. I love it!
  • wow, I'm really flattered, thanks for including me! I've been a fan of your blog for a long time... I've been on a grain free banana pancake "kick" this week thanks to your recipe. I can't wait to try this tart - we love oyster mushrooms.
  • Lovely post, I had a smile while reading about your camera wrapped in a scarf, I've been there too! I had a very soft baby blanket for my camera before my bag arrived. :) Thanks for the blog list, one of them is new to me and very interesting to follow: kokblog. Have a great rest of the week!
  • Meike
    The tartes look delicious and have just the right size- I would like to know, where did you get your little tarte pans?
  • What a great little list- love the food illustrations! The tarts look so tasty and I look forward to trying that chestnut flour crust.

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