Healthy Desserts – the App!


Oh wow, we are overwhelmed by your response and encouragement about our book. Thank you so much to all of you who have already pre-ordered it! We will update our book site when we have more info on foreign editions, book signings etc.

The book won’t be out for yet another month (two, if you live in the US), but not to worry, we have a surprise today that will keep you occupied until the release. Everybody, say hello to our new app – Healthy Desserts! It popped up in app-store today. Healthy Desserts is a sibling to our previous app Green Kitchen. Same style and interface, but with a fresh new color palette, all photos in stunning high resolution, and most importantly – only desserts. We want it to work as a deluxe version of this blog. Easier to navigate, better overview of the recipes and photos in even higher resolution. Plus, you can carry it with you all the time. It’s universal, so you can use it on both iPhone and iPad. The app is filled with more or less all the dessert recipes from the blog, and we have also added a few exclusively for the app – 48 recipes in total. The new recipes are: Baked Fruit Crumble, Chia & Cardamom Pudding, Chocolate & Espresso Macaroons, Mango Lassi, Coconut Frozen Yogurt and Chaga & Chocolate Milkshake. Our plan is to continually fill it with the desserts that we post on the blog.



Healthy Desserts is just as simple to use as our previous app. Tap on an instruction to mark it as completed. Send the ingredients as a shopping list to your phone. Choose between US and metric units. Save your favorites so you can return to them quickly on any device.




You can read more about our apps on this site. Healthy Desserts is available in App Store for the introductory price $1.99. We have developed it together with Amazing Applications – you guys rock!

Hope you like it! Much love!


  • Laura Del Pizzo
    Android app? News?
  • Dem
    Another vote for Android, I was so disappointed when I realised it is only available through Apple. Please tell me you are planning to launch it for Android soon :-)
  • caroll
    I'm changing phones and the Green Kitchen apps are really a part of my daily life.... therefore they will truly be missed. Still no Android version available? Pretty pretty please :-)
  • Prajakta
    Android App pls.. I am big fan of your recipes and love with your blog nd the pictures. I need the Green Kitchen and Healthy deserts app please on Android pls. Any news if it is available on android
  • Johanne K Ellingsen
    Hi! I absolutely love your blog. Been using your apps for quite some time and i love love love them! I'm a young girl from Norway and I'm passionate about photography and food. I was just wondering what kind of camera you guys are using, and how you eddit them? They all look stunning! All love from Oslo

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