We just created the perfect combination of an Italian cheesecake and a soft crumb almond cake. With creamy ricotta, a hint of polenta and an upside-down lemon surprise. It's a real treat! Also, a big life-update from us!
1 1/2 hour
Serves 10
1 1/2 hour
Serves 10
I know you are here for the cake. But there are few things we wanted to share first. You see there is a lot happening in our lives at the moment. We have mentioned it on instagram but not here yet. So here goes. We are moving to Denmark! Luise has taken up a lifelong dream and started her studies to become a midwife. The midwifery school is in Copenhagen so we are all moving to a little house just outside the city. The question where we should live and which country we call home has always been a topic in our family – as I think it is in most dual-nationality relationships. We are speaking a mix of Swedish and Danish with the kids and after having spent 12 years in Sweden, we are now ready for Denmark and are moving after the summer. We are stoked but also of course scared and humble for the whole situation and all the changes for us and the kids. They are thrilled to move to a house (with a trampoline!) and to be closer to their grandma but also have a hard time grasping the changes and the new school. If you have any experience about moving to a new country with kids, we'd love to hear any tips you might have.

We will continue working with Green Kitchen Stories, but Luise will of course also be focusing a lot on her studies.
We have got plenty of fun GKS things planned. We are working on a new set of tattoos, I'm continuing working on Green Kitchen Studios – our production company. And we are also working on a new book planned for next Spring! We are not revealing the name yet, but we are very excited about it.

Last year we launched our vegan supplement line together with Puori and we are continuing working with them, developing the products and looking into extending the range. The protein powder has been out of stock for a while but is back in warehouses now. To celebrate we have a 20% discount code that is available all through May. You can order through this link and use GKS_MAY21 to receive the discount. May favorite product is the B12 Berry Booster so if you haven't tried it yet, now is a good opportunity.

Moving on to the real topic of the day. The cake! It's a real treat. The recipe is based on a polenta cake in our Green Kitchen Travels book but we have tweaked it a bit to make it even more moist and turned it into an upside-down cake with beautiful lemon slices and lemon honey syrup. It is the perfect mashup of an Italian cheesecake and a soft crumb cake with a flavor and texture hint of polenta and poppy seeds. Magically it is very moist but not heavy. It is also naturally gluten free and only sweetened with honey for wonderful floral tones. We are using ricotta cheese which makes the cake taste even better after day in the fridge.

It's been a long time since we recorded a YouTube video but to celebrate this cake and our moving plans, we finally did a new little film for you. Hopefully it will make the process easier to understand.
Recipe notes
– If you don't feel like making it an upside down cake. You can skip the lemon and syrup in the bottom and just bake it as a normal cake. It works beautifully in a bread pan too.
– I love the honey flavor paired with the other ingredients. It isn't overly sweet. If you are used to properly sweet cakes, you can add a couple of tablespoons sugar or coconut sugar along with the honey. 
– I find that separating the eggs makes for a lighter crumb, but if you are feeling lazy you can add in the whole eggs.
– If you want to try this with rhubarb instead of lemon, that will probably work great too!
– We have tried it in different sized pans with great result. A smaller sized pan will provide a higher cake and slightly longer baking time. A wider pan will bake quicker.
– If your pan is old or isn't non-stick you can use baking paper to make it release from the pan more easily. But just buttering the pan has worked well for us. Just run a knife around the sides and bottom before removing them.
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