Green Christmas 2010

With Christmas just around the corner we realize that a lot of people probably are asking themselves how to make their christmas food greener and a little more nutritious. Even though Christmas hasn’t been our focus at all this year we thought we could help out by guiding you to a couple of our recipes from last year that works great on a healthy vegetarian Christmas table. Happy Holiday!

Winter Buckwheat Porridge
The perfect breakfast on Christmas morning.

Warm Christmas Glogg
An alcohol free and sugar free version of the scandinavian Christmas classic.

Crispy Red Cabbage Salad
A Danish Christmas classic with a Green Kitchen touch.

Chili Choco Sweets
You can’t be afraid of chili when making these date based sweets.

Chestnut Spelt Bread
A dark, nutty and a little sweet tasting bread made on chestnut flour.

Black Quinoa & Kale Salad
One of our favorite recipes ever. It both looks and tastes like christmas. Try it!

Mushroom & Hazelnut Loaf
A vegetarian version of a meat loaf. Great on a buffet table.

Espresso & Oat Truffles
A sugar free christmas candy.

Saffron Bulgur with Vegetables
This recipe has been on our Christmas table as long as I have been a vegetarian.

Cinnamon & Chocolate Covered Nuts
You can make this treat in less than 10 minutes.

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