We have got two fun news to share today! 1. The most delicious protein bars/bites with peanut butter pockets. 2. Our brand new line of supplements developed for people on a plant based diet!
30 minutes
Makes 16-18 bites
30 minutes
Makes 16-18 bites
Two fun things! First, these brilliant little protein bites with peanut butter pockets in the center. They are such a treat and even if the process of filling them with nut butter is a liiiittle fiddly, the reward of a biting into a center of runny peanut butter mixed with cacao nibs is totally worth it. I always feel like traditional bars can be quite heavy, but a pocket somehow makes these feel a lot lighter and tastier. In the process of testing them we have filled our freezer and going to the gym has now become an excuse to bring one of these little bites in our gym bags. To make the base you only need a few ingredients; Dates, oats, cacao powder, coconut oil and a good protein powder. Which leads us in to the other thing we wanted to share. Scroll down!
For the past year we have secretly worked with Puori on a new line of vegan certified supplements. A very special B12 Berry Booster, a Multivitamin and the organic Pea Protein Powder (with added calcium) that we have used in this recipe. Puori is a Danish supplement brand that Luise has used and been a fan of for years. They produce some of the cleanest and most high quality supplements on the market and are part of the clean label project.

The collaboration started with a conversation about how many people are shifting to eating more plant based food and how we can help cover any nutrient gap or deficiency you might experience when on a plant based diet. The most important part is of course to always try eating a variety of vegetables, fruit, pulses, whole grains, nuts, seeds and other whole foods. Eating balanced, exercising and getting enough sleep are key factors for feeling well. But just like most of you, we know that every day isn't perfect and we don't always eat and live as balanced as we intend. There are also certain vitamins that can be hard to absorb naturally these days. Therefore we see supplements as a helpful complement to make sure we get all the vitamins and minerals we need. There are three products in this range and we are really proud of them all. Not only are they very high quality, easy absorbent and clean, but we of course also had to make them prettier than any other supplements out there.

They are available to order online to most European countries right now through Puori.eu and to the US and more countries in the coming weeks. If your country isn't on the list, send us an email and we'll see if we can do something about it. We are also looking into adding them to our own web shop.

• Our V Multivitamin is specially developed to help people on a plant focused diet to get a balanced intake of the minerals and vitamins and fill the most common gaps we might experience. We have worked really hard with the science team to find forms of vitamins and minerals that the body easily absorbs and to fit 13 essential vitamins and 9 minerals into one daily capsule. They are packed in rad looking purple vegan capsules (tinted with purple carrots).

B12 Berry Booster. B12 is a vitamin that is hard to absorb naturally from plants so we wanted to do something special to help making it more fun, delicious and easy to fill up on B12. We came up with a pretty little powder stick filled with a large dose with highly absorbant B12 mixed wild Nordic blueberry powder. It can be mixed in water, sprinkled over yogurt or eaten straight from the stick. It tastes insanely delicious and looks stunning on your breakfast. Vitamin B12 also has an energy boosting effect so you can enjoy a stick as a pick-me-up on the go instead of a coffee.

PB Plant Protein Booster is an organic certified pea protein powder with an extra boost of calcium from algaes. It mixes really well into any combination of ingredients without messing with the flavor or the color. It has a super fine texture, dissolves easily and becomes almost invisible in a smoothie. Apart from these bars we have also tried adding it to banana bread, pancakes, and vegetarian patties which works great because it is heat stable. If you avoid dairy this is a great supplement to add into your routine as it contains both protein and calcium which supports muscle growth and helps maintain healthy bone structure.

Hope you like them, please send us any feedback you might have. And if you have any questions about them, just ask them in a comment.
But first let's make some protein bars!
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