Chia & Açai Fresca


I hear a soft bounce and walk into Elsa’s room. She is lying on the floor right beside her bed, sleeping with the teddy bear as a pillow. I’m not sure why she does this, but it’s not the first time she crawls down from the bed in the middle of the night. It looks so uncomfortable there on the floor, but somehow she seems surprisingly peaceful. With only hours, days or weeks (hopefully not) left until Elsa’s little brother arrives, I have come to think a lot about her and how our family of three soon will have a new dynamic. I lie down next to her on the floor, hug her closely and whisper in her ear that her mom and I won’t love her a second less when little brother arrives. But we just might be a little busier.

And the same goes to you friends. We have so many recipes that we are dying to share with you. But at this very moment we are a little busy nesting at home. Hugging each other and waiting for the grumpy, vegetable hating little monster that he just might turn out to be (but hopefully the opposite!). We are also still living without a working kitchen, so instead of sharing the recipe that we had intended, we have this simple Chia & Açai Fresca that we recorded a while back and just published on our YouTube channel. It’s a cooling drink that couldn’t be more perfect for these warm summer days. If you can’t find açai powder, you can use dried blueberry powder or any dried superfood powder of choice. Hope you like the video. We have just filmed a whole bunch of new recipes, so they will keep coming.

Chia Fresca
Makes 3 cups / 750 ml

6 tbsp chia seeds
3 tsp dried acai powder or pomegranate, blueberry, wheatgrass, chlorella etc.
3 tsp lemon juice
3 tsp maple syrup or raw honey
3 cups / 750 ml (filtered) water

Measure out 3 cups of water, preferable filtered. Add chia seeds, acai powder, lemon juice and maple syrup and stir to combine. Pour into a bottle. Place in the fridge and let sit for a couple of hours or overnight.
The chia seeds will expand with the liquid and turn gel-like. Shake before drinking. And serve with lots of ice.
Keeps for 3-5 days in the fridge.


  • Such a simple yet refreshing drink. All the best of luck with the new addition to the family. Oh also, with the delivery. Cheers!
  • I make every single one of your recipes because they are just what i love, always! thank you both for sharing your kitchen wisdom with us :)
  • We've just spent a week with just our son (the second child in our family) while his sister was visiting her aunt and all the while I was thinking how we must make the most of it because he has had so little of this exclusive attention in his 11 years of life. He loves board games and so we played a lot and cycled and walked with him. And I hugged him so much he almost got annoyed. He will be starting high school in a few weeks and there will probably come a point when he'll not really want to be hugged by his mom all the time :-) Also: thanks for the recipe! I bought chia seed at the health food store but have not figured out how to use them yet!
  • Almost too pretty to drink! Such a great video, you guys
  • Yes!! Just go hug eachother. We'll be here waiting for you until all is settled. With just as much love for you as always of course. Take time. Be calm.
  • Kristine
    Just had to say that: your blog is truly inspirational and inspire me to eat greeener, healthier and more sustainable food! Thank you! :-) Wish you all the best with the coming baby!
  • Yes, I loved this video and every other one too. Can't wait for more! And this chia fresca looks so elegant and refreshing.
  • Jola
    Love it. Will make it and Thank you for making my day:)
  • Deborah
    Sounds lovely but I've heard to get the chia seeds nutritional value they need to be ground. Is it true? Thank you.
  • Monika
    I love such simple recipes! What do you think, will lucuma powder work as well? I wish you and the baby all the best. :)
  • eloisa vidal rosas
    I'm a new participant here, but I love your recipes, photos and text. I hope that someday you'll have the opportunity to taste real açaí, fresh from the palm! I live in Rio de Janeiro and used to taste frozen açai pulp. When I was invited to give a workshop in Belem do Pará I could taste it taken from the palm. It's another thing... Congratulations for the family and thanks for the delicious (in both sense) moments you share with us! Sincerely, Eloisa.
  • Love everything about this video... and the ingredients sound too good! Can't wait to try it! Wishing all the best in this wonderful adventure!
  • Such a fantastic video and the drink looks delicious! Good luck with your family and congratulations as well :).
    • Anna
      The best nickname I've ever met :-), just love it
  • Nikoleta
    so much love! thank you so much wishing you all the best in your new adventure
  • Love the video! And the dink looks so refreshing and delicious!
  • Lovely. All of it, everything. I wish your family the very best for this exciting, precious time x
  • Wow, this looks so refreshing! I would love to try it with blueberry powder too! -III
  • Wow, this looks incredible. I can't wait to try it at home! We've been using a lot of Acai in smoothies and things but we haven't yet tried Chia! -S&R
  • Great idea having the video mixes it up the normal blog post, throughly enjoyed it and will be giving it a try in the near future. Thanks xxxx
  • I love how simple this recipe is! Can I find acai powder in stores or do I need to order it online?
  • Matt
    Wow this looks super clean and tasty. I'm starting to prep for a fitness show. I will definitely try this out.
  • The video was so lovely to watch! And the addition of chia seeds reminds me of the Indian faluda... it's a rose milk drink. so lovely! x
  • Best best wishes of the delivery of your new baby! The video is beautiful just as all the others and very inspiring for me as always. I prepared lot's of your recipes in past two weeks and I'm still preparing. I'm fully enjoying healthy food, I feel very very good after a long time, thank you. :)
  • Amybeth Hurst
    That's such a convivial article and a fun recipe! Thank you for sharing. Amybeth Hurst, Portland, ME
  • How could your second little monster not like vegetables?! Just make him those lovely dishes you are so good at making. Enjoy the rest of your summer, the 3 of you, and soon 4 to be family. Thank you for sharing a summer drink in those rainy hours... hopefully, it'll help the sun return
  • Speaking from the other side of those hours, days, weeks now, it is truly amazing how your heart immediately expands more than you thought possible, making room for another beautiful little family member. But yes, to confirm your suspicions, time, just as suddenly, is in short supply. Enjoy your last moments as a family of 3, and best of luck as you become a family of 4!
  • Emily
    Such a beautiful video! And best of luck with the delivery of your new baby! I am sure he will be another vegetable loving cutie!

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