Let us begin here

Fruit market
This is the start of Green Kitchen Stories.
We will publish recipes from our everyday almost vegetarian life.
And try to use a minimum of sugar, dairy products and gluten.
//David & Luise


  • This far, you've been super inspiring. Job well done. Thanks for sharing your food journey!!
  • Yao
    I got to know your blog just a few days ago through a Chinese social media post. Last week I tried one dish inspired by your pasta recipe (https://gkitchenstories.com/linguine-della-via-di-grotta-pinta-45/) with the ingredients avalaible at home at that moment, and the result was superb. It is great that your blog was introduced to my kitchen because I greatly enjoy vegetables.
  • I just clicked through every single post and loved it - your blog is great and I can't wait to browse through your app and turn pages in your book. Keep on!
  • I was also born in the Algarve, Lagos. I moved to the UK in 2008. Your beet and choc cake was just taken from the oven. I made it before, with coconut oil. This time I've used sunflower oil. I have to be patient and let it cool first but I can't wait to taste the differences. I visit your blog everyday for inspiration on recipes! Yummy!
    I FINALLY FOUND THE BEGINNING!!!! I LOVE your blog. This healthy cooking thing is new for me. I am from Argentina, but we've been living in the US for 2 years now. Our 22 months old son was born here and Im 7 months pregnant. Ive been reading your blog for the last 2 weeks and love every recipy. Congratulations for your new book, and dont forget to keep updating this blog!!!!!
  • I'm a huge fan of the the site! In fact, my boyfriend and I are making the Strawberry Pancake Cake tonight with fresh strawberries from our farmers market. I just stumbled across this post today in my search of recipes and it is so fitting that the first post is a picture of the market in Barcelona! We met in Barcelona and the market is one of my favorite places on earth! Thank you for the wonderful recipes and stories.
  • Dora
    Is this "La Boquería" market in Barcelona. Maybe it's another place with the same juices which are wonderfully fresh and delicious. I really like your recepies and your blog and i have something with Scandinavean countries, Still don't know any, but i think i'll start with sweeden. I'm portuguese living in the Algarve region.
    • You are absolutely right Dora! It is the wonderful market in Barcelona. You should come here, Stockholm is great during the summers (and during christmas) other seasons it's quite dark and cold. You are lucky to live in Algarve - we've been there several times and we love it there!

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