A spread of traditional Swedish Christmas recipes with an untraditional twist. Who's up for some easy vegan Meatballs and Saffron & Ginger Ribs this Christmas?
This year we celebrate 10 years of writing recipes on this blog and more or less every year we have shared a few Christmas inspired recipes. But we have never really dug into some of the more traditional Nordic Christmas meals. Probably because the most classic foods during Christmas over here are meatballs, pickled herring, pork ribs, ham and a heavy grated potato, anchovies and cream dish called Jansons Temptation. Basically as far from plant based as you can get :)
Instead we have focused on mushroom loaves, stuffed cabbage parcels, saffron falafels, kale salads, vegan hasselback potatoes and brussels sprouts recipes.
But when Fazer asked us to create a few Nordic Christmas recipes with their new oat product called Yosa Oat Block, we took the opportunity to play around with old-school recipes, using their product instead of meat. Yosa Oat Block is protein-rich, vegan and looks and feels a lot like tofu but is made purely from nordic oats instead of soy, with added pea protein. It is harvested, produced and sold here in Scandinavia and we really enjoy using it. It is very firm and works well to fry, grate, pickle, grill and slice. It's only available in the nordic countries at the moment, so if you can't find it you can replace it with firm tofu in these recipes
We mixed the Oat Block into meatballs, sliced it into ribs, pickled it in a creamy mustard dressing and grated it instead of anchovies into a Jansons Temptation dish. We are sharing two of the recipes here and two more on Fazer's site (in Swedish).

The vegetarian meatballs are quick and easy to make, get their flavor from mushrooms and have a lightness to them that we love. Since we fry mushroom and onion first, they only need a quick turn in the pan to get some color.
Our Christmas ribs aren't that traditional but delicious nevertheless and they look really intriguing as a plant based option on the Christmas table. We make the sweet and sticky glaze from dried apricots, orange juice, chili and saffron and it is so good! We use oat block slices instead of ribs that we fry to give them some color and then rub in glaze and roast.

Hope you enjoy the recipe and stay tuned as we will be back next week with more recipes for the holidays!
This post is made in collaboration with Fazer Yosa Oat Block. All words and opinions are our own.
These two Christmas recipes are available (in Swedish) on Fazer's site.
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