Streets of Beijing

On this trip around the world almost everything has turned out like we planned it. Most of the time even better. But during our four days in China we had to spend three of them in our apartment. Elsa got a nasty stomach virus on our first day and we spent two days calling doctors, visiting a hospital and giving her as much fluid and hugs as possible. We had one day out on the streets before Luise was down with stomach cramps and a 24 hour fever. We had planned to visit the forbidden city, the local markets, and the restaurants Dali Courtyard and Pure Lotus. We had even practised how to say ‘Wo bu che rou’ (I don’t eat meat). But we will save that for another time. Here are some snapshots from the only day we spent out on the streets of Beijing.


  • Trish MacNeill
    If you ever have the chance to visit Beijing again, I highly recommend King's Joy as a vegetarian restaurant. I live here and although not vegetarian, it is one of the better meals I have had here. Dali Courtyard is also charming and quaint and the Yunnan cuisine is my favourite of all Chinese. For a one day out in Beijing you have really captured the essence of Beijing.
  • WOW!! Look at the goldfish on the back of that bike/moped? You really capture each place you visit so perfectly and beautifully. Your blog is just stunningly beautiful! xo
  • Do I dare ask why there is a big tank of gold fish at a street market?? Love reading about your experiences in travel. :)
    • Hi Christine! We were wondering that as well. They were selling goldfishes everywhere, but no one understood English when we tried to ask them what they were for. I will ask on twitter and see if I get any response. /David
  • I recently just spent Christmas in China too (where I also took many, many photos!) I love your photos, especially the one with the Chinese Chess, and the street vendor seeling meat skewers. It brings back good memories!
  • ccfzyf
    These pictures got me homesick. Loved the details you were trying to capture! So sorry about the sickness! Hope the rest of your trip was not affected by it. Beijing will be waiting the next time yall have the chance to visit. It's an amazing city!
  • Hjördís
    Great pictures like always, Hope you had a great christmas and I hope your all ok
  • I owe Luise an e-mail.oops. Merry Christmas my friends! Please don't get too sick, that's so super scary. I am glad you're all feeling better. David, your pictures inspire me to be a better person. The way you capture people in photography is phenomenal, I can only attribute it to your sensitive and ever humane personality, also your talent and hard work for sure. I love your pictures.
    • Oh D! Beautiful words, thanks! Hope you guys had a great Christmas. Enjoy Hawaii and Happy New Year to every one! /David!
  • Sini
    I wish you David, Luise and little Elsa a peaceful Christmas and may your trip be a memorable one!
  • It's always so hard when little ones get sick, but when you are away from the comforts of home, it's even harder. Poor Elsa! Despite this, I'm so glad you were able to still enjoy Beijing, what an incredible experience!
  • Anna
    oh, sorry! i forget to say merry christmas and happy new year! especially to your little angel elsa! and i like your blog!
  • Anna
    hi, i'm your fan which in beijing! welcome to china! But...i just want to tell you that DO NOT EAT AT STREET ANYMORE! IT'S unsanitary and almost everything cooked by "trench oil", even Including's the truth.(sorry about my english is not good, i hope that i speak Clearly)
    • Thank you Anna and a merry christmas to you too! Point taken, no more chinese street food, thats for sure!
  • Valeria
    So sad to hear about Elsa's flu and Luise's fever :( I hope you're all feeling better now! I also hope you enjoy the rest of your trip :) Happy Holidays! Valeria
  • Cristine
    I love your site! Good recipes. One tip I heard from a vegetarian who visits China a lot: if you don't want to eat meat, say that you are a Buddhist. Then they understand perfectly what you can or can't eat. She also said to look out for Buddhist restaurants because they have the best vegetarian food.
    • Best tip ever, thanks! and definitely a try worth next time! Happy New Year. /Luise
  • Ebbolita
    Fantastiska bilder! (Som vanligt) Hoppas Elsa mår bättre och att ni fick med er Resorb Junior. Ett måste när man reser österut ;-) Kram & GOD JUL till er alla!
  • Looks like you got a few sneak peaks of Beijing at least. Hope your all feeling better, ready for the next leg of the trip.
  • I hope everyone feels better soon!
  • Sorry to hear about your little one! You still got some beautiful shots though, well done! Can't wait to see/hear more about your trip.
  • This looks like the most incredible trip! And, as always, the photos are stunning!

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