Citrus Salad

I didn’t have any food cravings during the first eight months of my pregnancy (David has had constant liquorice cravings though, but that doesn’t count). But during this last month I have developed some serious cravings for citrus fruits – oranges, blood oranges, grapefruits, lime, clementines and many more. I’m not talking about a three-fruits-a-day kind of craving, this is much more serious.

In one of those weak moments David made me this Moroccan inspired Citrus Salad with pistachio nuts and green raisins (they have a wonderful smoky taste). The salad is at the same time sweet, sour, bitter and fresh, therefore you can eat it as a dessert, as a snack, for breakfast or as a main course (at least if you are me). And doesn’t it look beautiful!?

We made a Cinnamon Yoghurt Dressing to go along with the salad. I need to spread the word if you haven’t tried it before: Cinnamon and orange makes a perfect combo!

Side note. Our baby is due today but doesn’t seem to have any urge to come out. The days feels longer and longer …
Say hello to our daughter Elsa!

Citrus Salad (adapted from this recipe from Sassy Radish)

10 citrus fruits (we used oranges, blood oranges, red grape fruit, clementine and lime)
1/3 cup iranian green raisins
1/3 cup pistachio nuts (roughly chopped)
a couple of fresh mint leaves

Peel and cut all the citrus fruits in thin slices. Arrange the slices in layers on a plate. Sprinkle over the green raisins, pistachio and mint.

Cinnamon Yoghurt Dressing
4 tbsp yoghurt
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp agave syrup
a couple of fresh mint leaves (chopped)

Mix everything in a small bowl and serve it with the citrus salad.


  • Kate
    Made this today to battle the heat and it was amazing. I didn't know where to get the raisens though, so I made due without them.
  • taylor
    Rather than slicing up the fruit and laying it out, isn't it easier just to peel and eat them as they are? There's no real difference other than it looking pseudogourmet. In the end it's still just fresh fruit.
  • I made your citrus salad with the cinnamon yogurt dressing and it was incredible! Thanks for sharing. :) I wrote about it here:
  • Oh my! I make a similar salad with olives and a lime/olive oil dressing and cilantro, but I would have never thought of the yogurt and cinnamon variation. It looks perfect!
  • Matthew
    Love your site, congrats on Elsa!
  • I made a Moroccan orange salad recently, too -- I really liked the combination of cinnamon and orange.
  • Man, is this gorgeous! It looks so refreshing. I've never heard of green raisins before - interesting. I love the whole thing.
  • i heard your fantastic news via twitter! congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!!
  • So, so beautiful. I'm having a citrus fruit craving right now so that sounds pretty good. I like the style of your blog a lot.
  • STUNNING. Just absolutely gorgeous photo, and a lovely idea for the beautiful citrus in season. Good luck with the arrival of your little one!
  • Love this! Sweet, salty and sour, mmmm. I hope you get to meet the baby soon too!
  • So beautiful - love the citrus combination, love the colors and presentation. Gorgeous
  • I've been making a variation of the citrus salad that Smitten Kitchen posted a few weeks back. She included feta and I have to say it's yummy. However, I love your addition of pistachios and I might add some vanilla to my next dressing. This is a truly gorgeous salad!
  • Beautiful! Where do you get the green raisins from? I've never seen them and can't find them online, but I'd love to try them!
  • Have you heard of calamansi? It's a Filipino lime (which I am giving away at my site btw) We've been talking about calamansi on twitter and one of my friends said that her salivary glands are on hyper-drive talking about calamansi! but wait til she sees this! It will definitely put her salivary glands on hyper drive! LOL! Congratulations on being on foodbuzz top 9. your site is very crisp! photos are stunning! m loving it!
  • Happy Baby Day whenever she/he is ready to appear. Lovely colors in your post.
  • Lovely recipe - I do like your idea of a yogurt dressing to make it a bit more special than plain old fruit salad. Best of luck to both of you for your impending arrival!
  • Mara, Wendy G and Denise: Thank you for your sweet comments! Citrus cravings = a boy? Hmm interesting. Well, we will just have to wait and see ... /Luise
  • Beautiful, just beautiful! I just want to dive right into that gorgeous platter of sunshine! Btw - best wishes for a safe and (relatively?) easy and PROMPT delivery :)
  • Wendy D.
    Oh my goodness that looks so delicious. I have to try this sometime soon! Do you know the gender of your baby yet? :) If you are craving citrus perhaps it is a boy!
  • Such beautiful colors + gorgeous photograph of the salad; this is making me want to eat more citrus. Hope the baby comes soon, best of luck!

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