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I remember how difficult it was in the beginning; making food look good on photos, learning ingredient names in English, just writing a text like this. Every little step took us hours. But it was fun. We learned.

It still takes time. We still often struggle to find the right words. I desperately try to locate good photo light during the dark winters. We put a lot more effort into every recipe, so they take days to develop. This thing doesn’t come easy for us. But looking from where we started, there have definitely been some improvements.

That is what I love most about this book. I flip through it and remember how difficult we thought it was to make, and how stunned we are by the result. All the sleepless nights, our many arguments, recipe failures, flat tires, emails back and forth with our editor, that rye bread that I threw at the wall in anger (don’t ask …) – they all make sense somehow. A long trip. A difficult process. A beautiful book.

The advance copy finally landed at our door step yesterday – hot off the presses. It’s not easy to describe how proud and happy we are over it. It looks so much better than we could ever imagine. We have put up a separate book site with more info about the recipes and a few photos from it, but this really is something you should see and feel in real life. The book stands out somehow. Larger and thicker than we expected. And printed on lovely matte paper.

As you know, English is not our first language. So writing a whole book in it felt a tad frightening. But as we read through it now, it all feels very honest. Naked in a way. The introduction tells the story about how we met, fell in love and started cooking. And how we feel and think about food, vegetarianism and health. There are short stories between the chapters that capture special moments in our everyday life. Our hope is that you will feel like you know us after having read it. And that you will be inspired to start cooking natural wholesome food in your own kitchen.

The book is filled with 100 recipes from our everyday life. Most of them are written solely for this books, but we have also included our favorites from this blog (with new photos and some slight improvements).

Since we are launching both in UK/Australia and US, the two editions have different names and covers, but inside it looks the same (and has the same recipes). You can find more information about it on our book site.



The Green Kitchen, UK/Australian edition (European/Australian measurements). Available 1 April, 2013. Click here to pre-order on Amazon. And if you are Australian you can pre-order it on Booktopia.
Read more about it on Hardie Grant’s website.


Vegetarian Everyday, US edition (American measurements). Available April 30, 2013. Click here to pre-order.
Read more about it on Rizzoli’s website.


My sister has taken all the photos so we could focus on recipes and styling. We are so pleased with how they turned out. Full of color, simple and inspiring. Thank you Johanna for everything!






  • Hoooray! Stort grattis & I'm dying to get my hands on a copy.
  • Lisen
    Congratulations! :) So happy for you, I will certainly get at least one copy. (Hope it's not too expensive so I can buy it for lots of friends and family too.)
  • Agnes
    WOW! Congratulations! can't wait to read it and try the recipes! bdw: love the UK cover better!
  • Congrats!! It is a shame that you didn't use the same cover art for both additions. I much prefer the UK one but would be confused by the measurements, I suppose.
    • Hi Sandra, we noticed just now that the UK edition actually has both European and US measurements. So if you prefer that one it would be possible for you to order it instead. /David
  • wauw! It must feel so wonderful to finally have the book in your hands, something you worked so hard for and put so much effort and love in. I'm glad I'll get the UK edition, because I like the cover a bit more ;-). There aren't many books I really can't wait to have and buy them immediately after they come out, but this one I will.
  • Does the book include new recipes not published in the blog?
    • Hi Ines, there are about 100 recipes in total. Most of them are new, but we have also included a few favorites from the blog, with new photos and some slight improvements. You can read more specifics about the book here: https://gkitchenstories.com/our-book /David
  • Now go go to Mexico for your deserved holiday and come back with even more delicious recipes and inspiration. In the meantime I'm going there to the post again and click "pre-order now"
  • Congratulations! What an achievment. I will definitely get it. And keep on dreaming about making my own cooking book = )
  • Can't wait to get my hands on this book! Congratulations you two!
  • Mona
    Hey Tillykke med den nye "baby" i familien. Vi glæææder os til at se den :-))) Mona
  • Sini
    Wow! Congrats! I especially love the UK cover and the fact that it is printed on matte paper. Oh and don't let us forget the surely amazing pictures, stories and recipes. Can't wait.
  • I'm sooo happy for you guys, congratulations!
  • tona
    preordered your book. cant wait. love from berlin
  • gourmet goddess
    looking forward to buying this book - however why do publishers not allow the same cover and title on different continents ??? yours is not the first book i have come across with this conundrum ????? i have tp be honest and say i cannot warm up to the USA version - and that is the one i will have to purchase !!! thanks gg
  • Claudia H.
    Congratulations to you both! How very exciting it must feel, I am looking forward to checking it out.
  • Nicole
    So excited to see your book come to fruition. I love your posts and recipes and can't wait to get the book...I've preordered on Amazon! Congratulations!
  • Brilliant, congratulations! Looks absolutely stunning! Can't wait to pick this up.
  • A gorgeous book, and obviously, congratulations! I am writing a book myself (though not related to cooking or food) and it feels like a labor of love, however much you struggle with all the research. You can count me among the very first readers. :)
  • How amazingly exciting! It looks beautiful, what a labor of love. Cannot wait to get my copy.
  • I'm so excited to order a copy - it looks really really beautiful.
  • Liz B
    Ordered!! I am SO excited for this book! I have been following your blog for a few years now, and I just love it completely, and I am so, so excited for the arrival of the book! It looks beautiful! And the thoughts for the UK and US version is very kind, and so very you! I've ordered the UK edition, as I'm natively English, but live in Portugal. 1st April is also the due date for handing in my Ph.D. thesis, so it feels very fitting to celebrate with this book order! Thank you and Congratulations!! xxx
    • Congrats on handing in your thesis! And thank you for ordering the book. It sounds like it will arrive just in the right moment! /David
  • This is so exciting! The covers are gorgeous and I can't wait to see inside!
  • Oh, how thrilled I am for you! Congratulations on finishing your first book (I'm sure there will be more)
  • Kelli
    congrats!!! Will it be availabele on Kindle?
  • Maraka Sampford
    I have only just discovered your site but love it already. Congratulations on your book, I have just been onto amazon.co.uk and pre-ordered a copy.
  • Can't wait to buy it! I prefer both name and cover of the uk version and i'm european, so i guess you made a good choice! :) Congratulations on the fabulous work! You should feel really proud!
  • Darla
    Love the covers- just wish the US publisher had let you keep the titles the same- Vegetarian Everyday doesn't convey the feeling I get from visiting your website and the enjoyment I get from your stories and recipes...Best of Luck!
  • Fantastic, congratulations! Interesting with the difference in the two covers. I prefer the UK edition, do you have a favourite?
  • Are the recipes different in the two versions???
    • Hi Maria, the recipes are the same in the two editions, but the measurements and ingredient names are adjusted to the different markets (cups/ml, grams/oz eggplant/aubergine etc...). /David

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