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I remember how difficult it was in the beginning; making food look good on photos, learning ingredient names in English, just writing a text like this. Every little step took us hours. But it was fun. We learned.

It still takes time. We still often struggle to find the right words. I desperately try to locate good photo light during the dark winters. We put a lot more effort into every recipe, so they take days to develop. This thing doesn’t come easy for us. But looking from where we started, there have definitely been some improvements.

That is what I love most about this book. I flip through it and remember how difficult we thought it was to make, and how stunned we are by the result. All the sleepless nights, our many arguments, recipe failures, flat tires, emails back and forth with our editor, that rye bread that I threw at the wall in anger (don’t ask …) – they all make sense somehow. A long trip. A difficult process. A beautiful book.

The advance copy finally landed at our door step yesterday – hot off the presses. It’s not easy to describe how proud and happy we are over it. It looks so much better than we could ever imagine. We have put up a separate book site with more info about the recipes and a few photos from it, but this really is something you should see and feel in real life. The book stands out somehow. Larger and thicker than we expected. And printed on lovely matte paper.

As you know, English is not our first language. So writing a whole book in it felt a tad frightening. But as we read through it now, it all feels very honest. Naked in a way. The introduction tells the story about how we met, fell in love and started cooking. And how we feel and think about food, vegetarianism and health. There are short stories between the chapters that capture special moments in our everyday life. Our hope is that you will feel like you know us after having read it. And that you will be inspired to start cooking natural wholesome food in your own kitchen.

The book is filled with 100 recipes from our everyday life. Most of them are written solely for this books, but we have also included our favorites from this blog (with new photos and some slight improvements).

Since we are launching both in UK/Australia and US, the two editions have different names and covers, but inside it looks the same (and has the same recipes). You can find more information about it on our book site.



The Green Kitchen, UK/Australian edition (European/Australian measurements). Available 1 April, 2013. Click here to pre-order on Amazon. And if you are Australian you can pre-order it on Booktopia.
Read more about it on Hardie Grant’s website.


Vegetarian Everyday, US edition (American measurements). Available April 30, 2013. Click here to pre-order.
Read more about it on Rizzoli’s website.


My sister has taken all the photos so we could focus on recipes and styling. We are so pleased with how they turned out. Full of color, simple and inspiring. Thank you Johanna for everything!






  • Aleksandra Peyrer-Na
    Congratulations to you both!!! I am sure your labour of love is going to be a great success. Can't wait to have a copy to add to my collection. I have enjoyed all your recipes and am especially inspired by your unusual and creative approach to cooking. Thanks for sharing!
  • Alex
    Hey guys! Congratulations! I was just wondering which version contains cups/mls etc? xx
    • Hi Alex, the US edition has cups, ounces, lbs, tbsp and all the measurements that they normally use in America. The UK edition actually has both cups and ml, grams and ounces, lbs and kg etc ... So if you live in America, the US edition should cover all your needs. And for the rest of the world, the UK edition would probably be the best choice. /David
    • Sonje
      The UK/Australian edition would be best for us in Canada, as we use primarily metric measurements, but also some imperial. Alas, we are being offered (through Amazon.ca) only the American edition, with no access to the other. This is certainly not your fault and it happens all the time. But it's extremely frustrating - I am constantly having to perform conversions while cooking or baking.
  • MJ
    So great to see the book is ready :) Will it be available in PDF format by any chance? It would be great to have it on iPad. iBook versions of cookbooks are not so great. Love the images :)
    • Hi MJ, we are not sure yet which other formats the book might be available in. As soon as we have any news on that we will put it up on our book site. /Luise
  • I can't wait to add this to my growing collection of inspiring cookbooks! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off so beautifully..Thank you for sharing your stories, recipes and honesty with all of your devoted readers! Enjoy!
  • It looks gorgeous, i can't wait to devour it. Congratulations!
  • Blanka
    Looks beautiful, congratulations! I will buy it as a gift for my boyfriend, who is only starting with vegetarian meals through me as I am cooking mostly that way. I hope he will get inspired from all nice photos and tasty recipes inside. Thanks!
  • Just pre-ordered it, can't wait! Hurra for bok og gratulerer!
  • Laura
    Awesome, it's finally here! I have been patiently waiting for a long time for this :) I have preordered today and I really can't wait to receive it. It looks so special. I'm very interested in the pancake berry cake! Well done and I hope you have time to relax now!
  • You and your family are amazing and have taught me so much about success through persistence (amoungst many delightful other things in food and photography!)....thank you! I shall definitely be purchasing your book!
  • What a labor of love! It looks so incredibly gorgeous! Congratulations!
  • I will definitely be buying a US copy as I adore your website (though I must admit I much prefer the UK cover art as well... maybe they thought it would be confused with the going green movement here? )
  • Congrats you guys! Just looking at the little preview you've given us it's evident how much love and passion went into creating the book. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy and lovingly pour through it's pages. Be proud, what a great achievement!
  • Yasmin
    Hi there, I cannot tell you how excited I am, by your cookbook coming out!! I have been counting down since your very first mention... I love the way you cook, the amazing flavours and combinations. I try not to buy too many cookbooks as I often feel that there isn't enough vegetarian recipes in most cookbooks to justify the purchase, especially interesting, thoughtful vegetarian recipes!! (My only exception to this is Ottolenghi - Plenty that I love like a child!!) I use the GK app all the time so I am so looking forward to having a hard copy in my hot little hands!! Have a fantastic time in Mexico and relax, knowing all the hard work that you have put in. Congratulations again, you should be so very proud!
  • Beautiful! I had to laugh at your bread throwing comment though, I was right there last week with my gf sourdough trials :-) I can't wait to get my copy, well done guys. You should be so proud!
  • I am doing the happy dance right now because I just pre-ordered your book and cannot wait to receive it by May 3 here in the US. CONGRATULATIONS to you Luise, David & Elsa!!! What an amazing cooking adventure for you all. I am sure you must be beyond excited, happy and proud to finally be holding your beautiful book in your hands now. Enjoy the ripples of your dedicated work, passion and love. Bravo again and big hug to you three. :-)
  • The inside and the photography look beautiful; I like the UK cover better, though; interesting how the title is different for the US version.
  • Catherine
    Hello from Australia.What can I say but congrats, you both have created a truly wonderful website that is such a gift. I am so excited that your book is now complete and have ordered 2 copies already. My husband and daughter, Stella who is 21 months old, enjoy every meal we cook from your site. You have bought such inspiration to our home. Keep up the wonderful work and if your travels ever bring you to Australia our door is open and kitchen will welcome you all. x Catherine
  • "All the sleepless nights, our many arguments, recipe failures, flat tires, emails back and forth with our editor, that rye bread that I threw at the wall in anger (don’t ask …) – they all make sense somehow. A long trip. A difficult process. A beautiful book." It's so interesting, getting a quick peak into the stress and strain that was a part of creating your beautiful book. As a longtime follower of GKS, the process has seemed so peaceful and fulfilling from the outside. Knowing how many different emotions--from happiness to frustration to anger--were a part of its creation, the work seems even more human and whole than I'd have imagined. Congratulations. So excited for all three of you :)
  • Congratulations! Very happy and excited for you and super excited for the moment when I can have it at home, flip through the pages and pick which recipes to try first :) Beautiful, great job!
  • Congratulations! It looks delicious :)
  • you guys!!!! It looks so stunning. I can't wait to hold it. I resonated so much with your feelings of the process. Glad you are happy with it. Congratulations, it's going to do SO well.
  • Congratulations luise, David and elsa, the book looks truly stunning. I hope we can it down in New Zealand sometime soon.
  • Congratulations! And that´s true, it´s difficult to take good pics of food but you have succeeded very well:-)
  • If the recipes and photos are as good as they are here (which looks like they are!) I HAVE to get a copy!!
  • Vicky
    congratulations! can't wait to have it in my hands! keep up the awesome work! i really love the photos and the styling (and the recipes too!) and how you talk about your choices lifestyle-wise and the little bits of personal life that you include here! your blog is a real inspiration to eat healthy and beautiful food everyday!
  • Hanna
    Stooort grattis och sååå grymt jobbat, boken verkar helt fantastisk. Garanterad succé!

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