Mango & Walnut Salad

One of the most annoying questions that you come across as a vegetarian is: “What can you eat except from salad?”

We love soup, pasta, indian food, veggie burgers, pies … but the thing that is kind of ironic is that we really eat a lot of salads. And often as the main meal. We try to vary them in different ways but one trick that we often come back to is adding fruit to the salad. Pomegranate, orange, apples, kiwi and mango all works well in salads. Oh, and pears! I just remember this fantastic warm pear & gorgonzola salad (hmm, maybe a future blog post …).

In this particular salad we used mango. Since the salad is quite light we would normally make it for lunch or as a side dish, but last time we actually served three different dishes in one day with the same ingredients! (Adding falafel and wrap bread for the dinner.)
Breakfast: Avocado and sprouts on crisp bread, yogurt with mango and walnuts.
Lunch: Mango & walnut salad (scroll down for recipe).
Dinner: Wraps with falafel, mashed avocado, arugula, walnut dressing, mango, sprouts and some yogurt.
Kind of a salad-day don’t you think …?

Mango & Walnut Salad
Serves 2

1 pack arugula salad
1 mango (sliced)
1 avocado (sliced)
a handful walnuts (dry roasted)
walnut dressing (scroll down for recipe)

Mix the ingredients on 2 plates. Pour dressing over the salad just before serving it. Serve it as it is, with bread or as a starter.

Walnut dressing:
2 tbsp walnuts (dry roasted)
4 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lemon juice
sea salt
lemon pepper

Mash the walnuts and mix in a small bowl with the rest of the ingredients.


  • Hi There, Just a note to let you know I shared your awesome recipe on my monthly recipe round-up: Mother’s Day Edition. If you get a chance, come on over and check out the other inspiring recipes from sweet indulgence to homemade gifts. Be Well, --Amber
  • Made this last night for dinner (wanted something light) & paired it with fresh toasted sourdough bread & your walnut pesto. YUM YUM YUM! Thank you!!
  • Neelesh
    good read my mango story of this sumer 2010 here:
  • Beautiful and so fresh looking. Wonderful idea for the mangoes I have at home.
  • Mango and avocado go so well together. Nice salad!
  • Ser smaskigt ut! Fina bilder också! Kram från downunder
  • This salad looks so healthy and nice. I've only been making big pots of soup lately due to the cold, but I have an avocado in the window as well as walnuts. I'll be eating this tonight then sans mango (I have a mango tree right outside my window, but they aren't looking so hot right now). And I can't justify buying one as you might imagine. Anyway, thanks for the idea! Stella
    • Hope you enjoy your salad! I understand it's hard to justify buying mango with a tree outside your window. Oh what wouldn't I give to have a mango tree outside our window!! The only thing we have is snow ...
  • I definitely will make this mango walnut salad, sounds so great. Thanks.

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