Chili & Chocolate Truffles

Chili-Choco Sweets
This is Luise’s favorite version of our Choco-Almond Truffles. Instead of using almonds she added some chili powder. They are almost too easy to make and a perfect treat with a sting.

Chili & Chocolate Truffles
Makes around 20

You need a strong blender or food processor to make these. If the mixture don’t get properly blended you can add a splash of water.

15 large medjool dates, pitted
2 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil, room temperature
4 tbsp dried shredded coconut, unsweetened
3 tbsp cacao powder
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon vanilla extract or ground vanilla
½ teaspoon ground cardamom
1 pinch strong chili powder (or more if you prefer)

Mix all the ingredients in a food processor for about 1 minute or until it forms up like a ball. Remove the knife blades from the food processor. Place the mixture in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Then form 15 – 20 small round truffles with your hands; they should be half the size of a golf ball. Roll the truffles in cocoa powder, finely chopped almonds or shredded coconut  if you like. Place in the fridge for 20 minutes before serving.

If you do not have a strong food processor or blender, just place your pitted dates on a plate and mash with a fork until they are sticky and smooth as caramel. Then add the rest of the ingredients and knead by hand until well combined. Place in the fridge and follow the steps above.

Photo by: Johanna Frenkel


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  • […] enjoying them) immensely. They were inspired by a couple of favorite blogs: Love and Lemons and Green Kitchen Stories, as well as my own traditional truffle-making experience (minus the […]
  • […] enjoying them) immensely. They were inspired by a couple of favorite blogs: Love and Lemons and Green Kitchen Stories, as well as my own traditional truffle-making experience (minus the […]
  • Irka
    Incredible, edible, lovable! I made these truffles last week for our adult Eurovision party. Being for adults only, I was quite brave with chili powder and the promised depth was delivered! I kept one for my 17-year old son and he seriously enjoyed it, too. The truffles took an hour to make, me being one of those without a food processor, and my dates being those with all pits inside. Next time I will make sure I buy a date paste in the store and make them without cocoa - my 15 year old son has a chocolate allergy. I am new to your site, but have tried these truffles, the pumpkin soup and the amazing Moroccan tajine last week and was happy to hear lots and lots of compliments from my family. Tomorrow I will try your GF spinach and feta tart. I will probably need to switch to gluten-free food soon, so thank you so much for your recipes - you inspire me. The incredible and edible also become possible :)
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  • Sneha
    I've just made these and have to say that they are delicious! Thanks for an excellent recipe that will stop me reaching for the chocolate bars!
  • Hello, I check your blogs regularly. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep doing what you're doing!
  • Anna
    Hat off to you for this recipe - I made it tonight, replacing the coconut flakes with cashews (and a couple of macadamia nuts) - the taste and the texture is beautiful.
  • Anna Karklina
    Oh My God - these have got to be THE BEST home made truffles ever! I have recently started making a few of these at home - with coconut flakes or without, cacao powder, dates or apricots, walnuts, pistachios, agave syrup, what not... Not one has tasted as delicious as these ones! Thanks for the recipe, this is a keeper. The slight kick from chilli is divine! Cant wait to share with family & friends. Anna, Dan & Liv in London
  • Lindt make a chocolate you can buy around my part of the world with various additions - salt, chilli etc - I have to say I never tried it. What's it like with the chilli? I mean - is it really noticeable or is it more of a pleasant "warm, tingling" in your throat? Love that they don't have dairy in them - will give these a try, although not sure where I can get coconut oil from :(
  • Cool blog! And man those truffles look good.
  • Betty
    Incredible blog. Love the layout and easy navigation. I found it from I really like the simplicity of the recipes, compared with I will pass this site along to my friends. Would love to see some posts about veggie meals at restaurants in Europe/Sweden areas too, as an American, I wonder what the veggie scene is like there. Thanks
    • Hi Betty, fun that you like our blog! We are very excited about it too. It is not even a month old yet and we have a lot of plans and recipes for it. Of course we can contribute with some good veggie and organic places in Sweden and Denmark. Let us think about it for a while and we'll be back with some new posts soon. /Luise

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