Big love … January + Barcelona

This month we have been on a trip, found an Indian blog, got a new best friend in the kitchen, tried both new and old recipes and been on a dance performance. Here is a list of things that we love right now.

• Last month was our sourdough month. This month has been our sprouted month. Luise has been sprouting beans, lentils and seeds with inspiration from Superfoods-For-Superhealth.

• Our Vitamix has finally arrived. And yes, it is exactly as fantastic as everyone says. So now we browse smoothie websites and apps, in search of inspiration.

• Elsa is talking more and more for each day. Popular words right now: Farlig (dangerous), Sova (sleep) and Smoothie!  She says smoothie with the sweetest pronunciation.

• We love Indian food. This Indian lentil soup was actually one of the first recipes that we posted. We often return to it on cold winter days.

• If you also like Indian food you are going to love this blog. A modern take on Indian food, with beautiful photos.

• I want this book.

• The whole kombucha hype. We were never really on that train. However after trying a kombucha drink in Barcelona Luise now wants this for her birthday.

• We have rediscovered our Green Sushi Salad this month. If you haven’t tried it before, you should.

• This modern version of Swan lake by the Swedish dance group Bounce is amazing.

• We have made three different batches of these protein bars this week. We’ll share the recipe next week.

And here are some of the things that we saw in Barcelona.

Elsa loved running around in the labyrinths in Parc del Laberint d’Horta.

My girls!

Early Sunday morning I saw these men on Plaça Reial carrying large albums, briefcases and bags filled with champagne caps. Apparently they meet there every weekend to show their collection and swap caps with each other. I was totally absorbed with these old men (acting like young boys) and their caps. I shot at least a hundred photos of them. I collect photos like they collect caps.

We had tea and cookies at Caelum. Far from sugar free but a super cute place.

We enjoyed buying fresh fruit and vegetables from La Boqueria.

Nice vegetarian restaurant with very good smoothies/juices.

We love artichokes. We had it at one of the restaurant in Barcelona and also prepared it ourselves in our apartment there. They are so delicate. Here is how we prepare them.

A quick guide to artichokes

Start by rinsing the artichokes under cold water. Drain upside down. Pat dry with a clean towel. With a sharp knife, trim off the bottom stem and cut about one inch off the top of the artichoke. Use a scissor to cut off the sharp points from the leaves (this step is not nessecary if you use baby artichokes).

Add artichokes to enough boiling water to cover. Cover and simmer just until tender, about 15 to 20 minutes if you use baby artichokes (time will vary depending on the size). Drain well. Artichokes are done when a toothpick or knife tip goes into the base of the artichoke with ease or when the petals can be removed easily.

Divide the artichoke by using a sharp knife, drizzle with a good olive oil (butter, mayo or other kind of dip), lemon, sea salt and fresh parsley. Sometimes we also eat it together with a creamy goat cheese.

Pull all outer petals, one at a time. The edible part of the petals is lighter in color and down at the base (where it were attached). When all petals are removed and eaten, you’ll see the choke, its hairy and prickly. Remove it with a fork and you’ll see the heart. The most delicate part of the artichoke. Eat it.


  • It seems like you guys had a wonderful month. Elsa is getting so big. Beautiful gils you have :)
  • Amazing photos like always :) Love your recipes, it's time for me to buy artichokes and to prepare them properly, I prepared them once in this way and it wasn't eatable :(, I have to give them another chance.
  • Barcelona is one of my most favorite cities in the world! So lovely to pour over your beautiful photos...and Elsa is so adorable! I only wish we could get fresh artichokes over here...
  • Oh wow. I just found your blog and I am SO happy I did. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, your recipes are incredible (and I've been looking for some more fantastic vegetarian blogs, as a matter of fact!), and your family is so beautiful and lovely. I've been exploring every post, because the love and happiness that jump out of every word are so contagious! Thank you for being such an inspiration. xo
  • Carolyn
    Farlig och Smoothie! Vad roligt!! Vitamix rules! I had anxiety attacks after shelling out for ours (I joke that I sold a kidney to buy it!), but it has been a fantastic addition to our kitchen - everything from the creamiest, silky squash soups to making my own brown rice flour. Morning smoothies are fantastic, especially when you can throw anything in and have it come out so, well... smooth!!! MVH från Vancouver
  • I've always wanted to go to Barcelona. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of it through your amazing photos! Who knew that people collected and traded champagne caps. Very interesting.
  • Amazing photos! It's wonderful to know that you have visited my country.
  • You guys are welcome to come visit any time! Although if you want to see NZ you'll have to wait a few years, we're living in Perth, Western Australia at the moment :-)
  • Beautiful images, and you've got me wanting to snack on some artichoke hearts now! I tried to grow some globe artichokes this past year (with no success), so strong has been my craving for them since discovering their awesomeness :) Thankyou for the preparation methods!
  • I adore artichokes, I recently gave up alcohol and learnt that they are a great liver detoxer, so now I am even more in love with them :)
  • I absolutely adore artichokes! Your pictures are mouthwatering!
  • Such beautiful photos! I especially love the small, more delicate artichokes with garlic butter.
  • Bianca
    Just a quick tip: They ship (almost) worldwide for free and their prices are just a tat lower than amazon's. They're situated in the UK.
    • Thank you for the tip Bianca. We have actually used book depository before. It's great. We'll definitively use it when ordering Bryant Terry's book. /David
  • artichokes are my favorite food in the world! and Barcelona is one of my favorite places I've visited so far! It was like this post was made for me! isn't la boqueria amazing? I was in heaven there!
  • Great post! I love Indian food too, the flavors are sort of nostalgic for me because my mother used to make a lot of indian foods when i was very young. That is such a sweet photo of you and your daughter!
  • Beautiful pictures, I love artichokes :D
  • Beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing, wish I could have tagged along with you guys ;-)
    • Hi Emma, maybe we should come visit you instead, we have always wanted to see NZ... /David
  • Ahhh. Artichokes and plenty of love! When I lived in Spain the artichokes were abundant in our garden..Kinda miss that;) I adore these "Big love" - posts <3 Thanks for sharing!
  • Gorgeous, gorgeous post. We are going to Barcelona in July (I know. Crazy) and you have given me a few ideas to follow while there. I may even try and find the champagne chaps too. Also, I don't normally like blog lists but this one was short, meaningful and kindly included a recipe too. Lovely. I've popped you on my newly added blogroll. I am a US-Scottish cancer health educator and recipe developer, and your site is hugely inspirational.
  • Mary
    This is a beautiful post. Looking forward to trying the lentil soup!
  • Thank you for the lovely post and beautiful images. I'm new to your blog and I can't wait to make your indian lentil soup when it gets colder here :)
  • You guys are so talented and interesting - I wish you lived in my neighborhood!
  • Blaine
    Thanks for the love list! I very much like discovering new, beautiful blogs that match my aesthetic or expose me to new things I never knew I liked before - thanks for spreading the word about Journey Kitchen! Also, I just bought Bryant Terry's new cookbook this past week and there are so many things I have marked to try. The recipes seem to strike a great balance between dishes that are comfortingly familiar and those that are exotic and adventurous (I can't wait to try the gumbo with 5 different kinds of greens...!)
  • Artichokes and a Vitamix--two of my most favorite things! Those are some beautiful photos, especially that alley. I'm such a sucker for alleys!

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