Healthy Desserts – the App!


Oh wow, we are overwhelmed by your response and encouragement about our book. Thank you so much to all of you who have already pre-ordered it! We will update our book site when we have more info on foreign editions, book signings etc.

The book won’t be out for yet another month (two, if you live in the US), but not to worry, we have a surprise today that will keep you occupied until the release. Everybody, say hello to our new app – Healthy Desserts! It popped up in app-store today. Healthy Desserts is a sibling to our previous app Green Kitchen. Same style and interface, but with a fresh new color palette, all photos in stunning high resolution, and most importantly – only desserts. We want it to work as a deluxe version of this blog. Easier to navigate, better overview of the recipes and photos in even higher resolution. Plus, you can carry it with you all the time. It’s universal, so you can use it on both iPhone and iPad. The app is filled with more or less all the dessert recipes from the blog, and we have also added a few exclusively for the app – 48 recipes in total. The new recipes are: Baked Fruit Crumble, Chia & Cardamom Pudding, Chocolate & Espresso Macaroons, Mango Lassi, Coconut Frozen Yogurt and Chaga & Chocolate Milkshake. Our plan is to continually fill it with the desserts that we post on the blog.



Healthy Desserts is just as simple to use as our previous app. Tap on an instruction to mark it as completed. Send the ingredients as a shopping list to your phone. Choose between US and metric units. Save your favorites so you can return to them quickly on any device.




You can read more about our apps on this site. Healthy Desserts is available in App Store for the introductory price $1.99. We have developed it together with Amazing Applications – you guys rock!

Hope you like it! Much love!


  • I am loving your App not only for the delicious recipes and beautiful photos (David, did your sister take them again? I do recognize some of yours) but I can actually cross out the ingredients when shopping for them as well as the step by step too - such a brilliant idea!!! I cannot wait to try your Flower Power Cake when I can get my hands on edible flowers, till then I'll surprise my kids with the Chocolate Black Bean cookies. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!
  • I agree, the app do looks lovely! I wish I could also have it... Andoroid... I would also like to know if you are planning it on Android system any time in the future? Best, Annique
  • martin
    how could everyone say hello? instead of introducing a new app you should have made the existing one available to the growing part of the digital world. in other words: is it just me who can't find the android app i was already asking for quite a while ago? i'm still hoping ;)
  • Claudia
    Wow, do you guys never rest? Book, app, blog...and everything looks amazing!! Have already pre-ordered the book and will download the app asap. Exciting!
  • Amy
    The new app is beautiful! I had to make something from it straight away, it was just too inspiring. Thanks for sharing your delicious treats!
  • Wow! How exciting! I can't wait to add this to the mix...Congratulations! I look forward to enjoying what you've all come up with!
  • Christine
    Oh the app looks amazing!:-) I was just wondering,will it be available on the android market soon?
  • Nicoletta72
    Just bought it!!!!! Can't wait to use it.
  • Avery
    Any chance your apps will be available on the Android market (for my Kindle tablet)? Oh, and I can't wait for the cookbook!
  • What a great idea to dedicate an entire app to healthy desserts! I think everyone wants to be able to treat themselves without feeling guilty and there are plenty of ways to do so. I always say that life isn't about sacrifice, it's about balance and moderation. Can't wait to buy the app :)
  • Lindy
    Congratulations! Was all ready to get the app, but my old Ipad doesn't have IOS 6. Boo hoo. Maybe someday :)
  • jacquie
    but what about those of us who are technology ignornant or w/o apps? anyway we can get those additional recipes? they do sound good ....
    • Hi Jacquie, if there is a special recipe you are interested in, I suppose I could send it to you. Send me an email and we'll work something out. /David
  • Beautiful. Love the photography too! Can I ask who created your app? Best wishes!
    • Hi Erica, we have created this app together with Amazing Applications: They really are amazing! /David
  • emily
    I love it!! Such a gorgeous app! I'm going to try that Baked Fruit Crumble right away!
  • Wow, congrats to your new app! The idea behind it I like very much. Therefore from what I just read here it is very likely that this will be the first App that I buy :)
  • Oh la la tempting desserts that are healthy- even better! You know how much I enjoyed your Lemon Coconut Bars. You are awesome!! I am getting the App now. :-)
  • Kleurendurf
    Pitty enough just iOS 6. Would have lved to install this on my iPad. :( Looks very stylish and lovable anyway! Big compliments! Barbara
  • This looks amazing! I'm definitely going to get the app. I've tried chia pudding a few times before but the one you pictured looks like it takes it to a whole new level. Cant wait to try!
  • Annelise
    Looks absolutely lovely!! Your website is so inspirational! Btw, I noticed that you mentioned a chaga and chocolate milkshake - where do you get the chaga from? (I also live in Scandinavia:))
    • Hi Annelise, you can find it in health food stores. The chaga mushroom is called "sprängticka" in Swedish, and actually grows on trees in the Swedish forests. /Luise
  • The new app is so wonderful, I got it as soon as I saw David's tweet. I love that it's just desserts and such awesome ones! Can't wait for the book to be out, you are doing an incredible job!

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