Portobello & Peach Burger for Designsponge

When Design*Sponge – one of the coolest design blogs on the web – asked if we would like to do a recipe for them, we were quick to say yes. So a few weeks ago we went out to our country house and made one of our favorite summer dinners, Portobello Burgers. We always eat them with mashed avocado and some kind of salsa, instead of the old ketchup and cheese combo. They are very easy to make and taste so incredible fresh. For this recipe we added grilled peaches instead of making a salsa.

Scroll down for the recipe or read the whole story on DesignSponge.

Grilled Portobello & Peach Burgers
Makes 6 burgers


6 portobello mushrooms
6 peaches
6 sweet potatoes
6 burger buns of your choice (If you don’t eat gluten, we have a quick gluten-free bun recipe on the blog.)
100 g fresh pea sprouts
5 small roman tomatoes, sliced
5 small spring onions, sliced
fresh thyme
olive oil
salt & pepper

Marinade Ingredients

4 tbsp olive oil
2 fresh rosemary sprigs
1 tbsp fresh thyme
2 garlic cloves
1/2 lemon
salt & pepper

Guacamole Ingredients

4 avocados
5 small Roma tomatoes
1 garlic clove
1/4 cup parsley
1/2 lemon
1 tbsp olive oil

Preparation: Clean the portobello mushrooms by carefully removing dirt from the caps with a kitchen towel or cloth; you can use a little water if needed. Pat dry. Cut the peaches in halves and remove the pits.

Making the sweet potato fries: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Cut the sweet potatoes in 1-inch thick, 5-inch long sticks. Put them on a parchment-covered baking sheet. Drizzle olive oil, salt and thyme over them and put in the oven. The fries need around 30 minutes before they are ready, but you need to stir after 15 minutes.

Making the marinade: Pour olive oil in a small bowl. Add one chopped rosemary sprig, chopped thyme, mashed garlic, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Stir around. Use the other rosemary sprig to brush the mushrooms and peaches with the marinade. When the grill is ready, grill the portobello and peaches for about 3 to 4 minutes on each side, while you use the rosemary stick to brush the marinade over them one more time.

Making the guacamole: Chop avocados, tomatoes and parsley roughly. Add them to a small bowl with mashed garlic. Squeeze lemon juice over it, and mash everything with a fork. It’s okay if it stays a little chunky.

Assembling the burger: Slice the buns in halves. Let them get some color on the grill. When done, place a big dollop of guacamole on the bottom bun, and add pea sprouts, tomatoes, spring onion, one portobello mushroom and two peach halves. Add the top of the bun, and insert a stick to hold it all together. Enjoy!

Photos by: Johanna Frenkel


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  • Poppy
    The most amazing and easiest burger to make! I ate them last night it was so delicious I will make them again for my party this weekend. Great app btw, i like it when designs meet with functions. Thanks so much for sharing your innovative ideas!
  • This recipe looks amazing, I'm pinning it for summer when we have peaches again!
  • BEAUTIFUL! These photo's really show how fabulous a portabella burger can be. Pairing portabella's with peaches sounds simply delightful! -Shannon
  • These look absolutely amazing!! LOVE the photography as well...very well done!
  • Tried it last night. Everybody (including two non-vegetarians) loved it! Thanks for the recipe!
  • Goodness gracious, that is my kind of burger if I've ever seen one. Yummm.
  • We're having a family reunion with all of Christian's family. I want to make this for everyone, it looks amazing and we have 25lbs of local peaches from the co-op to use. Congrats on being featured on Design*Sponge.
  • Beautiful pictures! I love the picnic setting. This burger is a definite alternative to the meat and cheese bore and the potobello mushrooms look super juicy. Congratulations to the Designsponge feature! Good Stuff!
  • This looks amazing & simply delicious. Might try it out myself as I'm currently reducing my meat consumption, although it's really, really difficult in a land such as France where meat is basically staple food. Elsa is beautiful and I have no doubt she will grow to become one heck of a foodie, you are blessed to have such a daughter.
  • I keep meaning to try portobello mushroom burgers... and I think this (summer) recipe is definitely going to do it! ;) Yum!
  • Congrats on the story- glad to see the word is out on one of my fave blogs! And that "burger" looks absolutely delectable - it's definitely on my summer bbq agenda! (once the heat wave in Paris ends, hope you're keeping cool where you are! :)
  • Vilken underbar blogg! Denna kommer bokmärkas och alla recept ska gås igenom :) Tack själv Luice för bra träning, du gör det jättebra! Lilla Elsa (om det är hon som är på bilderna?) är ju hur söt som helst! Ses på onsdag! Kram Emelie
  • So happy to see your feature on Design Sponge. You deserve it! The photos and the food look amazing - as always! :)
  • Congratulations! Design Sponge is huge! I love avocado and salsa on my bugers- ketchup and mustard are so passe. Great recipe I cant wait to add it to summer must cook list.
  • This looks great...I have never seen portobello mushrooms but I read they are mature button mushrooms...Maybe I can grill and use more of them for my veggie burgers... ^_^
  • COngrats! Beautiful pictures... Love how you have used peaches in the recipe!
  • congrats on design*sponge, and I love the family picnic photo. so cute!
  • those look so tasty, i never thought to combine mushrooms and peaches before
  • Julia E
    Congratulations on the invitation to do a guest post! These look delicious. I'm not always a fan of portobello burgers because they're one of the things everyone tries to throw at the token vegetarian, but I'll definitely have to try this way of eating them.
  • I love a good portobello burger, I'll have to try it with a peach on top next time! Lovely pictures too by the way!
  • Now this, my friends, is a burger with gusto. It's not pretending to be a hamburger; it's a sandwich in it's own right. It's got charisma. It's also got peaches ... which has inspired me to get grilling this week!
  • oh that looks soo good! o så vackra bilder på fina familjen, puss1
  • What a mouth-watering and beautiful report! I love your portobello and peach combo and topping it off with a creamy guacamole. My daughter Vera also loves kalamata olives and could probably eat up a whole jar given the chance...
  • What an awesome opportunity! The shoot looks great! Congrats!
  • Something new to discover a wonderful mushroom burger and Design Sponge. I'll have to go over and see what is going on there! I love seeing how the shots are being composed. Cool.
  • I saw this on Design Sponge and loved it! This is absolutely on the menu plan for this week.

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