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Do you know what day it is today? It is the official OMG-we-are-releasing-our-cookbook-today-day! It should now be available in book stores all over the UK. Tomorrow it will land in Australian stores. And we are only one month away from the release of the US edition, “Vegetarian Everyday”. It’s ironic that it is released today (1 April) as this whole thing has felt like an April fools’ joke from the very beginning. But we’re crossing our fingers that the book will still be on our table when we wake up tomorrow.

We did this video to celebrate the release. It features a few of our favorite breakfast recipes from the book and is a pretty honest portrayal of an early Sunday morning in our home. Hope you like it.

Directed and shot by Albin Holmqvist. Styling by Belén Vazquez Amaro. (Thank you guys!!!)
The song is ‘End of the Road’ by Noonie Bao.

We truly hope that the book will land well with you guys, our blog readers. That is actually the only thing that matters to us. If you feel like leaving a review of it, we would be forever grateful. If you haven’t ordered it yet, you can find it on If you live in Australia you can find it on Booktopia. And the US edition is available to pre-order on

If you are disappointed at us for not having a recipe today, we will definitely make it up to you in our next post. Did anyone say vegan Banana Bread …? Stay tuned.

Ps. We did a short book interview with Observer Food Monthly, you can find it here.


  • This is so incredibly beautiful! I love the little sweet rituals like the tablecloth, flowers and candle. A heart touching video xx
  • Lana
    Beautiful video and a big congratulations to the three of you! Such a beautiful family. Can't wait to order the book when it becomes available here! Much love from a fellow whole foods lover in vancouver xox
  • Oh wow, that video seriously made me tear up! Congratulations. Cannot wait to get my hands on the US version of the book. What a beautiful video and your recipes look incredible.
  • Kami
    I've been waiting ever so patiently for this book! I wish it were an Aprils fools joke that i still have to wait another month since Im in Seattle. Can.not.wait!!!! Congratulations!
  • Bell
    hay is that your house on the back of the book? congratulations!!!! i hope that when i move to Sweden someday (my dream) i will meet you guys!!!
  • Yeah! I can't wait to read it. I am so excited for you and your book launch. Looking forward to the US release. A month seems so far away!
  • Congratulations, the video is beautiful and I can't wait to have your book! I'm sure that it will inspire my future meals! :)
  • Félicitations!!! You must be doing the happy dance right now with the release of your book. I am SO happy for you all and wish your beautiful family all the success you deserve. I am certain you will be inspiring many families around the world to cook in their own kitchens for years to come. I love the video, simply fabulous and oh so inspiring with the vibrant food and the candlelight makes it extra special (we often have our family meals by candlelight too). Big loving hug to you three!
  • I'm so happy you did this book - many thanks!! Can't wait to hold it in my hands... Just ordered it over And I will tell it to all my cooking-friends... (i'm not joking ;-)) Love, iren
  • Fantastic. I look forward to getting the book. Well done.
  • That was beautiful! Romantic! Inspiring! I want to eat it all.
  • yes! so proud of you guys!
  • Looks absolutely stunning, I am heading over to Amazon this very moment to order the book. Btw just noticed how much Luise looks like Karen from Califonication ;) (at least from the clip in this video)
  • Olga
    Äntligen! Grattis! I have beet waiting for it at adlibris! Now i can order it
  • Congratulations! I'm excited about your book, and I loved the video. I'm fascinated with book trailers. I'm planning to do a review next month, when the book is available in the US. I'll keep you posted :)
  • Congratulations!! And wow - what beautiful food and such a beautiful family! I have a sneaking suspicion one of my girlfriends (knowing about my obsession with your blog) ordered The Green Kitchen for me for my birthday... I am so, so excited! Love from Australia x
  • Claire Wellsted
  • Wow!!! What a truly stunning video/preview of your new cookbook, Congratulations!!! I look forward to adding it to my collection of inspiration :))) Well done....and lovely song!
  • will there be a swedish verison?
  • COngrats! Can't wait to get this masterpiece!
  • Congrats from Spain where we follow you! Xxxx Raquel
  • Sounds amazing, congrats!
  • Monica
    CONGRATS!!! GRATIS!!! So happy to have been 'with' you from the beginning, the new and the future. All my best! :-)
  • Soooooo exciting!! Congrats! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
  • I feel so lucky to have tested that baked oatmeal (I've been making a version of it ever since with whatever fruit has been season) and I can't wait for my copy of the book to arrive!
  • Stine
    Finally!!!! I instantly ordered it and am so much looking forward to cooking your recipies from a nice book and not printed out web pages.
    • Stine
      It arrived!!!! And it is so beautiful! I can't wait to cook tonight!
  • Awwww the video and song!! They make my heart miss a beat literally..It makes me feel what you guys are feeling!!! Lovely book!! Hope the best for you guys! <3
  • emily
    Love the video! I have just ordered the book, so I'm also hoping it's not an April fools' joke ;)
  • WOW! Our warmest congratulations, you guys did it and did it so well ;)

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