Kale, Mushroom & Potato Tortilla


I tried to write this post late last night after all kids had been tucked to bed. I was sitting in our couch with my laptop on my knee and a bar of dark chocolate, a jar of salted almonds and a glass of water within reach. I was ready to do this. The next thing I remember is Isac’s hand pulling my hair three hours later. A dream had woken him up and he wanted me to come sleep next to him. I took a quick look at my computer and realized I had written zero words. So, new try today. This time I’m sitting at an outside cafe in broad daylight so I’ll hopefully not fall asleep here.

Today’s recipe is an autumnal approach on tortilla. You know that potato and egg cake that is sold on the counter of literally every corner shop, cafe and tapas bar in Spain. It’s a great snack and super popular with our kids whenever we are in Barcelona so we have started making it at home as well.

It’s easy to get lost in the Spanish tortilla vs Italian frittata discussion. When I previewed the first version of this recipe on Instagram, I already received some comments that “this isn’t a Spanish tortilla”. Well of course not. It’s a Swedish tortilla. Seriously though, I realize that we have bent this recipe quite far – adding kale and mushrooms to it and changing the cooking method a bit – but it is still tastes like a tortilla to me. It’s more potato based than a frittata and slightly firmer so that it can be cut out into triangles and eaten with your hands either warm or cold. We finish it in the oven rather than flipping it (which apparently is more common for a frittata) but it’s just because we are lazy and it’s the easiest method. And semantics aside, the most important part is that it tastes really good, has a short ingredient list and has quickly become one of our favorite last minute dinner solutions.

Kale_mushroom_tortilla_2 Kale_mushroom_tortilla_3

First time we made this autumn version was a few weeks ago after I had scored a huge bag of funnel chanterelles at the market. After having made this stew on the first night and a version of this sandwich for lunch the day after, their were still mushrooms left in the bag. So we added them to a dinner tortilla. It’s amazing how you can turn a simple tortilla into a dinner just by adding some more vegetables to it. Especially if you also serve it with a side salad.

These particular mushrooms are cheaper than chanterelles and usually easier to find in large quantities in the forest. But if you can’t find them, just use regular chanterelles or any another mushroom.

Kale_mushroom_tortilla_4 Kale_mushroom_tortilla_5

Here are a few tips and tricks that we use when making tortilla.

• Don’t bother peeling the potatoes. If you use fresh and scrubbed potatoes, keeping the peal on not only saves time, but also makes your tortilla more rustic looking. Dicing the potatoes instead of slicing it also improves the rustic look.

• Traditionally in a tortilla, the onion is first sautéed for 15 minutes and then the potatoes are fried in LOTS of olive oil for another 20-30 minutes but we prefer precooking the diced potatoes in water instead (while the onion is sautéing). It saves time and calls for less oil. If you have precooked potatoes leftover in the fridge, they are perfect for this dish.

• We actually prefer making this with butter instead of olive oil because it’s more heat resistant and it brings out the best flavor in mushrooms. But you can of course use any oil of preference.

• Fry the mushrooms on a low/medium heat. Don’t crowd the pan and always listen for the sizzle. If you cant hear them sizzling, the temperature is too low.

• Luise has developed an intolerance against garlic (especially raw) so we have kept it out of this recipe, but I bet it could be good along with the mushrooms and kale.

• If you don’t like kale, try it with spinach. Or use the same method with other vegetables.

• Feta cheese is also really good in this combination. Just crumble it into the egg mixture.

• We finish the tortilla in the oven because it’s easier, but you can flip it by sliding the half-cooked frittata onto a plate. It will still be some liquid in the middle so you need to be careful doing this. Than you place the saucepan over the frittata (and plate) and simply flip it upside down while holding the plate as a lid so it falls down into the sauce pan. And then fry it for a few more minutes on that side.


Kale, Mushroom & Potato Tortilla
Makes approx 8 slices

1 onion 
350 g / 2 1/2 cups firm potatoes, diced
5 tbsp butter or oil
2 cups / 100 g Funnel chanterelles (or any other mushroom)
2 leaves / 30 g kale, stems removed

1 large handful fresh parsley 
6-8 eggs (depending on the size)
salt and pepper

Set the oven to 200°C / 400°F. Add water to a medium size saucepan along with salt and bring to a boil. Peel and chop the onions. Scrub and dice the potatoes into 1-2 cm / 1/2 inch cubes. Heat 1 tbsp butter in an ovenproof frying pan. Sauté the onions on low heat for about 10-15 minutes until soft and translucent, stir occasionally. Meanwhile add the potatoes to the boiling water and cook for about 13-15 minutes on medium heat, they should be just done. Drain the cooking water and add the potatoes to the saucepan with onions, along with one more tablespoon butter and a little salt. Sauté for a few minutes more to give the potatoes some flavor and color. Pour the onion and potatoes into a separate bowl and put the saucepan back on the heat.

Clean the mushrooms, slice them into desired size and add to the pan along with a knob of butter. Fry the mushrooms on low/medium heat for 5-6 minutes or until they have released some moisture and started caramelizing. Rinse the kale, chop finely and add it to the pan along with fresh parsley. Let wilt down for a few minutes. Add salt and then pour into the bowl with potatoes.

Wipe the saucepan clean and put it back on the heat along with a knob of butter. Crack the eggs in a bowl, add salt and pepper and whisk. Pour the vegetables into the egg mixture and then tip it into the warm saucepan (it’s essential that the pan is warm and buttered for the tortilla not to stick to it). Let it fry for about two minutes (preferably with a lid or a plate on top) and then place the pan in the oven (without lid) and switch on the broiler. After about 10 minutes it should be firm, golden and ready. Wait a few minutes for it to cool down and then run a spatula around the edges to make sure it comes off easily. Cut into triangles and serve with a side salad. It can also be stored in the fridge for a couple of days.

Kale_mushroom_tortilla_7 Lul_Noah

PS! Look at these two photos of Luise and Noah, taken exactly one year apart. <3<3<3<3

Also, I didn’t fall asleep!


  • Perfect quarantine cooking - thank you for this recipe! I’ve made Spanish tortilla many times, but par boiling potatoes is so much easier than frying in olive oil. This was a much easier method and delicious! Sprinkled with smoked paprika for a Spanish flair and served with green salad. I will be making again and again.
  • Jessica
    This is a great combination! I just made it this morning for breakfast. Despite my better judgment I did set the oven to broil before putting this in and it just burned the top and left the inside raw. I would just bake this instead of broil for those that are going to try this recipe.
  • Carmen
    "It's a Swedish tortilla!". I LOVE that.
  • This looks marvelous! I grew up eating eggs, but didn't like them. However, nothing is certain except change. For health reasons I had to change up what I was eating due to a hiatal hernia and gluten/dairy intolerance. This recipe looks wonderful! We usually have "breakfast for supper" at least one night a week. We'll be giving this a try for sure! Thanks for sharing.
  • Looks amazing! Could you share what size pan you used for this recipe?
  • This looks so delicious. I don't really care whether it's authentic to Spain or not. It just looks so good. I'm making this recipe on the weekend. Can't wait to eat it.
  • Ah, you have to love kids who have so much energy that they wake up in the middle of the night! A bar of dark chocolate and a jar of salted almonds by your side also sums up the story of my life--maybe I'd add a jar of peanut butter in there too! Anyways, this recipe looks fantastic. I love kale and mushrooms in a recipe, especially if they're highlight ingredients!
  • Your writing and stories and humor just make these posts. Your recipes and ideas are a given. ;-) Love this more accessible take on a classic!
  • Great images.. it looks delicious.. thanks for sharing
  • Wow this tortilla looks delish. I have been looking for ways to encorporate more vegetarian dishes into my weekly dinners without them being too bland and boring. (I suck at cooking vegetarian food) but this looks awesome so will definitely be giving it a try. Also I LOVEEEE mushrooms :)
  • Savannah
    This looks brilliant! Never seen that mushroom variety before but will try it with Shiitaki.
  • Silvia
    Very nice recipe, I'll try it soon, maybe replacing kale - which we don't have in Rome - with "cavolo nero", let's see! Just one thing: is butter really more heat resistant than olive oil?
  • I have recently been reading Martin Walker's books about Bruno, a policeman in that same region of France. It has definitely made me want to visit as well as search out some of the wines from there.
  • birgit
    this recepe comes the right time because i wonder what to cook with these eggs and it looks delicious - yummy yeah - i remember how often i started knitting when the kids are in bed and some hours later there were no stitches the fate of parents with young children how lucky you didn't fell asleep in the cafe all my best wishes - birgit
  • love the addition to the extra vegetables to a classic tortilla. It's my favorite sunday brunch to make! x
  • TroffaHamra
    Love this recipe! As always though! I'm a maltese gluten-intolerant living in Barcelona so the tortilla literally saves me whenever I don't have time to have breakfast at home! However no spanish should tell you this is not a spanish tortilla, cos here you can find aubergine, zucchini, spinach, artichoke tortilla and even other variations with chorizo, so yours is just another version :) Thanks for your blog, I love it and have all your books :)
  • steph
    I love how rustic this looks! Tortilla is so good and and adding mushrooms and kale to it is brilliant. Will give it a go!
  • I love your version of the Spanish totilla de patatas. My husband had to buy me the tandem pan for Christmas to make flipping easier! We always start the potato and onion in the low temp bubbling EV olive oil until tender. I like to save the oil in a jar in the fridge just for tortilla making and the oil gets infused and better each time. Love this dish! Thanks for sharing!
  • Thank you for the recipe. Sounds like the perfect thing for me to do since it's a stormy weekend where I live! Stunning photos as always, and the last picture is really cute! Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog http://charmainenyw.com

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