Quinoa Porridge with Nettles

Elsa and I spent almost all of August in Denmark. We lived in my mom’s house north of Copenhagen and enjoyed most of the days in her beautiful garden. We have  just returned to Stockholm — happier, more relaxed and with a bunch of new food experiences. Elsa has learned a lot of tricks and skills and she is funnier than ever! She tastes everything that we put in front of her (including iphones and remote controls), and she seems to always be hungry for more. She truly is a food loving baby so it is hardly a surprise that her new favorite toys are the herbal jars …

August turned out to be a healthy month for me, focusing on body and mind and on getting back in balance after the pregnancy. I went to see a Homeopathic doctor, and even though some people judge it as hippie nonsense I have had major results! And talking about hippies, we have to tell you about our new morning obsession – this super nutritious quinoa porridge with nettles. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, iron and proteins, and it’s gluten free! It is quick to make and you can easily adjust it to whatever you have at home. We know that it is a little bit late for the nettle season but I found this big bag of dried stinging nettles while I was in Denmark, so now we can try nettle recipes all year round. And no, they don’t burn your mouth …

Quinoa Porridge with Nettles
Serves 2

2 cups water
1 cup quinoa flakes, rinsed (or any kind of grain you prefer, like millet, oat or spelt)
3 tbsp coconut flakes
3 tbsp nettles, dried
1 apple, grated
1 tsp mint leaves, dried or fresh
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla powder

Serve with: thin slices of apples or plums, chopped hazelnuts and a dash of oat milk

Bring the water to a boil in a medium sized pan. Add the quinoa, lower the heat and cook gently for 5 minutes while stirring. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook for a couple of minutes more. Serve with fruit, hazelnuts and a dash of milk.


  • Sunny
    Hi guys, thanks for this recipe, the photo speaks for itself! I love this out of the box meal creation. For too long I have uniquely associated breakfast with the sweet taste. But what dish doesnt benefit visually or nutritionally from the addition of greens??? I will gather and dry some young nettle leaves and keep them to crumble into my morning oats. Fantastic- the right idea at the right time!!
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  • Hi there. I was wondering if you could clear something up for me. The recipe says quinoa flakes. Here in Australia, quinoa flakes are different to the whole quinoa grains. They're small and flat, really light. Are these what I should be using for this recipe or just the quinoa grains? The picture looks like the whole grains to me so wanted to check!
    • Hi Marnie, we actually use quinoa flakes to make quinoa porridge. They kind of look like rolled oats – even though a lot thinner and lighter – and when you cook them they will become thicker. We have seen recipes on quinoa porridge both with flakes and regular quinoa grains, so which ever you choose I am sure you will succeed. Happy cooking! /David
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  • Ja! Nässlor är strålande! Det är ett så fantastiskt sätt att ta vara på det Moder Jord ger oss Nordbor såhär på vårkanten:) Jag arbetar mycket med att att få ut kunskapen om dessa Nordiska superfoods (kika på http://www.ravarubutiken.se/se/art/nordisk-superfoodblandning-100-g.php om ni har lust:) Är så glad att ni sprider era tankar och kärlek!
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  • I was just reading about nettles in a Gastronomica essay. I'm intrigued, really. I've had a hard time liking quinoa. I have a ton of it in my cupboard. Maybe this will be the recipe?
  • Valeria
    Elsa looks so funny in these pics... hehehe That quinoa porridge looks like a definite MUST! No doubt I'll try it (just hope I can find the quinoa). By the way, have you tried it with oats?
  • Interesting combination! Now it's inspiring other herbs in a sweet combination like my verbena or lemon balm hmmmmm..... I love my cinnamon almond milk version but yours sounds so unique- I will have to play! Thanx for the inspiration. And thanx for sharing your precious bundle of joy-she's yummy too! My daughter is turning 5 in 7 days and I keep telling her I want her to stay little and she says... but why mummy, why? One day she'll understand.
  • What a beautiful blog you have. We also like to eat Quinoa. Thanks for the new recipe inspiration. Greetings from the Rockies.
  • this sounds amazing and healthy! i want to try the recipe in hopes it comes out as beautiful as yours looks:)
  • This porridge looks beautiful. I've never tried nettles, honestly I have no idea how to go about getting any, but I will certainly try, and this looks like a bowl I don't want to pass up!
  • I am with you on homeopathics! It has done great things for my family:) This looks delicious! I don't have enough good breakfast recipes!
  • Jennifer L.
    This looks yummy. We love quinoa porridge and these new additions will be delightful. Do you have a favorite recipe for homemade oat milk? Some just use the water from cooking the oats (5 c. water, 1 c. oats cooked for 1 hour) and some blend the cooked oats. Elsa is getting so big! I love her hair; it looks like the soft fuzz on a peach. My wee one is nearly three and her head reaches my belly button already. It's amazing how fast it all goes. Life seems to move faster to the rhythm of small footsteps.
    • Hi Jennifer! Cooking my own plantmilk has been on my to do list for a while now ;-) I will try that oat recipe, and I would love trying almond and quinoa milk as well! And it's so true about her hair, a peach is exactly what it feels like too! Haha! /Luise
  • This is such a beautiful post! Elsa is gorgeous, the food is stunning... I'm a bit obsessed with quinoa myself these days so I will have to try this.
  • I have never tried quinoa porridge. I like quinoa, so I'm sure it's good. I have heard of nettles, but have never tasted them. What do they taste like? They must be nutritious, right?
    • Nettles tastes a bit sweet and spicy and the the same time, with a slight hint of grass, it's really good! And yes, so nutritious too!! /Luise!
  • Your baby is beautiful! I'm following you for a while, and I can see you're quite health consciouss, so here's a thought: have you ever checked Paleolit diet? It works for me miraculously and it's easy to follow, you are almost there. Keep up the good works, beautiful pics!
  • Wow, this looks really good. i love the idea of using nettle in porridge, it's got a taste that would really compliment it. i must try it!
  • This porridge looks so healthy and I'm sure it tastes so good.. I made already quinoa with roasted tomatoes, then risotto with mushrooms (boletus) and porridge with honey and choocolate (70 % of cacao). It's not too late for nettles, I just picked them the other day, in my country.. :) it's a new season for them.. though I don't know how's the situation in your place.. :) I believe only to homeopathic doctors..it's sad that people judge it,while taking hundreds of unecessary medecins, and after they don't feel any better..:/
  • I've always wanted to try nettles and I'm so glad you're using the dried ones because I can get them here too! I'm going to try this dish, it sounds so interesting and healthy! :-)
  • Elsa is so grown up and adorable! I don't take any medicine but homeopathics and they work very well for me. The porridge looks delicious, I have never ever heard of nettles being used as a culinary ingredient and now I'm so curious to try some!
  • love your blog. hippy foods rock my world :)
  • This looks like a terrific recipe! I made a quinoa risotto that was phenomenal, so I can only imagine that this is equally tasty.

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