Say hello to our little organic friend!

Not much makes us happier than the delivery of organic groceries to our door. Once every other week a company called Årstiderna brings us a box called “the big monster mix box”.
We are promised some fruits, some vegetables and a couple of surprises … We like the surprises the best. This time they were Black Quinoa, Hot English Mustard and Apricot Juice.
Årstiderna also gives away a couple of recipes together with each delivery and we have already tried one that includes at least four of the ingredients that you can see on the picture. Can anyone guess what? A clue is that it tastes a little bit like christmas. We will publish the recipe on friday afternoon so check back then, it will be a recipe worth saving …


  • Hooray for organic! We´ve been buying organic fruit, vegetables and other ingedrients since more than 6 months now. I´ve watched the movie "Food, Inc." yesterday and I was so shocked. If only people knew how they could change the world by simply buying organic stuff and/or supporting their local farmers...

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