Green Kitchen – the iPad App!

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you have probably already heard the news. Green Kitchen – the iPad App is finally launched! And we are super excited about it. We have filled it with our favorite recipes from the blog along with some new exclusively for the app.

It has been so much fun developing something for the iPad. Even though we love this blog, we always felt like it can be a bit complicated using the computer as a cookbook. The iPad truly has some advantages here. The big screen gives a good overview of the recipes and you can easily email the ingredients to your phone. The photos look absolutely incredible on it and they are bigger than on the blog. The touch screen is also really useful, you can for example swipe between the recipes and tap on each cooking instruction to mark it as done.

Here are some other things that we have added exclusively for the iPad:

  • Each recipe is marked with Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Whole grain or Sugar free.
  • You can quickly switch from US to metric units. (About time, right!?)
  • We have made it even easier to cook from, with step by step cooking instructions.
  • Save your favorites so you can return to them quickly.
  • Find a specific recipe in the recipe index.
  • Integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can brag about your cooking.
  • More than 100 photos.
  • Estimated cooking time on every recipe.

Even if you recognize some of the recipes in this app, we hope that we have made it even easier for you to use them.

Another great thing is that this is only the first version. As we were working with the app we came up with a lot of cool new functions for future updates. Things like Timer, Notes, Search based on ingredients, Additional seasonal recipes through inApp purchases, etc. So you can expect a lot of nice functions in the future updates of the App.

Green Kitchen is designed and developed by Amazing Applications, founded by two cool and brilliant vegetarian tech guys. They have been super fun to work with and they have put their soul into every little detail in the app; the sound when you tap open a recipe, the way the photos tile on the start grid, and the feeling when you scroll between recipes …

Do hire them if you think about making an app!

Before we let you go and play with this app, we would like to ask two favors from you:
1. Let us know what you think about it. If you have any ideas or requests about how we can improve it for future updates, we would love to hear them.
2. Spread the word. Tell your friends, colleagues, sisters and uncles. Share a recipe on your blog or link to it on Facebook or Twitter. We are forever grateful for this. Thank you!

You can download it here!

Ps. We will of course continue blogging as usual, if you had any doubts about that.




  • Congrats on the app - it's incredible!
  • You guys make me want to buy an iPad!
  • Congrats! I am going to download it now!
  • I love it! I don't have an ipad but made my boyfriend buy your app so I could see it. Amazing design :)
  • This app looks amazing! Any chance that you will make it for iphones? Pretty please? :)
  • I am so glad you are unable to comment on the iPhone app! I will be anxiously waiting! Thanks for the inspiration.
  • What a beautiful, useful and health-supportive app! I will be spreading the words for sure!
  • sarah
    please, iphone app please please please!
  • We got a question on email of we would still update the blog. Maybe we were a bit unclear on that. YES, the blog will continue as usual. I'm currently working on a kimchi recipe ... /David
  • Sini
    Now the only thing I need is an iPad...
  • I've said it before and i'll say it again... make an app for the iphone, because I'll buy it :-) Either that or I'm going to have to buy an ipad :-/
    • To Felix, Brian and all the rest of you who asked us about an iPhone version. We can't give an official comment on the subject (a.k.a. we are working on it!). /D&L
  • lilsen
    Makes me wanna have an iPad -- that's how much I liked what you revealed here!! Looks awesome!!
  • Congratulations on this amazing app! I've already downloaded it and it looks great. I plan to spend more time looking into it in detail this weekend :D
  • Every day I find another reason to get an's another!
  • I think it is fantastic. I am always carrying my laptop in the kitchen and worried that something might spill on top of it. I like that you can check each step that has been completed. Love the photos, of course. I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't be successful and the wave of the kitchen gadget future!
  • What a gorgeous app! I officially want an iPad now.
  • Felix
    Congrats on the iPad App! You guys really read my mind, I was just thinking about how nice it would be to bake a batch of scones tomorrow and while your Spelt and Muesli scones have been on heavy rotation I was eager to try something new and voila! Spelt and Raspberry Scones with Nettles! Heading out the door to buy some fresh raspberries as we speak! Oh and by the way, is there any possibility that you will make a version for iPhone too? Thanks for a fantastic blog! Felix
  • You're kidding me! You guys, this is FANTASTIC. Congrats! xoxox!
  • Hmm, måste kanske ta och köpa mig en Ipad nu..? Nä men ett stort grattis! :)
  • Baby Maria and I spent all morning looking over the App. We love it. Thanks for making beautiful things. xoxo
  • This looks amazing!!! Can't wait to download it and start playing around with it. Will definitely send any feedback, from what I've seen of the screenshots though, it looks pretty incredible already... congratulations!
  • Congratulation!!! It's amazing :)))
  • If I buy an iPad, this app will definitely be one of the very first I buy. It looks absolutely wonderful and the pictures, ah, the pictures... A foodie's dream come true!
  • Hi, I must say this is so great and so cool! Just AWESOME idea!!! Very clever and looks super great! Genious!
  • My gosh! Luise & David (& Elsa) This looks absolutely marvellous! I don´t know how to begin!! It´s so crazy crazy beautiful to start with! And all those smart functions, awesome! To bad I don´t have an Ipad.. But maybe one day I will. And you know what!? This will be the first app I´ll download! Thanks for the tip on the veg tech guys, cuz you make me wanna make something Appy Earthsprouty:)
  • I'm tempted to buy an iPad just to have this app! I LOVE your recipes and photos!!!
  • This looks amazing! Unfortunately I don't have an iPad…

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