California Love

It has been a two month love affair. California swept us off our feet with all its friendly people, organic food markets, beautiful beaches and warm weather. And now we are sitting here in an airport hotel room, trying to recall our favorite memories and put them in writing. Tomorrow we are going back to Sweden. We will spend a couple of snowy days with our family before continuing on to Asia.

We could describe at least 50 things that we love with California, but to keep things short we settled for three.

1. All the small conversations that we’ve had with complete strangers on the streets, in parks, on buses and in stores. It seems like people here are genuinely friendly and social. It often starts out with “Oh, what a cutie, how old is she?” and 10 minutes later it ends with “just let us know if you need any toys for her, we’ve got too much lying around at home”. Seriously. Wow. In Sweden people only talk to strangers when they are drunk. We expected to spend most of the time on this trip just the three of us. But night after night, city after city, we met new people to walk, talk and eat with.

2. We have been visiting countless amounts of farmers markets, whole foods markets, henry’s market, birite market … Trying numerous new to us vegetables, been drinking various kinds of plant milks every week, and indulged ourselves with all different kinds of fresh and organic fruits and berries. Eating healthy has never been as easy as here.

3. For someone who hasn’t grown up in northern Europe it might sound ridiculous, but living in a warm country changes your whole personality. You start to walk slower and smile more. The warm weather has made all our morning walks with Elsa in her stroller amazing, in Sweden they can be quite harsh (specially this time of the year). I’m sure the climate has a lot to do with why people are so friendly here.

Here are some random snapshots from our trip + a recipe on how to do your own Açai Bowl, one of the best things we’ve tasted here. We’ll see you next time in Sweden!

Meet our latest obsession, the Açaí Bowl!
Açaí (“Ah-Sigh-EE”) is a Brazilian superfruit berry, it grows on palm trees in Central- and South America. If you live in California you’ve probably seen/tried this kind of bowl before, since you can find Açai cafés in most big cities, but you might not have tried to make it yourself? Don’t try to chase down fresh or frozen Açaí berries, like I did, you won’t find it (except for in the amazons). They only come as frozen pure, juice, dried or powdered. In this recipe it’s probably easiest to use the frozen pure. It tastes like a mix between bitter chocolate and blueberries and is the fruit on earth with the highest content of antioxidants.

We pimped this bowl with some extra hemp protein. It’s perfect after a workout, as breakfast or dessert!

Açaí Bowl
2 bowls

4 pk Açaí berry pure (we used unsweetened from Sambazon)
2 cups milk, water or juice (we used almond milk)
2 bananas
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 tbsp hemp protein powder

1 cup granola
2 handfuls fresh strawberries and blueberries
4 tbsp hemp seeds

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend thick. Top it with granola, fresh fruit and seeds. Ready to eat and to become your new obsession!


  • Meri
    Hej Luise and David, I just adore all of your recipes and tried a lot of them, especially the Immune boosting tumeric lassi is one of my favourites. I have one question concerning this acai-recipe: How much acai powder should I use insteadt4 pk Açaí berry pure? And would you add a banana to make it creamier?
  • […] Acai Bowl: Acai is a reddish-purplish fruit found in the Amazon and is known to pack in the most anti-oxidants than any fruit in the world! Richer in antioxidants than fruits such as cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or blueberries which in itself already carry superfruit qualities. […]
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  • I love acai bowls! This recipe has been shared as part of my February "Breakfast Club" challenge and it looks so good! We'd love to have you share more recipes with us!
  • missy
    Wish I knew what was in that top bowl! That Looks delicious too :D
  • Hello! I just came across your blog today and wow! You have some awesome photos and some really tasty recipes I can't wait to try. I am going out to find the ingredients for the Açaí Bowl. It looks absolutely delicious!
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  • Caroline
    I just found your blog by happenstance yesterday and I'm so excited to make everything because it all looks so good. I just made an acai bowl and it's so delicious. I'm especially excited to try your desserts and baking recipes. It's all the style of food I like to eat - naturally sweetened, wholesome, healthy, delicious. Thank you!
  • sarah
    Hi i am going to try the acai bowl tomorrow it looks amazing, i know somebody else has already mentioned it, but do you have the receipe for the noodle soup that is in the picture. it looks amazing!!! thanks
  • Thanks to you guys I made myself my first bowl ever of acai this morning. And guess what? It turned out delicious! Have a super Sunday!
  • Bell
    hi! i know that our trip is now long over but i would like to let you know that you can find organic acai juice and powder at
  • carina
  • Meredith
    Your blog is beautiful... it's even motivated me to try several of your recipes and they have been great! I really liked the bean and chard 'risotto' and the yoga pot. I have only just read this post, and even though the acai bowl looks great, it's the unlabelled photo of a vegetable noodle soup that I really like! I have been looking for a recipe for something like this - perhaps you could recreate it?!
  • Mmmmm...acai bowls are one of my favorites and to me they feel just like California does. As a California native I forget the wild amalgamation of cultures that happen here and I love something like this that feels like it pulls from so many places and ends up feeling good to everyone.

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