These crunchy hand-pies are called Börek and originate from Turkey, but we first tried them at our favorite cornershop and have been addicted ever since. Crunchy on the outside with burnt edges and gooey, cheesy and stuffed with chard towards the centre. Needless to say, they are insanely delicious and we are so happy to finally share the recipe and a video, along with a shockingly simple hack how to make a gluten free version.
1 hour
Makes 8
1 hour
Makes 8
There is a little cornershop close to where we live that sells beautiful seasonal vegetables, the
freshest bunches of mint and big spice bags with dried whole cumin seeds, fennel, za'atar and coriander. They also sell (very affordable) takeaway boxes with vegetarian food from the Middle East and Eastern Europe which they cook in the shop. They have meze platters, dolma, rice stuffed peppers, lentil balls and zucchini fritters. And to the left of the cashier they also have long cigar shaped hand-pies with a hand written sign above that says Börek. They make new batches a few times every day so if you are lucky you can get them hot off the oven. Crunchy on the outside with burnt edges and gooey, cheesy and stuffed with chard towards the centre. These Börek are famous across the neighborhood and even though the price has doubled in the past five years, it still feels like a bargain to pick up a few pies for us and the kids as a snack (or dinner if you buy a few). It is basically the only time our kids eat chard with a smile.

We have been experimenting with making Börek at home that taste similar to the cornershop version and now we finally feel that we've nailed it. We use Yufka dough which is similar to phyllo dough but a little thicker, so if you use phyllo, you can use double or tripple layers. 

As a not-so-little bonus we also figured out an easy hack how to make gluten free Börek! The secret is that you can replace the dough with rice paper, that you brush with egg wash and bake in a similar fashion. The signature börek flavor is in the yogurt, oil and egg wash and the rice paper crisps up nicely when baked.

We recorded this video below with some juicy Börek rolling close-ups to further show the process. Check out our YouTube channel for more videos. Enjoy!
Gluten free Börek
This is a close up of how the gluten free Börek looks like.
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