White Gazpacho

Remember what we wrote about our gazpacho obsession this summer? Here is another favorite. This version has a completely different taste than all the other gazpachos that we’ve tried. The grapes, lemon and cucumber makes it very light, citrusy and fresh, while the almonds add richness to it. You can make it in five minutes (well almost), you only need a few ingredients, it’s raw, it’s vegan and it’s the perfect food to fight the heat with.

On another note. We have finally pulled ourselves together and started to work on our about us page. It’s aaaalmost done, so check back on sunday and we promise that you will learn a couple of new things about us. Maybe not the most yummy stuff, like David’s most embarrassing moment or who Luise kissed in third grade, but we still think that it will be worth reading.

White Gazpacho
Serves 4

If you want this gazpacho to be completely white you need to blanch the almonds, we haven’t since we’re kind of lazy during the summer and want our gazpacho to be quick. Most white gazpacho recipes also call for a dash of white wine vinegar but we wanted to keep our soup raw so we left it out, and if you use good grapes you really don’t need it.

1 cup almonds
1 tbsp canola oil
2 cups green grapes, pitted
1 cucumber (300 g), peeled and chopped
1 white bell pepper, chopped
1/2 lemon
1 cup water
6 ice cubes
salt & pepper

1 handfull sprouts
fresh lemon balm

Pour the almonds in a blender. Blend for about a minute, you want the almond pieces to be as small/smooth as possible. Add canola oil, grapes, cucumber, bell pepper and lemon. Blend for another couple of minutes until smooth. Add half of the water, ice cubes, salt & pepper. Blend it and then taste it, if you want a thinner soup add the rest of the water and more salt and pepper if needed. Serve with sprouts and a couple of lemon balm leaves.


  • Joanell Storm
    When you say half a lemon, do you include the peel or just the juice? Thank you!
  • Lena
    Kommer er kokbok ut på svenska! Hoppas! Goa hälsningar Lena
  • Maria Coma
    Hi! It's Maria, from Spain, I'm an absolute fan of your blog! I love all your recipes and since I follow you, me and all my flatmates have really improved our diet! I just have a question for you: in Spain, cucumber comes in late spring and summer, while grapes don't come till September. I always try to eat fruits and veggies according to the season, so I don't know how to prepare this gazpacho (which looks so so so delicious and fresh). Do you have any suggestion? Thanks for your blog, the beautiful pics, yummy recipes and funny stories!
    • Lane
      Why don't you try with cherries instead of grapes? I tried it recently and it was so, so delicious!
  • Amazing! I can't wait to taste it!
  • Låter jättespännande! Kan man ersätta mandeln med något tro? (Jag har en allergifamilj... nötter, mandel, jordnötter, mjölk och sojaprodukter är no-no om alla ska kunna äta.) Ger mandeln proteinet? Fylligheten? Smak? Bara så jag vet åt vilket håll jag ska ersätta *s* Funderar på om man kan mixa i äggvita för fyllighet och mättnad?
    • Hej Maria, mandeln tillför fyllighet och smak. Jag skulle nog försöka ersätta den med vitt bröd, du får inte mandelsmaken men däremot samma fyllighet i konsistensen, du kan också mixa flera av grönsakerna och tillsätta vita quinoa. Lycka till! /David
  • wow, this sounds absolutely perfect. it totally inspired a tea too: white tea steeped with lemon balm and green grapes. I can't wait to pair them for a light lunch!
  • Marie
    Var har ni hittat den underbara skålen? Så fina bilder och inspirerande recept! Tack!
    • Hej Marie, ja visst är den fin! Skålen + flera andra delar i servisen finns på Designtorget. /David
  • I, too, thought it would be difficult to find a white pepper here. But, just a couple of days after I saw this recipe, I found a bunch at my local market. So, I made the soup for lunch today and it was the perfect antidote to a 95 degree day. This soup is, quite simply, amazing.
  • Love your website. Such amazing photos. This recipe sounds amazing. I love the use of grapes. I just went to SF Chefs over the weekend where there were multiple white gazpachos. Delish. Thanks for sharing.
    • Thank you Trish! We're glad that you found us and that you like our recipes. We read about the SF Chefs on another blog, it sounded like a great event! /David
  • Love that white pepper (and your response to Kalinda- haha). I wish I could find one in the US, but I would love to try this just the same!
  • I love the almonds. I like putting nuts in my meals too. I like macadamia nuts for chicken and brazil notes on salad. This recipe looks very delish.
  • Hej Emma & Sanna och tack för de snälla kommentarerna! Vi blir alltid lika glada och förvånade när vi får besökare och kommentarer från Sverige. Vi försöker att översätta alla recepten till svenska, men just nu ligger vi tyvärr några veckor efter. Vi lovar att försöka bli bättre på det! /David & Luise
  • Nämen nu har jag suttit i över en timma och slukat er vackra och inspirerande blogg. Den hamnar direkt bland favoriterna.
  • Åh, vilken fin blogg ni har här! Tycker mycket om formatet och bilderna såklart.
  • I simply adore gazpacho but have never tried a white variation. I can just imagine the flavor from the almonds and how refreshing it all must be.
  • ps. I always love the shots holding the bowl. I haven't done any successful ones and again was admiring this one today. We tried one last week in real haste and it was baaad-didn't make the blog of course- one of those blooper shots:) Wasn't it Donna Hay that started this trend?
  • Wow this is certainly a unique combination of flavours- sounds yummy. I try to eat my fruit alone so I might try some jicama in place of the grapes and sweeten with stevia or a little agave. Sounds so good I think I need to hit the market!
  • this sounds delightful! Can't wait to try it! oxo
  • Alisa
    I belong to a food co-op and a CSA and I don't think I have ever in my life seen a white pepper. Otherwise it does look quite delicious.
    • Hi Alisa, It's quite common to find white bell pepper here in Sweden, although I think it's originally from Hungary. If you google "Hungarian bell pepper" you will find several pictures of it. /David
  • I love LOVE gazpacho and have never had a white one. You make it look so lovely and summery. Just delicious.
  • This recipe sounds so wonderful and simple! I'm so glad that you posted a non-traditional gazpacho. I bet it is so flavorful! Thanks for another fantastic post!
  • I made your watermelon gazpacho and loved it. I'll have to try this one soon.
  • I have the exact same bowl! Only mine's never looked so beautiful.
  • I saw this recipe and was a bit concerned with the grapes in the recipe. But it seems it works. I think I will need to give it a try...after I replenish my cupboard with raw almonds. Off to the market!
  • Kalinda
    The soup recipe looks great, yet I think I'll start to cry if I come across one more picture with somebody holding a bowl in his hands ;)
  • Oh yum, must try this soon! Great photographs as always :)
  • Lina
    ser laekkert ud!!!!
  • Looks wonderful! I was hoping you'd post the recipe soon, after seeing the preview picture on Twitter.
  • Ser mumsigt ut, och det var den också!

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