Homemade Healthier Nutella


We got up early Saturday morning. Warmed milk in a sauce pan, mixed it with butter and maple syrup and poured it over some crumbled yeast and saffron. It was the first batch of saffron buns of the morning. Many more would come. We had asked a couple of friends to come over and help us roll them. We had such a nice morning together. Preparing the dough, kneading, talking, rolling, baking. It was like an advent celebration, but instead of eating the buns, we were baking them. A couple of hours and over a hundred saffron buns later, we loaded them into a car and handed them off at a Christmas party.

Luise had asked an organization that helps children and mothers in need if there was anything we could do to help out. And as it turned out, they needed saffron buns for a Christmas party they were arranging. We didn’t stay for the party, but apparently over 300 children and mothers came. It was a fun morning for us and it felt great to bake for someone else. I think we might have a new Christmas tradition in our house. Next year we will invite even more friends to cook or bake for a good cause. We might even challenge all of you to do the same.


Whether it is for a good cause or just for your family, these small jars filled with homemade “Nutella” are great as gifts. I was a bit hesitant to call it Nutella, as they taste so much better than the store bought version. It tastes real. Very flavorful, nutty, chocolaty and sweet. But not too sweet, just enough to enhance the hazelnut and chocolate flavor. You can make it in no-time, fill up a few jars, wrap a pretty ribbon around them and then scratch Christmas Gifts off your list. Or sell them at a market and donate the proceeds to a good cause.


Here are two other great initiatives.

• Two of our friends created a beautiful limited edition poster to help the victims of the conflict in Syria. They sell and ship worldwide. 100% of the proceeds goes directly to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

• Luisa Weiss from The Wednesday Chef is auctioning away a large part of her cookbooks to help The Invisible Child Fund. Bidding ends on Friday.


Homemade Nutella
Makes around 3 cups

3 cups / 400 g raw hazelnuts or nuts of your choice
20 fresh dates or soaked dried dates, pitted
1/2 cup / 125 ml melted cacao butter (or coconut oil, the taste will be different but delicious too)
4 tbsp cacao powder
1/2 cup / 125 ml water or more if you prefer

Preheat the oven to 150°C / 300°F. Place the nuts in a single layer on a baking sheet. Toast in the oven for about 20-30 minutes until golden and the skin is starting to crack. Keep an eye on them to avoid from burning. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly. Place the nuts on a rough kitchen towel and rub to remove the skin. Place in a food processor and process until completely smooth (nut butter) and the oil from the hazelnuts has released. You may want to scrape down the sides a couple of times. Melt the cacao butter on very low heat in a small saucepan. Mash the dates with a fork until the consistency of sticky caramel. Add the melted cacao butter, cacao powder, mashed dates and water to the nut butter and process until smooth. Alternatively combine the mixture by stirring with a spoon. Taste and adjust the flavors to your preference. Scoop into air tight glass jars. Keeps at least for a few weeks in the refrigerator.
Tip: Add juice and zest from 1 orange for an extra twist.
Ps. We just shot a Christmas dinner recipe and we promise to post it a few days before Santa arrives. So if you haven’t decided what to cook for Christmas, check back with us soon.


  • Guro
    Hello David, Luise and Elsa! I just tried this recipe and it's just marvellous how it is even better than regular Nutella! It has this melting-on-the-tounge quality paired up with the freshness of the dates. I'm in love. Thank you so much! Your work for a good cause is also great. You guys are awesome.
  • Pamela
    I slightly burned the pecans I used. Had to toast them in a frying pan as the oven is occupied. I made it anyway, as I couldn't bear to discard 3 cups of nuts. Very expensive here. I added a bit of honey, but alas the burnt taste is still detectable, sadly. Any suggestions, other than to discard it? Coarsely ground salt? Orange maybe? Chipotle! What do you suggest?
  • Oh wow, this was good! Thank you again for a genius recipe! Päivi http://howsheloves.blogspot.fi/
  • Francesca
    Hi guys, and Merry Christmas! I made your delicious Nutella cream this morning and we all loved it! As soon as the cream cooled down though, the texture changed completely and the cream turned into a rather solid paste. Do you have any suggestion as for what I could do to bring it back to the original and wondeful creamy texture? Should I maybe add some water and mix everything again in the food processor? Thanks for your wonderful blog! /A Sicilian living in Stockholm :)
  • I have some hazelnuts in the pantry. Maybe I can make some jars of this goodness in time for xmas!
  • Latifa
    Wow...just made this. So easy and yummy! Thanks Davis Luise and Elsa. Happy Holidays!
  • Michiel
    I run into this everytime there's a recipe involving dates: the size of dates can vary greatly. I think it would be nice if you could give some indication of the weight too. My Notella actually is more like date paste, perhaps because I used massive, gorgeous dates. Not bad, but no Nutella either...
  • I have so many nutella-nutty friends that would go crazy for this recipe. Maybe it's time I rethink my Christmas gifts :) Hope you three are having a lovely holiday season so far!
  • What a great idea! I'm a deep-rooted Nutella fan but hate that it has so many processed ingredients...can't wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing!
  • Elisabeth
    Looks all great! Sorry to go on about technical information: I am looking for a food processor that is strong enough to grind often quite a lot of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, without the nuts become butter right away. Would this be ok with the Vitamix, or is he 'too strong'? thanks!
  • Sumptuous! Love the use of dates as natural sweetener :)
  • Sounds amazing! I really love nuts butters. This is just a very inspirational alternative! Thanks for sharing. I hope you're having a wonderful week! Sofie x Little green Sofie
  • This recipe is amazing! Life changing ;) I made it today (with coconut oil) and loved it. Thank you so much.
  • What a gorgeous idea, jars of this would be so lovely as a gift. My daughter first tried Nutella on pancake day last year and is something of a fan. Would love to make this much more delicious looking version with her.
  • It's nice that you've started putting quantities in grams and milliliters ! It helps !
  • what a great idea - I see so many nutella recipes and always thought they sounded great - except for the fat filled nutella spread included. Now those recipes can be made much healthier.
  • Such a wonderful act of kindness by Luise to help children and mothers in need! I love your recipe for homemade Nutella!Great healthy treat, can't wait to cook this! Great pictures- you guys are amazing!

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