This saffron and cinnamon studded grain salad with roasted roots, herbs, pomegranates and nuts is perfect for the holidays + Christmas Recipe Roundup!
45 min
Serves 6
45 min
Serves 6
Hi friends,
We are writing this from our family country house in the Stockholm archipelago. There is a thin layer of snow outside and freezing cold air is sipping in from every little window sill and cranny, and therefore I am manically keeping the fire burning in our fireplace. The kids are waiting for me to finish this so we can continue building this year's gingerbread house (which is a way too ambitious project for a gingerbread house amateur and three kids), so I have promised to keep things short … 
We wanted to share some last minute recipe inspiration in case you still haven't decided what to cook over the holidays. Below you will find a roundup of some of our most beloved GKS Christmas recipes – mains, sides, salads and treats. And if you keep scrolling there is also the recipe for a Saffron & Millet Salad which we think is the perfect crossover between a main, side and salad. While we were cooking this, the snow started falling so when the salad was ready we took it outside and I love how magical the photos came out with the trees and the snow.
Holiday Recipe Roundup

• If you are looking for a delicious main this Mushroom, Rice & Hazelnut Loaf is a classic. Rich, crunchy and flavorful!
• Another fun and slightly unusual dish for the Christmas table are these Stuffed Cabbage Parcels filled with lentils, walnuts, raisins, garlic and herbs.
• It's a 10 year anniversary for these Baked Saffron Falafels – we made this recipe for a vegan Christmas feature for Bon Appétit back in 2011.
• We made these Vegetarian Swedish Meatballs using an oat based tofu, but you can use a regular firm tofu instead.

• These Smashed Balsamic Potatoes combine crispy and crunchy.
• So does these Hasselback potatoes with Pesto & Kale – they look so pretty but demand some knife skills.
• A fun and slightly unusal take on ribs: Saffron & Ginger Ribs with firm tofu. 
Mustard Roasted Roots with a Saffron dressing (can you tell we love saffron!)

• This Crispy Red Cabbage & Grape Salad is Luise's take on a traditional Danish salad. 
• Don't be deceived by the mundane look of this Black Quinoa, Apple & Kale Salad, it is still one of our favorites for an easy kale salad. All thanks to the mustard vinaigrette which works so well with kale. Look for a grainy mustard.
• Brussels Sprouts are not only good roasted, in this Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad we serve them thinly sliced with hazelnuts and orange slices.
• Not a conventional Christmas Salad but Roasted Pumpkin Salad is always a hit.

• This DELICIOUS Spiced Parsnip Cake is a sibling to a carrot cake with a rooty twist.
• If you need a break from baking, this Spiced Mocha Shake is your go-to hot drink. And this 3-minute Ginger Bread Shake is a delicious cold version.
• We made Saffron Buns, Xmas Tree Smoothies and Gingerbread Truffles together with our friends from Pom & Flora. Find all the recipes here.
• This Gingerbread and Lingonberry Bundt Cake is a stunner.
• Super simple Dark Chocolate Christmas Mousse (scroll down for the recipe)
Okay, let's move on to today's recipe. Isn't this the most beautiful salad?
It features stars like cinnamon roasted roots, saffron cooked millet, jewelry pomegranate seeds, crunchy pecans and – the most trendy salad ingredient of 2021(and 2022?) – the pink Castelfranco radicchio.
You could also add some guest stars such as feta cheese and persimmon or orange slices.
We made a similar version for a client last year where we decorated the grains in a circle around the roots, it was also pretty. Click here to check out that recipe (in Swedish)!
Hope you make this. Tag us on instagram if you do.
Now we really need to get started on that gingerbread house.

Enjoy the holidays – Big love!
David & Luise
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