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I remember how difficult it was in the beginning; making food look good on photos, learning ingredient names in English, just writing a text like this. Every little step took us hours. But it was fun. We learned.

It still takes time. We still often struggle to find the right words. I desperately try to locate good photo light during the dark winters. We put a lot more effort into every recipe, so they take days to develop. This thing doesn’t come easy for us. But looking from where we started, there have definitely been some improvements.

That is what I love most about this book. I flip through it and remember how difficult we thought it was to make, and how stunned we are by the result. All the sleepless nights, our many arguments, recipe failures, flat tires, emails back and forth with our editor, that rye bread that I threw at the wall in anger (don’t ask …) – they all make sense somehow. A long trip. A difficult process. A beautiful book.

The advance copy finally landed at our door step yesterday – hot off the presses. It’s not easy to describe how proud and happy we are over it. It looks so much better than we could ever imagine. We have put up a separate book site with more info about the recipes and a few photos from it, but this really is something you should see and feel in real life. The book stands out somehow. Larger and thicker than we expected. And printed on lovely matte paper.

As you know, English is not our first language. So writing a whole book in it felt a tad frightening. But as we read through it now, it all feels very honest. Naked in a way. The introduction tells the story about how we met, fell in love and started cooking. And how we feel and think about food, vegetarianism and health. There are short stories between the chapters that capture special moments in our everyday life. Our hope is that you will feel like you know us after having read it. And that you will be inspired to start cooking natural wholesome food in your own kitchen.

The book is filled with 100 recipes from our everyday life. Most of them are written solely for this books, but we have also included our favorites from this blog (with new photos and some slight improvements).

Since we are launching both in UK/Australia and US, the two editions have different names and covers, but inside it looks the same (and has the same recipes). You can find more information about it on our book site.



The Green Kitchen, UK/Australian edition (European/Australian measurements). Available 1 April, 2013. Click here to pre-order on Amazon. And if you are Australian you can pre-order it on Booktopia.
Read more about it on Hardie Grant’s website.


Vegetarian Everyday, US edition (American measurements). Available April 30, 2013. Click here to pre-order.
Read more about it on Rizzoli’s website.


My sister has taken all the photos so we could focus on recipes and styling. We are so pleased with how they turned out. Full of color, simple and inspiring. Thank you Johanna for everything!






  • Arlette
    I love your recipes/blog/apps and book - all so creative, beautiful and inspiring. Pity the US version changed the name - it just sounds boring and fails completely to convey your originality, what was the publisher thinking of!!!
  • Maja
    Congrats' guys! I really like your blog, keep up with the good work! I just went on Amazon to order your book but they don't sell it in Kidle version (I really prefer my cookbooks in digital format). So are you planning to have it in digital or your mobile application is kind of it? Thank you!
  • Siobhan
    My copy of The Green Kitchen has just arrived on my doorstep across the other end of the world in New Zealand!! I am so thrilled - it is absolutely gorgeous, and I don't know where to start (considering starting at the beginning and cooking everything until I reach the end!!). Your blog has been inspiring and delighting me for over a year now, and I am so excited to now have your book in my hands! Thank you for sharing your delicious, nourishing recipes, gorgeous photos & stories - congratulations and I hope that the book is a huge success!
  • Laura
    I've just discovered your blog a week ago and already tried a few of your recipes. I am so enthusiastic now that I have already pre-ordered your book as well! You guys are amazing!
  • So excited for the book! Looks beautiful, I love the Green Kitchen title wished they would have kept it more prominent.
  • Yeaaahhh, I've got it!!! Yesterday I could hardly contain myself and not to embrace my postman. From now on I'm a very very proud owner of "The Green Kitchen". It's a great book, can't stop flipping through and can't decide where to start cooking. Could be the "Chorizo". Don't get me wrong: I never never missed the original, but your chorizo's recipe augurs to be a great surprise. Thanks for this wonderful book - it's more than worth to become translated into other languages.
  • Congratulations!!! Both books look great! I can't wait to flip through the pages. :)
  • Congratulations to you both! Your book looks absolutely beautiful (as I knew it would) and I cannot wait to get a copy of my own.
  • ida
    Ååå vad jag hoppas att den kommer ut i Sverige!
  • Amani
    How strange, I was wondering how the book was coming along moments before typing your website url into my search bar, and ta-dah! A whole post dedicated to it was awaiting upon my arrival. Congratulations, both copies look absolutely wonderful, and I cannot wait to get my hands one one! x
  • Becca
    Hi GK Stories! Very excited for the book. Checked out Razzi's website to learn more about the US version (I'm Canadian so that's where I'll be getting my copy). While reading about the book, however, I became confused when I read "When David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl got MARRIED, they decided to make a concerted effort to cook truly healthy food in their home together". Also in the bio: "David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl fell in love in Rome and returned to Stockholm where they MARRIED and had their daughter, Elsa." ...but if I recall correctly (and after checking this post: https://gkitchenstories.com/crunchy-august-salad/) I didn't think you guys were married? What's up with Razzi's bio? Anywho, congrats on your "twins" (and by twins I mean the two books).
    • Hi Becca, yes you are absolutely right. On Rizzoli's site it says that we are married even though we are not. We have pointed this out to them and they have promised to change it, but so far they haven't. I have no idea where they got the idea that we are married from, perhaps they believe that it will sell more books ;-) No, but seriously, thanks for pointing it out. We will remind them to change it. Btw, if you are Canadian and want both imperial and metric measurements I suppose the UK edition would be better, since it has both. But I don't know if it is possible for you to order it? We'll try to look it up. /David
  • Jackie
    Hey! The book looks amazing. Can't wait to buy it. I'm a loyal follower and I love your recipes. Just wondering, is your blog a customized version of Autofocus? Thanks! Jackie
  • isabell
    Is any of you fantastic books published in swedish?
  • Can't wait to get my hands on this! Pre-ordered the UK version a few days ago, it looks so inviting on the cover.
  • Congratulations! the book, or actually both of them, look really beautiful! can't wait for my own copy :)
  • An early copy has just landed on my doorstep. I so look forward to recreating your recipes at home! The book is simply gorgeous, such a job well done xx
  • Beautiful! Congratulations. I cannot wait to get my hands on it.
  • Birgit
    Your blog and recipes are wonderful!! I get informed by the german magazine "freundin". Is your book also available in Stockholms book stores? We will be there in May :-) By the way, could you suggest there good restaurants cooking the way you are :-) greetings from Frankfurt / Germany
  • Giulia
    Hey! I'm definitely going to order this wonderful book! However, I'm still undecided between the UK and US version.. I live in Europe so theoretically my measurements are ml and grams.. However, I prefer cooking by cups by now.. but I've got no idea about oz.. umm real problem here, I know haha.. are all measurements in the uk version in ml? no cups at all? I wish there were a hybrid version or something :)
  • Hello and congrats from Germany!! From what I just read and saw about your cookbook (incl that it is printed on matte paper) I almost can't wait till April. Be sure that I will write then also about your book on my blog... maybe at that time already in English :)... right now I just write my recipes bilingual (English/German) as I'm still on my way to get a routine in writing English. But your post also encourage that with the time it will probably run smoother and smoother :) Wish you all the best, Eva
  • I pre-ordered mine yesterday! Can't wait to see it :))
  • Tess
    I just found this blog and your book seems great! Will you print a Swedish version too? I have a few English cook books but I rarely use them because finding the right ingredients are so much more complicated. However, I guess you are cooking with ingredients you can find in Stockholm?
  • celine konwinski
    I have been using your website for a month now as I was looking for some ideas for vegeterian food. Although I am not one, I feel the need to eat less meat now. The recipes are fantastic and the photos simply beautiful. Like Emma the post above, I made the lemon and coconut bars but yes the top was too cooked. I suppose it depends on one's oven. I baked it again and only left the top 8 minutes in the oven and it really nice. The book looks beautiful and I will surely get it. Best of luck for it. celine
  • Emma
    For those of us living far away (Australia) the book can be bought through Bookdepository, they have free worldwide shipping. http://www.bookdepository.com/Green-Kitchen-David-Frenkiel/9781742705583 I just made the lemon coconut cake, great taste but I think I kept it in the oven for too long, from your photo it looks like the top layer should be a bit sticky?
  • Julie
    Uh, kommer den på dansk også?
  • Darby
    looking forward to purchasing your beautiful book! I have been a fan of your blog for some time and find it a source of inspiration for living a more healthful life. along with many of the above comments I do prefer the UK cover and title, just saying.
  • therese Balagna
    amazing!!! how from a cooking spree in a kitchen, it became a grandiose feast shared by hundreds of people, and now a delicious book.. Congratulation,
  • It's great news! The book must be fabulous. I really like yours recipies and photos. I can't wait to read it. Congratulations!
  • Linda
    Hi and congratulations to the fabulous result of all your hard work! I've been following your blog for quite a time now and I love your creativity and the personal note you put into all your blog entries. The book looks just great - I pre-orderd it directly ;-) and can't wait to read it! Linda
  • Riley
    Ordered! I have never commented on the blog but am a long time fan! I cannot wait to have this book in my hands and read it cover to cover (hopefully cook a thing or two as well!). Congratulations on the massive achievement!

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