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We’ve got a small, square shaped wooden table with three chairs + a highchair in our kitchen. I bought the table when I moved to my first 1-bedroom apartment and it was perfect for that tiny space. Back then I only had two chairs and the table mostly carried pasta dishes and red wine glasses. Eighteen years, four apartments and three children later, we still eat most our meals on it. It is honestly not very pretty and its wine stains are now mixed with blueberries, turmeric, coconut and all the stains, smudges and scratches that come from years of feeding babies. Because it is square shaped and we are five in the family, Luise or I end up eating our meals either standing up or sitting on an extra stool squeezed in on a corner. It’s a small but pretty striking symbol that:

A) I am too sentimental about my furniture.

B) We weren’t entirely prepared for how life with three children would be.

I wrote a little text on Instagram about this. That behind glossy photos of food, travels and a kitchen that on good days looks picture perfect, we are still trying to figure out life. And find somewhere to sit. The plan is to get a round table that hopefully both will fit into the kitchen and have seats for the entire family. But until then, I’ll keep eating standing up.


I first shared this recipe/method about a week ago on Instagram stories (hence the poor image quality above) and judging from the number of direct messages in my inbox, I thought I’d post an more outlined version here as well. We cannot get enough of tray bake dinners in our family. They are simply one of the easiest and most delicious weekday solutions we know and this recipe represents much of what we love about food. Easy to make, easy to like, easy to adapt. It combines warm and cold and sweet and savory. It is vegetable centered, comforting, leaves a minimum of dishes and the kids like it too.

Our twist is that we add lots of fresh ingredients to the tray once it’s ready in the oven; yogurt, pesto, lettuce, spinach, black beans and pomegranate seeds. They add texture and make it feel more like a proper meal. Some days we act like adults and put plates on the table. Other days we just stick the kids a fork each and we all eat from the same tray (sorry mum!).

We’ve shared the recipe exactly as we made it last week but we’ve also included a list of variations below the recipe. So don’t get hung up on any specific ingredients, simply use this more as a starting point. The important thing in this recipe is the combination of roasted ingredients + fresh veggies + fruit + something creamy. I hope you give it a try. It’s truly a perfect autumn weekday dinner.


One-Tray Dinner Extra Everything

We wrote a similar recipe for the September issue of Jamie Magazine. We added raw spiralized vegetables (makes it even prettier!) and halloumi instead of yogurt. We add kale and Brussels sprouts midway through roasting since they need less time. The goal is that they will be perfectly crunchy at the same time as the other vegetables are ready. It can be a little tricky to time it right on your first try but second time around you usually get the hang of it.

Warm ingredients
1 kg / 2 lbs potatoes

3-4 carrots, peeled
1 broccoli 
250 g / 1/2 lb Brussels sprouts
3-4 large kale leaves
olive oil

Cold ingredients
2 handfuls baby spinach

1 avocado
1 cup cooked black beans
pomegranate seeds

pesto (you can thin it out with a little olive oil)

Cut potato, carrots and broccoli into bite-sized pieces. Add to a large tray and drizzle with oil and salt. Bake at 200°C / 400°F for approx. 15-20 minutes. Cut the Brussels sprouts in halves. Trim off the thick stalks from the kale and tear the leaves into smaller pieces. Drizzle with oil and salt, add to the tray and bake for 10-15 minutes more or so. The vegetables are ready when they are golden and tender and the kale chips are crunchy.

Scatter baby spinach, sliced (or mashed) avocado, black beans, pomegranate seeds, dollops of yogurt and pesto evenly over the vegetables. Squeeze over a little lemon and drizzle with oil. Dig in!

Roasted ingredients: Carrots / Broccoli / Cauliflower / Cabbage / Sweet potato / Bell pepper / Brussels Sprouts / Kale / Potatoes / Parsnip / Beetroot
Fresh ingredients: Lettuce / Aragula / Spinach / Avocado / Cucumber / Cherry Tomatoes / Spiralized Carrots, Beetroot or Zucchini
Fruit: Apple / Orange / Pear / Pomegranate Seeds / Grapes
Sauce: Yogurt / Tahini / Pesto / Romesco / Hummus / Dijon Vinaigrette / Coleslaw
Extra: Nuts / Seeds / Beans / Boiled eggs / Halloumi cheese / Feta Cheese / Goat’s Cheese


  • Iv
    I remember seeing this long time ago and today, being in a panic that I won't manage to prepare dinner after a long day at work, I decided it's time to give it a try! What a genius dish this is!
  • This looks absolutely delicious! I love the idea of a big community tray that everyone can dig into. The less plates to wash, the better!
  • Feel like your blog has our meals sorted now haha. Haven't been able to find a site so appealing (was using the Taste website for recipes before but it wasn't really that easy to find the kind of food we like).
  • Hilda
    This dish is absolutely lovely! I added som raisins and dried apricots with the brussel sprouts, and it turned out really tasty. Thanks for the inspiration! :)
  • Just tried the recipe and it’s absolutely delicious! The combination of warm and cold vegetables and yoghurt+pesto work so well together! Thank you!!! :)
  • I like the taste of this dish, especially lemon
  • This is so incredibly gorgeous. I would love to serve this at Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing!
  • Me and my husband actually started eating more vegetables and fruits lately to keep our balance diet. This is definitely a nutritious and delicious veggie recipe to consider and I will prepare it at home to enjoy. Thank you so much..
  • It really looks delicious and tasty. It is a healthy recipe for health but still, it is so tasty.
  • Look really delicious. I love these yummy recipies of yours. It's a great fun to read each and every single post.
  • This looks absolutely delicious! I love the idea of a big community tray that everyone can dig into. The less plates to wash, the better! I love that you added some pomegranate seeds for a pop of sweetness. I think I'd add feta cheese to mine! Beautiful recipe :)
  • This looks absolutely perfect for when you simply don't know what to prepare but you can't really be bothered with a recipe! Thank you so much! I also love how you shared that at times you feel like still trying to figure out life. We all need a little reminder of our perfectly flawed humanity sometimes when we swim in an ocean of perfect imagery. Keep up the amazing work! :) xx
  • I really love when m friends and I eat from same plate. and this type of tray meal is the best way we can share and show our caring.
  • This looks wonderful! I love that you are sentimental about furniture. Same here. Probably why I have pieces that should really go, but I can wait to do that. Such a great recipe for fall! Thanks so much for sharing.
  • This looks soo sooo yummy and healthy!! <3 x finja |
  • Anna
    Just tried the recipe and it’s absolutely delicious! The combination of warm and cold vegetables and yoghurt+pesto work so well together! Thank you!!! :)
  • Nickie Gorsky
    YUMMMMEEEE! Thank you for this glorious recipe! I may try some harissa instead of pesto as basil has all but disappeared from the markets here (on to pumpkins and squash)...and I am guessing those are pomegranate seeds so beautifully decorating the meal? Love sheet pan meals and the story of your little
  • I love sheet tray dinners, will have to try out this veggie combo! Looks delicious!!
  • birgit
    this is PERFECT eating directly from the tray keeps the food warm and spares water and time - time you need for cuddling etc :))) giggle i love it
  • I really appreciate your post... on Instagram it always feels like everyone's life is picture perfect, so hearing about the messes and hardships and quirks of life really is refreshing! Also, these kind of remind me of unconventional veggie nachos... I love it!
  • Emil
    Woooa! This looks insane! All my favorite things on one tray. Making it tonight! Thx!
  • Sandra Lea
    I love that you and your family grab a fork and eat directly from the tray. Why not? Eating is about sharing.
  • I'm not sure what's more autumnal than a big tray of veggies! x
  • Thank you so much for being so candid about what it's really like to parent and write a food blog at the same time. I can relate! I'm not surprised that this dish attracted a lot of attention. It's just perfect for this time of the year. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • OMG, I LOVE one-tray dinners, especially with roasted vegetables! I substitute the yogurt for tofu every time I make something like this! But I definitely have to try adding pomegranate seeds. I bet the sweetness and tartness adds to it perfectly!
  • Such beautiful colours and flavours! I love one tray dinners like this and they can be quite a life saver after busy days at work - I particularly like the extra pomegranate seeds on top for extra sweetness! Thanks for sharing :) Gabriella x
  • During busy times, I often make sheet pan meals! Thanks for giving me so many new ways to shake things up!
  • Oh my Gosh, I just wanted to say this looks incredible. I love one tray dinners and this is easy to make! Fall is the perfect time for roasted veggies as well. :) Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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