Healthy Vegetarian Baby Food + Elsa’s Favorite Dinner

Healthy vegetarian baby food doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Just keep in mind to add different kinds of protein, such as beans, lentils, nut butters, seeds, quinoa, GMO-free tofu or eggs. (If you eat fish or meat, choose from organic grass-fed animals and fish with lowest toxin levels. 1-2 times a week is recommended) Different kinds of healthy fat such as avocado, coconut oil, organic butter, ghee or high quality cold-pressed oils (flaxseed, olive, almond, sunflower, hemp). Vitamins and minerals from different kinds of fruit and vegetables. Complex & gluten free carbohydrates from buckwheat, millet, rolled oat and whole grain rice. High quality supplements for babies & toddlers are important, ask for advice in health stores or natural pharmacies.

-Multi vitamin & mineral from Animal Parade (use liquid vitamin drops if your child can not chew the supplement).
-Pure omega 3 fish oil DHA, EPA. Very important essential fats for the brain, inflammation, skin and every cell in the body. (Choose a liquid product for adults, they doesn’t contain sweeteners).
-D-vitamin. Every cell in the body have vitamin D receptors, which means that D-vitamin is very important for optimal health and the immune system. Use a product with cold-pressed oil to prevent stomach ache. I recommend D-pearls 20 mcg from Pharmanord (for infants; cut a little hole in the pearl and press out the oil in baby’s mouth).
-Probiotic supplement with Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. To prevent allergies and to build a strong immune system (new born can get baby probiotic drops from Biogaia or if the baby is nursing the mom can take probiotic supplement).

Read more: Our 10 tips how to give your children a healthy start in life here.

Prepare ahead
The easiest way is to cook a lot of everything one or two days a week, store it in big jars that you keep in the fridge or freezer (use ice cube molds), and when it’s time for dinner all you need to do is to take a spoonful from each jar or an ‘ice cube’, heat and serve! Don’t be afraid to use mild spices and fresh herbs, babies loves that too.

We have put together a few of Elsa’s favorites. She actually eats everything that we put in front of her (including the napkins), but these things make her extra giddy.

Her absolute favorite food is – believe it or not – Sprouts! They are easy for her to grab, put in her mouth and to play with. Even though most of them ends up on the floor they can keep her occupied during a whole meal. Which gives us time to feed her these other dishes (and to eat ourselves). If we don’t give her sprouts we make sure that she always has something to hold on to and play with while she eats, like this cucumber ring. Use the cucumber ring instead of teething biscuits, homeopath say cucumber has amazing ability to act as a pain reliever, so cool!

Aubergine & Sweet Potato Mash
1 aubergine or zucchini
1 sweet potato
3 tbsp cold.pressed olive oil or organic butter

Cut the vegetables in small peaces, boil them in water for 10-15 minutes, until soft.
Puree in a food processor or mash with a fork, let cool slightly. Add the olive oil or butter and stir.

Beans & Herbs
1 cup / 250 ml cooked beans or lentils
5 leaves of fresh herbs (parsley, cilantro, basil…)
3 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil or organic butter

Cook any kind of beans according to the package or use canned cooked beans.
Puree beans and herbs in a food processor or mash with a fork. Add olive oil or butter and mix.

Lemon Quinoa

1/2 cup uncooked white or red quinoa
1 cup water

Rinse and drain the quinoa, place in a small saucepan with the water. Bring to the boil, lower the heat immediately and let gently simmer for 15 minutes. Drain any excess water. Set aside to cool. Mix with oil or butter and a squeeze of lemon or orange juice.

We want to keep her off ice cream, candy and cookies as long as we can. Right now she is more than happy with a scoop of cinnamon applesauce, a coconut avocado mash and a slice of grapefruit to chew on.

Cinnamon Apple Sauce
1 bag organic apples
ground cinnamon

Cut the apples in small pieces and place in a sauce pan, add a splash of water and cook on low heat until they soften, it will take about 15 minutes. Set aside to cool. Add ground cinnamon and mash with a fork or use a blender. Remove any apple skin leftovers.

Coconut Avocado
1 ripe avocado
2 tbsp dried shredded coconut, unsweetened
1 tbsp cold-pressed flaxseed oil or any oil of choice

Mix avocado, coconut and oil with a fork.


  • So Yummy! I read your blog from time to time. Yana eats so well; better than some adults I know, as she should : ) Stay tuned for more good writing. Thanks
  • Minja
    In my country they recommend that babies and pregnant women wouldn't eat seeds due to high toxin levels. Also sprouts Can pose danger (bacteria) to them.
  • Alison
    I’m a bit late to write on this post but I’m wondering if your thoughts or approach to feeding vegetarian children has changed at all since your original posts? I live in Australia and have 3 children - 6yo, 3.5 yo and almost 9 mth old so am on different food journies with my tribe. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Your website is one of my top 3 when I’m looking for family friendly vegetarian food inspiration!!
  • De Coussemaker bieke
    Hi, Another usefull and inspirational post, thans For that! I have à question About THE supplements. I did a little research For THE multivitamins aan they contain fructose. I'm not so happy with that,Can you recommend another brand?how long do you give probiotics?thanks! Greetings from belgium Bieke
  • Teresa
    Hi! Thank you for such an inspiring post! I was wondering, do you soak the quinoa before you cook it? Do you cook it in big batches and then freeze it? I normally do that with beans, but not sure how to deal with grains in the most nutritious way for my baby girl, but also the most practical for mommy ? Thanks!
  • Natalie
    Hi guys! I know it's been a while since you wrote this post however my little girl just turned 6 months and I was wondering if you gave Elsa and Isac these foods when they were 6 months as well? Could you maybe give some more food ideas for this age? I eat very healthy and I want my baby to have the best possible start. Thanks an greetings from Zurich! Natalie
  • Pat
    I am taking care of my little baby grandgirl Lily while her Mom and Dad are traveling for work in England! She is seven months old. I get to try out all these wonderful foods. Her Mom and Dad are very careful and feed her the freshest, local food they can find. I am so excited to try these.
  • I've been reading and loving your blog for a while now. This is the most inspiriting post as I've started making baby food for our little (nearly eight months old) son Julian from January. My husband is vegetarian and I am Pescetarian so Green Kitchen Stories is just perfect for all of us :) PS Congratulations for the SBS interview! Well deserved! Chika from Barossa Valley
  • Carin
    Hej! En fråga. Det är ju salt i bönor på burk. Räcker det att skölja bönorna i vatten? Tänkte laga till min pojke på 9 månader. Hälsningar Carin
    • Hej Carin, ja det räcker att skölja i vatten, men det bästa är att blötlägga och koka bönorna själv. Hoppas din pojke tycker om maten:-) Mvh Luise
  • Camellia
    how old is she? My little girl is a little over 6 months and I'm thinking she would like a few of these recipes!
    • Hi Camellia! She was 8 months when we wrote this post, but she is already 2 years now. Time flies...
  • Dagmar
    Det ser utroligt lækkert ud! Det håber jeg, at jeg kan prøve en dag, selvom jeg dog ikke er en baby! :-) Elsa er så sød og køn! Venlig hilsen Dagmar
  • perfect meal, perfectly combined! xo
  • Sapperangel
    Kiwi banana was a great one... such a vibrant green and a lil more manageable texture. I also experimented for how to make spinach in a decent texture. Potato turned into paste, same with rice.. But spinach apple sauce was a HUGE winner with both of my boys. great texture and kind of sweet.
  • elsa är världens lyckligast lottade bebis som får äta så god o fin mat! :)
  • Shanley
    Oh my! I would buy a baby food cook book from you two in a second! Elsa is just so adorable. Happy New Year!
  • YUMMY! Elsa eats so well; better than some adults I know, as she should : ) I love your blog. Happy New Year!
  • I think it's great that you make meals for Elsa, too many parents buy all baby food when it's actually not that difficult to make your own! I wish you all the best for the new year and I hope your travels are going well! xx
  • I came across your site awhile ago and just revisted it with a new found sense of desire to eat healthy. Hopefully I haven't missed the opportunity to have my 3-year old daughter eat healthy but with her food allergies it's difficult to find alternatives. I'm excited to head home and try some of your recipes!
  • What a great idea for a kids meal! I can eat that all day long myself :-) I know what a challenge it is to come up with interesting food ideas for the li'l ones but that is one good looking meal!
  • What beautiful foods for such a lovely young lady! I love your approach to feeding her - the simplicity is what makes it so nice. Who needs expensive specialty foods?
  • What a beautiful baby girl! My fellow likes to eat similarly, but I've been running out of fresh ideas. These will all go over very well!
  • Wow! I wish I ate that when I was a baby! I love how colourful everything is. I've never seen such attractive looking baby food!
  • Hjördís
    Great Ideas, witch I will try when i get me own someday Kids love colors so those colorfull meals look fantastic for them :) Love your blog and you pictures have a great time :)
  • Love the idea of coconut avocado! What a colorful meal, and how wonderful to see your Elsa eating great food. Thanks!
  • Amazing!!! I am lucky that I have two kids who eat similar stuff and actually ask for it. Now I only wonder what avocado and coconut together would taste like. You think moms would like it too :-)?
    • Hi Anja! I can at least tell you one daddy that loves the coconut avocado. I actually "help" Elsa to eat most of the dishes her mummy makes for her. /David
  • You both are so creative! The cucumber ring is adorable.
    • Thank you Nicole! I am just happy that I actually got a shot of her holding the cucumber ring. It's never easy taking pictures of her, since she is always moving around and waving her arms. ;) /David
  • gorgeous! i don't have any children yet, but i admire and agree with your approach. Elsa will grow up to be one beautiful & healthy girl!
  • You are one of my very favorite blogs... It's always such a pleasure when to see what you've created.

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