Heirloom Tomato & Goat Cheese Salad

I am home alone again. The girls are in Denmark to visit Luise’s family, which has put me in charge of the recipe-making for the next couple of weeks. I have this vision that now that I have got some extra time we could post recipes more often. Maybe at least twice a week? I can’t promise anything, but I will try. First recipe this week, a tomato salad.

A tomato salad can be just as boring or fantastic as you want. I didn’t want this to be boring, so instead of making the standard caprese salad with mozzarella and basil, I made this with goat cheese and oregano. But what really gives this salad it’s kick is my latest obsession – freshly grated horseradish! I woke up Monday morning with a mysterious horseradish craving. It’s mysterious because I have never even been particularly fond of horseradish before, and since Monday I have been completely crazy about it.

So, if you’re crazy about horseradish you will love this recipe, guaranteed. And if you are not, go straight to bed and make a wish that you wake up with a new craving. Then make this salad.

Except from the horseradish (wow, that is like the fifth time i mention it, can you tell I am obsessed?!) this recipe is all about the quality of the tomatoes. If you can’t find tomatoes that are in season, you shouldn’t make this salad. The ones I found tasted, smelled and looked divine. Try to get different sizes and colors to make the salad extra beautiful and varied.

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Horseradish & Goat Cheese (adapted from Jamie Oliver)
Serves 2

I had this salad for dinner, but it’s also perfect as a side dish or an appetizer.

2 handfuls of mixed heirloom tomatoes
1 small spring onion
half a clove of garlic, grated
3-4 tbsp olive oil (use the best one you got)
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
2-3 tsp fresh horseradish, grated

100 g goat cheese, crumbled
a small handful of fresh oregano

Divide or slice the tomatoes, depending on their size, and put them in a medium sized bowl. Cut the spring onion in thin slices and add to the bowl together with the garlic. Add olive oil, vinegar, horse radish, salt and pepper to the salad, toss it all around and taste it, add more salt and horseradish if needed. Divide on two plates. Add crumbles of goat cheese and some fresh oregano before serving.


  • Tracey
    Hallo from Calgary, Alberta! I went to the Farmer's market today and picked up some fresh steelhead trout and some heirloom tomatoes. As I drove home, I thought about what I would make for side dishes with the fish. I knew I had some broccoli to steam but what else? Then I thought of the tomatoes, how could I make them into a side? Then I remembered I had some goat cheese in the fridge and bing! So I whipped up the tomatoes, goat cheese, peanut oil (ran out of olive, tragic!), good balsamic, sea salt, fresh pepper and that is all. Delish! But then I thought I would get on the laptop and check for a 'proper' recipe and that is when I came across yours, which looks divine....I shall try this one next! Thanks so much for sharing and don't mind my 'mini novel' ;0) I shall now have to go and check out what else you have been cooking.....I had my dinner with a glass of 'Middle Sister Forever Cool' Merlot, not bad for a very reasonably priced wine.
  • I love your site! It's right up my alley and the photography leaves me inspired. I plan to share your site with others. Your food is simple which is what I try teaching my clients. Kudos!
  • it seems perfect... yummy......
  • I've never tried fresh horseradish before, but if I ever see it I plan to make this salad! It sounds incredible. Heirloom tomatoes are my favorite summer treat! Beautiful photography, as always.
  • I absolutely love the delicacy of fresh horseradish. What a wonderful addition to an almost perfect dish.
  • oooh this looks good! In England the weather has pretty much ruined any chance of a decent tomato crop - a huge shame for me as I planted 5 different varieties this year! I shall have to track down some lovely toms at the market and try this instead as I, like you, am totally addicted to horseradish! :)
    • Hi Fahara, that doesn't sound fun at all. But it do sound like you've earned yourself a big bag of heirloom tomatoes from the market!
  • i have been looking at this photo multiple times a day, absolutely drooling! i hope to make this soon. heirloom tomatoes are just the best. your baby is beautiful, as are you both! a lovely blog and i'm so excited to hear about your travels to the US :) also, i'm in the market for a new camera and would love to know which camera you use? i just found you guys and im so ready to start making some of these recipes! happy cooking and safe travels! cheers, shanley ~los angeles, california~
    • Hi Shanley, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I use a Canon 5D DSLR with a 50 mm, f/1,4 lens. It's a great camera! /David
  • Ooooh this salad looks SO good. I love the addition of goats cheese. I can only imagine how good this tastes. I love heirloom tomatoes, it's just a shame they are so difficult to get hold of.
    • Hi Delicieux, it is a shame that they are hard to find. Although the good thing is that when you find them, you know that you have to buy them ;) /David
  • mmm this recipe sounds delicious. considering that I have been skipping to the farmers' market every week to snag a few heirloom tomatoes and a fresh ball of mozzarella, this recipe is a welcomed change. the horseradish and oregano and goatcheese combo sound fabulous! can't wait.
  • Am exploring your blog and really liking it. It's lovely, colorful and I love the concept. It's awesome that your kids get to eat so healthy!
  • I would LOVE to try this, horseradish always gives things such an expected and amazing kick, and any of Jamie's recipes are fresh and delicious. Beautiful photos!
  • Beautiful tomatoes! I love goat cheese and horseradish, in moderation. :) Interesting combo!
  • Your photos of the tomatoes look amazing. Adding goat cheese is classic idea and goes really well with the salad. We also just posted on heirloom tomato salad at http://desigrub.com/2010/08/heirloom-tomato-salad/. We would love to hear from you any comments you may have on the post.
  • Shaun
    Hello from Toronto,Canada!! Just stumbled upon your blog! Love it!! Can't wait to try this! It looks so good and fresh! Can't wait to try your other recipes. Thanks for sharing :)
  • Horseradish! What an inspired idea! I have never tried that combination before. Thank you for the recipe.
  • We have some beautiful tomatoes growing in a garden and this looks a beautiful way to showcase them. As always, a wonderful post with gorgeous pics!
  • samuel
    that looks absolutely amazing!! love the colours.
  • Danish girl
    Yummy! I will make this tonight, it'll go perfectly along to our tapas theme ;) Thank u GKS. Ps. I love horseradish too! @ Julie: I buy horseradish in season, grate them and freeze it.
  • What a feisty salad with both horseradish and fresh garlic. A salad in my style, and beautiful pics as always! :)
  • I just chowed down some gorgeous heirlooms for dinner, they are like candy aren't they? I think this combination would be yummy even with out the goats cheese to make it vegan, what do you think? I don't find fresh horseradish very often, guess I could use the jarred version sparingly.Lovely shots as usual:)
    • Hi Julie, if your tomatoes are tasty you will do fine without the goat cheese. Since I'm kind of new to this whole horseradish thing I have only tried it fresh – here in Sweden it's pretty easy to get hold of it. /David
      • Nothing beats sun-ripened tomatoes. One wonders why anyone would bother with out of season tomatoes... If you can't find fresh horseradish, try wasabi paste in a tube, it's more pungent than the jarred stuffed, and adds real zing!

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