Italian Potato Salad

Hey friends, we are writing this from an apartment in Barcelona. It will only be a short post today since we are on our way to the Gràcia neighborhood and we can hardly wait to get out the door.

Before we left, we shot this Italian potato salad for our friend Damaris’ blog Kitchen Corners. It’s 31 days of salads over there and we have definitely found a couple of new favorites, so check it out. We spent some time with Damaris and her family in Santa Cruz, when we were traveling in California last year. Since then, she and her family has moved to Brazil and we are so jealous of their beach life!

This salad is truly an old favorite of ours. Sometimes we add a dash of white wine vinegar to intensify the flavor, or some black beans to add some protein. It has this super fresh lemony taste and is a nice alternative to pasta salad for the spring picnics. Oh listen to us, it’s not even February and we are already talking about spring. It must be the Barcelona sun messing with us. And thinking about that, we really need to leave now. We’ll try posting some Gràcia photos on facebook, twitter and instagram. Ciao!

Italian Potato Salad
Serves 4
Small potatoes work best in this recipe. They come in many different varieties, shapes and colors; red, pink, purple and yellow. Try mixing them.
2,2 lbs (1 kg) small potatoes, well scrubbed and halved
15 – 20 cherry tomatoes, halved
5 stalks celery, chopped
4 tbsp pickled capers, drained
1 small red onion, thinly sliced
15 olives, pitted
fresh basil, chopped
4 tbsp olive oil
1 large lemon
sea salt & black pepper to taste
Start by boiling the potatoes (unpeeled) in lightly salted water for about 20 min or until fork tender. Let them cool.
Mix olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper in small bowl, set aside while making the salad.
Toss tomatoes, celery stalks, capers, onion, olives and basil in a medium bowl. Add the potatoes and the marinade and toss gently again. Serve on plates and top with fresh basil and some freshly grounded black pepper.


  • Thanks, I love Italian Salad
  • Agree with Katy. it's delicious and I will make it again.
  • Hey, thank you for this Italian potato salad recipe! Taste great! I like the part where I can mix in different varieties of small potatoes. Makes the salad so appetizing and colorful!
  • so yummy!I love Italian style!
  • I like the salad. I very much like to guide your salad. I also have good salad guidelines. Thanks for the tips.
  • Hi, Its looking very delicious but very simple recipe. You suggest to use small size potato. But i had to use little bit bigger size potato which was in my house. But taste was very good. Specially my mother like this potato salad. btw, Safe Utensil also very important along with tasty recipe. You can try out below articles to choose the safest and durable utensils for your kitchan:
  • Olivia
    Hi, i just want to say how much I love your blog. Your health spots in copenhagen were very helpful to me, So I was just wondering if you have any for Barcelona as I am travelling there in October! Have a great week Liv xx
  • Tammy
    This salad is fantastic!
  • Julienne
    Thanks again for this beautiful recipe--I've made it twice this summer and it's glorious.
  • I hope you enjoyed Gracia. It is a fantastic place to live in Barcelona. Next time you must trie By the way, I love the salad. Than you for your blog. Eugenia
  • Hmmm, that sounds so good, I will definitely bookmark this recipe! :) I love your site, thanks for sharing this! :) Happy Sunday from Germany, Lu
  • I cannot wait to try this! I've never been a potato salad girl because it usually involves mayo but this looks so fresh and yummy. Have you ever roasted the potatoes instead of boiling?
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  • Looks easy to make and so tasteful! Perfect as a lunchbox or pick nick food, exactly what I was looking for. And your photos are beautiful!
    • Thank you Connie, yes it is actually very good for a lunchbox since it is served cold. Good thinking! /David
  • Sini
    This post is such a beauty. The first picture is incredible. Now I feel like summer really is on it's way (okay, still a long way to go but still...) 'cause for me potato salad = summer. Enjoy your stay in Barcelona!
  • Philippine
    In Barcelona and still 'working'? Thanks for sharing your lovely goodfood and tips. Do you stay in à nice app? I stayed in Barceloneta this summer. I used and you?
    • Hi Philippine, we stayed in a very nice apartment that we got to borrow from a relative. It was so much nicer than staying in a hotel since we had a kitchen, fridge and everything. Our breakfasts with fresh fruit from la Boqueria was simply amazing. /David
  • Julian Grassl
    Since you guys are in Barcelona you have to visit Escriba! Its a bakery on the ramblas one block after the Boqueria, a open marketplace you'll get so much inspiration from all the fresh food!
    • Hi Julian, we went to the Boqueria (and loved it) but missed the bakery. Our bad, we'll remember to visit it on our next trip there. Thanks! /David
  • I had bought some mixed heirloom potatoes this afternoon at Union Square Greenmarket, but hadn't the foggiest idea what to do with them until a few minutes ago. (Oh, I did have an inkling, but that kind of got shoved aside the minute I saw this post.) Thanks for the inspiration! I know what's for lunch tomorrow.
  • Simple ingredients that showcase the main event. This is fine Italian cookery. Makes me crave creamy potatoes. Thanks for posting!
  • I love the simplicity of this potato salad. And I agree...yes to basil and olive oil. Leave the mayo behind please :) Jealous of your travels in the warm weather! It's snowing here. Can't wait to see pictures.
  • Danica
    I'm definitely making this this week!!
  • This photo is so gorgeous! I just keep staring at it longingly, like maybe it might come to life in front of me so I can have a bite :) I love vinaigrette based potato salads - especially those with Mediterranean flavors + ingredients. I will definitely give this one a try! thanks!
  • I just made a salad like this! It was delicious. I love the photos on your blog.
  • Sandra
    It s a pleasure to have you around my neighbourhood! I recommend a visit at "A Casa Portuguesa" en Calle Verdi...a sweet little shop with excellent wines and home made pastry. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  • GOR.GEOUS. I just started following you guys on Instagram. How have I not until now!? Took. care. of. that.
  • This sounds so yummy! I love a good potato salad!
  • Just the potato salad variety I love...a vinaigrette rather than mayo! And basil...yum!
  • Hello guys! This truly remind me of a potato salad I saw in cavoletto di bruxelles' first cookbook, and the salad comes not simply from Italy, but specifically from Sicilian Eolie islands, Flicudi and Alicudi. The only difference is that in the one I am talking about there are also pickled anchovies. It is one of my favorite summer salads and I usually make a one-dish meal out of it. You make me miss summer and the sea...:)
    • Hi Valeria, we had no idea how regional this salad was, thanks for letting us know. We were actually inspired by a recipe from Luise's Italian relatives, who live in a small village outside of Napoli. Ciao!
  • Great salad...oh!!yeah, this winter here in Spain is like spring!!!!!I hope you spend a great time in Barcelona!!!!!! Enjoy a lot!!!!!
  • The pictures are beautiful! And the salad sounds delicious. Have a great weekend!

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