Our take on Vietnamese Bánh Xèo pancakes are served with plenty of fresh herbs, greens, dipping sauce and a hint of California.
1 hour
Serves 4
1 hour
Serves 4
Pancake records
YES, we are trying to break the record of most pancake recipes on a blog. But that’s not a bad thing. We love pancakes! Green Pancakes, Vegan Quinoa Pancakes, Baked Pancakes, Flour Free Banana PancakesSavory Buckwheat Pancakes and the rest of the gang.
We first tried Vietnamese Bánh Xèo Crêpes/Pancakes on our trip to Ho Chi Minh City, back when Elsa was just a little buddha baby. They were so crisp, filled with massive amounts of crunchy vegetables and herbs and then dipped in a sauce. Kind of like the spring roll of pancakes. Because they are made with rice flour and no eggs, they are naturally vegan and gluten free.
We have given them our own schwung here by going down the Californian/Mexican route with some of the fillings. We have a corn salsa made from fresh summer corn cobs, fresh coriander/cilantro and lime. It pairs well with Vietnamese pancakes as it also both crunchy and flavor packed. There is some mashed avocado filling for creaminess and to hold the other filling in place. And coconut flakes for crunch.
We also have the more traditional fresh greens, herbs and cabbage. You don't have to go for all these fillings at the same time but we made these as a kind of late summer feast and it was awesome. The corn salsa is excellent on its own, as a soup topping or a side dish to a bbq.
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