Pretty Purple Picnic Wraps

You want to know a funny thing about Swedish people? We always talk about the weather. Always. Come rain or come shine, we will talk about it. Several times each day. It’s one of the first things we mention when arriving at work, buying lunch, taking a cab or meeting a friend in the subway. And since I am Swedish, I’ve decided to tell you about the weather last saturday. It was a little bit chilly and cloudy during the morning. Around noon the clouds cleared away and we had blue skies and fairly warm temperature. It was the perfect weather for a picnic.

Me, Luise and Elsa packed our picnic bag with a blanket, fruit, juices and homemade wraps, met up with my mother and sister and took a bus to a 4H farm just outside the city. As most kids, Elsa is crazy about animals, and since there aren’t very many goats and cows running around on the streets of central Stockholm, visiting a farm is her only chance to listen to some muu and maa.

I am not going to give you a big speech about wraps. It’s pretty obvious that they are good picnic food since they are extremely portable and taste good cold. The fun thing is that you can vary them endlessly depending on what you fill them with. Luise came up with three different fillings for our wraps; a creamy beetroot & goat cheese filling, a crunchy green lentils and walnut filling and a sweet quinoa and raisin filling. Creamy, crunchy and sweet – isn’t she phenomenal?!

Pretty Purple Picnic Wraps
8 big wraps

8 wholegrain or corn tortilla breads
4 big salad leaves (torn in two)

Purple Beetroot & Goat Cheese
600 g beetroot
300 g goat cheese
5 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper

Peel the beetroots with a peeler and put it in a blender or food processor, press ‘pulse’ a few times. Then add goat cheese, olive oil and salt & pepper. Blend for about a minute or until it has the consistency of a rough textured spread.

White Quinoa & Raisins
1 cup quinoa
1 tsp fennel seeds
1/2 cup raisins, any color
1 tsp cinnamon
a pinch of salt

Rinse and cook the quinoa in 2 cups water, add fennel seeds, bring to a boil and cook for about 15-20 min. Set aside. When cold, mix with raisins, cinnamon and salt.

Orange & Green Lentils
1 cup green lentils, any kind would work
1 tsp oregano (add to the water)
a pinch of salt
100 g walnuts, chopped
1 organic orange (juice and zest)
a handful goji berries, optional

Rinse and cook the lentils in  water, add oregano, bring to a boil. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes before reducing the heat to medium. Let it cook for until tender, about 35 minutes. When done, add a pinch of salt and set aside. When cold, add walnuts, orange juice & zest and goji berries and mix well.

+ Lentil trick: Do not add salt until the lentils are cooked, because the salt will toughen them if added during cooking.

Wrap it up!
Put all 8 tortilla breads on the kitchen counter. Place two or three of spoonfuls of the beetroot & goat cheese filling in the middle of the bread (not all the way to the sides), place the salad leaf on top, so it’ll cover the spread. Place a couple of spoonfuls of White Quinoa & Raisins and a couple of spoonfuls of Orange & Green Lentils on top.

Here is how you fold them together.

Fold each side in, about 1 inch, then fold the end closest to you over the filling and ‘tuck it in’. Fold each side a little, one more time, so you kind of lock the filling. And finally roll the wrap over  in the same direction one more time. Roll some wrapping paper around them and tie a string around them to hold them together. Done! When serving, cut them in halves.

Photos by: Johanna Frenkel


  • helle
    virkelig super opskrift. Har i lang tid forsøgt utallige opskrifter på glutenfrit brød til min datter. Dette er første gang, at det er lykkedes rigtigt. Resten af familien smagte dem uden af vide, at de var glutenfrie, og de gættede det ikke. Kunne ikke få amarantmel, men kørte havregryn i blenderen til mel, og det gik fint. De bliver hverken tørre, porøse eller kedelige - de er lige i øjet:)
  • Hello! Does the beetroot have to be raw when processed? Or can I use 'ready-cooked' beetroot? Thanks!
  • Hi! Question: How big (in diameter) should the corn tortilla breads/wraps be to fit each portion of the filling? Thanks! =)
  • May I ask where your picnic blanket is from, it is so gorgeous and just the colours I am looking for in my living room to team with a big leather sofa. Just to bring some soft feminine touches into the room. Would be greatful if you could let me know. Here is my living room. Thank you again. :)
  • I love your blog so much and have only discovered it in the past few months. I am trying to catch up with so much and feel so excited about trying new vegetarian recipes, even though we are not vegetarian. I even mentioned you in my inspiration page. I think we will be eating Beet Bourguignon tonight. :)
  • Valérie Lemieux
    I tried this receipe last year and I was amazed by how much I could love a wrap. Never thought these tastes and texture togheter could do this wow effect. After loosing some of my bookmarks, I found you back with: piknic wrap beetroots quinoa blog :) Your baby girl is a very lucky child :D
  • Gorgeous pictures and a great recipe! I think the "Weatherman" bug is quite common and prevalent in almost every country and culture, lol. Because all we Sydneysiders ever do is talk about it! :-)
  • Lovely pictures! Oh, Sweden just started looking a little more exotic ;p
  • We always talk about weather in Seattle too - maybe because ours is very similar to yours? Anyway, I'll take one (or two) of each of these gorgeous wraps please and a little nibble of the baby while you are at it. What a beautiful child she is.
  • Laura
    That s so funny. I have recently moved to Sweden and yes, Swedish always talk about the weather! Anyways, I love your blog, I am specially happy to find it since I guess you post recipes of food we can actually find easily in Stockholm unlike some of the other blogs I follow :) Great!
  • Didi
    Looks delicious! Do you cook the beets first or do you use them raw?
  • Picnics are the best! Love your pics and of course your wraps. They sound delicious.
  • I am in full blown picnic mode over here also. While antiquing this weekend I picked up the most stunning woven basket that these jewel-toned wraps will look beautiful in. Thanks for the great recipe and the smile inducing photos of your beautiful girl.
  • I have found your blog again! I remember coming across it months ago but in the sea of blogs it got lost. Enjoyed your post above and the global conversation starter: the weather. That picnic basket is beautiful and the wraps so interesting and delicious. Thank you for a wonderful blog.
  • I cant decide what I love more...the fact that Elsa loves kitties or pippi longstocking. I love both! Beautiful spread as usual!
  • this looks so good i am TOTALLY going to make it!
  • Delicious - a perfect picnic piece of inspiration! Thanks guys!
  • Beautiful, so colourful and no doubt delicious. Elsa is getting so big! Such a cutie. We like to talk about the weather as well, so we completely understand where you're coming from :)
  • Hello :-) Your blog layout is beautiful and has inspired me a lot. Have you set up your blog in a special style in wordpress or is it your own design? Thanks and Greetings Charlotte from Denmark, Århus

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