This is a love letter to Swedish summer – to walking barefoot, swimming in lakes, eating strawberries every day, making potato sandwiches and cooking a delicious zucchini soup with lots of toppings.
30 min
Serves 4
30 min
Serves 4
Hey! Here is a little summer love letter from us. One thing you should know about seasons in Sweden and Northern Europe is that they are very accentuated – Autumn is colorful, long and moody, Winter is crisp, cold and snowy, Spring is pretty but unreliable with snow and sun taking turns. So when Summer arrives, not only are the flowers blooming and greens and berries are in season – so are we. Life is easier and our mood is happier. We have moved out of our Stockholm apartment and spent the past weeks in our summer house before we move into our new house in Denmark. Here we are walking barefoot, swim in dark lakes, (recover from trampoline accidents) and cook easy dinners. Below are some snapshots from June.
We have focused 100% on cooking easy summer food. The kids have been loving this gazpacho so we have been making it weekly, along with grilled corn, smashed tomato pasta, veg hot dogs, lots of strawberry bowls, smoothies and smoothie ice popsthis cucumber, melon and feta salad (with a new plant based cheese from our friends at Stockeld), pancakes, pesto potatoes, and the gorgeous summer sandwich with potatoes pictured above [link to a recipe video here].
We have also been taking our vitamins and sprinkling B12 Blueberry powder on our yogurt bowls. If you haven't tried our supplements yet, we have a great and exclusive summer offer on them starting now. Through all of July you can order our Multivitamin, B12 and Protein Booster with a 25% discount on if you use the code: SUMMER. Click here to read more and order!
The kids found our stash of veg tattoos, snuck into the bathroom for 15 minutes and came out covered in vegetables 😂 Look at Noah's cute little belly 😍 We have kept our tattoo webshop open over the summer but note that we won't be able to send out any tattoos until mid-August when we are settled in Denmark.
On to today's recipe. A few days ago we had some zucchini that needed our attention and cooked quinoa leftover so we made a warm but summery soup. The kids hate zucchini anyway so we made it a bit more adult with white wine and herby toppings. Like so many other times, the rule with this type of food is that the toppings is what makes it extra special. The quinoa goes on top and makes it chewier and more filling, dollops of sour cream or smetana adds a tangy and creamy note and herbs, red onion and lemon zest create little flavor sparkles in your mouth. We've made this twice. One time we served it in glasses (thought the kids might like that more, but nope they barely had a sip) and one time in bowls. It's good cold too! 
Hope you give this a try and enjoy summer as much as us. We are actually off to Barcelona now for a bit. So if you have any recommendations that we haven't already listed in this guide, let us know in the comments. Big love!
/David & Luise
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