Immune Boosting Turmeric Lassi


We are writing this from a small cabin in Mexico. Me, David and Elsa are on a trip together. Just like two years ago, but this time we are only away for two weeks. And today is Elsa’s birthday. She turns three! Do you remember her first? So much has happened since then, but traveling together is still just as amazing. There won’t be any cake today (saving that for when we come home), but there was at least pancakes for breakfast. And Elsa has decided that we are having açai-bowl for lunch!


We prepared a few recipes before we left. This first one – a turmeric and ginger flavored banana lassi –  is a special kind of Indian smoothie that we have been drinking a lot of lately. After a long and dark winter, most of us look almost transparently pale and gloomy. Following the natural remedies route, we believe that what we eat affects our bodies. And this lassi is filled with ingredients that can give your immune system and body a natural health boost.


In India, they often drink lassis after a spicy meal. In our house we have them as breakfast or lunch drinks. And sometimes as a lighter dessert. Apart from it’s health advantages, it is also truly delicious. The turmeric adds a nice and unusual twist in flavor. And the ice makes it all frothy and fresh.


Immune Boosting Turmeric Lassi
2 large or 4 small glasses

2 cups organic yogurt with active live culture
2 bananas
2 tsp freshly grated ginger
2 tsp honey, preferably unpasteurized
1/2 lemon, juice
2 tsp rosehip powder (optional but delicious, and a good C-vitamin boost)
1 tsp vanilla extract or ground vanilla
3-4 tsp ground turmeric (or fresh turmeric root)
4-5 ice cubes

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix on high speed until smooth. Add more yogurt if you prefer. Pour the lassi in two large glasses. For a more stunning presentation, dust 1 tsp ground turmeric on top before serving. Add a straw and serve.


Happy Birthday Elsa! We love you more than the world.


  • Julieta
    Happy birthday, little Elsa. It's nice to know that you are having a good time in my country. Please don't forget to post pictures! :)
  • Alice
    Looks yummy, what a great way to get more turmeric into my life. Happy Birthday dear Elsa, you are adorable!
  • Liz B
    Happy birthday to Elsa! Soo cute! This smoothie looks so delicious! Thank you and enjoy the break - you totally deserve it! x
  • Erina
    Lovely!will try make this lassi during weekend
  • Birthday wishes to the little girl. Interesting to learn that you all are so much into Indian Lassis! Ground turmeric root will have a different taste (more pungent) than the turmeric powder - isn't it? Again turmeric powder (uncooked) - how will this be? Pardon me for being a bit blunt but keen to know whether the drink tasted nice apart from the obvious health benefits?
    • Hi Ishita, yes it does taste very nice. The banana and honey makes it quite sweet and helps balancing the turmeric and ginger flavor. If using fresh turmeric root, you could perhaps start out with a little less since it has a stronger flavor. Make sure to grate it before adding it to the blender. /David
  • Nancy
    Dr. Oz featured a drink very much like this (using Almond Milk instead of yogurt) recently. He uses it as a before bedtime drink and I think it is terrific! I shall use yogurt tomorrow night and I'm sure will love it!!
  • Happy 3rd Birthday to your precious Elsa who looks all grown-up and sweet with her pink balloon! Your Turmeric Lassi is beautiful and so vibrant. I happen to have lots of fresh turmeric roots right now, can I just blend the root in the Vitamix without grating it? What quantity? I'll give it a try tomorrow morning and let you know. Your Chocolate Black Bean Cookies were good, my kids & their little friends liked them too. Enjoy the rest of your vacation in sunny Mexico!!!
    • Dear Ketmala, I would grate the turmeric root before adding it to the blender (even with a Vitamix). Fresh turmeric has a stronger flavor, so it's probably good to start with half the amount (around 2 tsp), then add more if needed. /David
  • Linda
    Yummmm...Love Tulum! My boys are 13 and 17 now. We have been bringing them there since they were babies.:) Enjoy!
  • It is Nice and Healthy .We also make it for Our Student doing Cooking Class But just do a little bit different ,they have Nice and Strong flavour with romantic smelling .Great to get healthy food
  • Happy birthday Elsa! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday :) Thanks for the beautiful lassi drink, I would never have thought to use turmeric but it seems so perfectly suited I don't know why I never tried it before.
  • Mona
    Tillykke store Elsa Kram og kys fra mormor og Rasmus klump :-)
  • Happy Birthday to Elsa! She looks so adorable on all your photos of her. Also, I downloaded your new desserts app, and I am loving it! So many great tips for a sweet treat you can eat without feeling bad about it. Looking forward to try out some of the recipes.
  • Beautiful little girl. Have a wonderful time in Mexico:)
  • Look at those tiny hands! Adorable! These photos are amazing. So vibrant! Definitely sounds like a great drink smoothie for this time of year when the seasons are changing + colds are looming. Thanks for the idea! Happy birthday to the little one.
  • Being Indian, I appreciate turmeric! I end up using it in almost most of the recipes!
  • Olivia
    Happy birthday beautiful Elsa, hope you'll get a wonderful day!
  • Happy Birthday Elsa! Today I made your delicious mint & mango zuchini spaghetti for lunch and it was sooo good. Tomorrow I will be energizing my body with this smoothie. Have an awesome time in Mexico!
  • Happy birthday sweet Elsa! Hope you're all having a lovely holiday. I'll be making this for an afternoon pick-me-up with coconut yogurt. Thanks for your inspiration! :)
  • zosia
    while I'm at it: *preferably unpasteurized :)
  • zosia
  • zosia
  • So fun! This sounds awesome!
  • may
    very nice recipe. Just one question, I'm from Croatia, and googled for rosehip powder everywhere but can not find it. I know what rosehip is, in Croatia we only drink it as a tea, when we have a cold, or when we want to drink tea. It's not common to drink a lot of tea in here. I always buy organic, dry rosehip. Can I blend it and make a powder? I'll ask in the organic food store if they have it, but I doubt it. Where do you buy that stuff? P.S Elsa very happy birthday to you :) I have a girl to, she'll be 3 for a month. thank you may :)
  • Natalie
    Happy birthday, Elsa!! I found this blog shortly after she was born, and it has never failed to cheer me up when you share stories of how your family is growing and spending time together. Your healthy and (more importantly) meaningful and happy way of life is inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing! As for the recipe, this looks wonderful! I am allergic to latex, which is found in raw bananas and avocado, so I sadly can't make a raw version of this recipe. However! I worked at a Syrian cafe where we served mango lassi. I will try this recipe with fresh mango instead! Someday, I will save enough money to make the acai bowl. Someday...
  • Enjoy Mexico! I'm sure all us readers are crazy jealous. And Happy Birthday Elsa! I'm looking forward to trying this lassi. When I was working in India I encountered such brilliant drinks such as warm milk with turmeric or warm milk with saffron as something to drink before bedtime. Both turmeric and saffron feel quite at home with a warm glass of almond milk. Yum. I love the addition of rosehip powder in this recipe and am definitely going to try to track some down. Bon Voyage!
  • Mmmm looks delicious! I've never had anything quite like this. Will have to give it a try!
  • That's a lot of turmeric! Looks super healthy. Happy birthday to Elsa! And enjoy your Mexican holiday! :)
  • Happy birthday glorious birthday girl Elsa <3 Such a gift to this world bringing laughter, curiosity and loooove! And to you all, ENJOY Mexico - you are so so so worth this trip together. What a year it has been! Hugs and love from me and Fabian
  • Excited to pick up these ingredients while I'm out today. Enjoy the rest of your trip and Elsa's special day!

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