Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe


We did it again … survived another winter in Sweden! Okay, I realize that we are only in the beginning of February, so it is technically still winter for at least another month. But it feels like we are on our way towards spring now. The sun is visiting Stockholm a few more minutes every day. And the birds are returning! It’s such a joy to hear them sing again in the mornings, and you realize how quiet it has been during the past months. Steaming hot soups and stews can soon be replaced with more lighter meals.

We have been making a lot of different varieties of warm porridge to fight off those cold winter mornings. Both Elsa and David R-E-A-L-L-Y loves porridge. Lately, Elsa has even decided that she only eats “dad’s porridge” (she is very much in a dad-phase right now). I am fine with that though, since I actually has started to prefer my porridge raw. So I have been experimenting on my own with a few different versions. This is one of my favorites. Not only is it raw, but also gluten free and vegan!


One of the keys to optimal health is to have a good digestion system. It doesn’t matter how healthy you’re eating if your ability to absorb nutrition is lacking. Besides keeping a variety of good bacterias (probiotics) in your digestion system, you can also ‘manipulate’ the food. Soakingsproutingfermenting and juicing are all methods you can use in your cooking to help digestion.


I make this raw porridge by soaking buckwheat groats and walnuts overnight and then blending them with apple, orange juice and cardamom. Topped with berries, bee pollen and cocoa nibs it is truly delicious and a simple morning luxury. It doesn’t hurt that it is also easy absorbed nutrition. If you can’t find raw buckwheat groats you can use oat groats instead.



TO-GO! Make a batch of these on a Sunday and spoon into clean glass jars. Add topping, cover with a lid, place in the fridge and you have a healthy to-go breakfast for the next couple of days. Just grab a glass jar and go to work or school.


Raw Buckwheat, Apple, Walnut Porridge
Serves 4

1 cup / 240 ml raw hulled buckwheat groats (whole or coarsely ground) + water for soaking
1 cup / 240 ml raw walnuts + water for soaking
2 green apples, cored
1 orange, juice
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or ground vanilla

bee pollen
cacao nibs
coconut flakes
nut butter

Place buckwheat and nuts in two separate bowls, cover with water and let soak for minimum 1 hour or overnight. Rinse and drain. Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. You can also use an immersion blender.

Top with fresh berries or pomegranate, bee pollen, cacao nibs, coconut flakes and nut butter. Or whatever you have at home.

Keeps for 3-4 days in the fridge.


  • This was the most delicious recipe!!! I think I said "mmmm" after every bite! Even without the orange juice-I had to use water as I am not allowed orange juice because of my medical related diet. SO GREAT!!!
  • Catherine
    Hello Could you please clarify what you mean by 1 orange, juice? Do you mean the juice of one orange, or a whole orange, juiced up in a food processor. The way you have written it isn't clear to me. Thank you.
  • kitty
    I was wondering: why do you soak the buckwheat and the nuts in two different bowls? I'm usually lazy, is it possible to soak them in the same bowl? What is the advantage of using two bowls?
  • angie
    hello! looks amazing!!! may i ask two things? why not use traditional rolled oats? and wat exactly does RAW porridge mean?
  • I made this porridge this morning, minus the apple, and I must admit I was surprised how delicious it tasted. All I had in it was soaked buckwheat, walnuts, juice and flesh of 1 orange, cardamom, cinnamon and chia seeds. Texture is a bit like eating very tasty mud :) but I just added some toasted nuts and seeds on top for the crunch. This is definitely becoming a part of my breakfast menu!
  • Wow! This seems EXACTLY the kind of recipe I would enjoy and it is perfect for someone who is in need of allergen-friendly recipes for a sensitive digestive system too! :) I am bookmarking this recipe for future use and look forward to trying it! Thanks again for the inspiration!
  • Trinity
    Made this this morning and it was ok. I think perhaps too much cardamon. Might try it again with less or even none, I love cardamom too but I struggled to eat this.
  • Emma-leigh
    i made this, thinking that it would be good but it is very grainy (it reminds me of chicken food) . is it usually like this? what could i put on it to make it taste nice?
  • Lenok
    Hi! Where do you buy a good quality buckwheat? Thank you.
  • Hi! This is a delicious breakfast. I scheduled a post on my blog with a link to this recipe. Thanks so much!
  • Alicia
    I had this today - genius! My new favourite breakfast.
  • Matilda NIlsson
    Vad gott det ser ut, måste prova! Har en liten fråga också. Var kan man hitta de fina skålarna som ni äter ur på bilden från bordet?
  • Julie
    thank you so much for so natural and easy recipe of my favourite buckwheat! i just added a bit of raisins inside of porridge to have it sweeter) and the topping was from mango-papaya-orange-godji berries salsa! all my house mates were satisfied) this is the most important)
  • Sanne
    Hi, would love to try this recipe, to introduce some variety in my breakfast ritual, because currently I'm eating overnight oats every morning. But I was wondering what the purpose if of soaking your nuts as well? I also read soaking nuts overnight in your orange vanilla overnight oats recipe and was wondering what the purpose is. Thanks! Kind regards, Sanne
  • Didi
    I've made this recipe so many times now and I still love it. Made it with cashews and pumpkinseeds today, a little more orange juice and one extra apple. I also added a little nutmilk and lemon rinds :-) thank you so much for inspiring me!
  • I just want to say I am a UK Nutritional Therapist who loves this and many of your other recipes and I have told hundreds of people about your fantastic site and it has been life changing for many of them. I run courses about eating great and make tasters some of which come from your website and people get very excited. Thank you so much.
  • Beautiful photos! Good flavors and very filling! The consistency was a little mealy, perhaps I didn't wash the buckwheat enough?
  • Thank you for a delicious recipe! Päivi http://howsheloves.blogspot.fi/
  • Joe
    Well, is bee pollen vegan?
  • Luna
    Så himla bra recept! Jag gjorde den här gröten och tog med till jobbet idag, och herregud vad gott det var! Jag har gjort en del andra råa bovetegrötrecept tidigare, men den här är helt klart godast! Bra idé med valnötterna! Haha, jag är verkligen entusiastisk inför det här receptet. Tack för att ni delade med er av det! Väldigt fin och bra blogg för övrigt.
  • I just made this for my lunch (I know it supposed to be breakfast, but it was a super filling lunch) I added banana, peaches and cacao nibs. Loved it!!!
  • This was exactly what I was looking for after trying raw oatmeal on a recent trip to LA. Thank you, it's delicious and so versatile. I forgot to add the apple and cardamon but used almond milk and cinnamon and topped with goji berries. Delightful and so nutritious. Thank you Luise!
  • Lena
    Where do you buy your pottery?
  • Den ser spændende ud! Men er det egentlig nødvendigt at blende grøden? Kan man ikke bare sætte den i blød og så i køleskabet?
  • Hi! I stumbled upon this recipe by chance and the raw buckwheat intrigued me so much that I had to try it. And I did. I made a raw buckwheat porridge today with pineapple and papaya and few spices. OMG I could not stop eating it! And so good for the tummy. Am one happy hippo :) xoxo
  • This is so genius, you guys! It's my new favorite breakfast - raw, light, yummy...it just makes me feel good when I eat it. Plus, it's a good gluten-free option for my fiancé. Thanks for being brilliant and sharing your beautiful and delicious ideas :)
  • Sara
    Hi, this looks delicious, will try it today. But I just googled bee pollen and got a lot of websites talking about the side effects of bee pollen; especially people with a pollen allergy should watch out since there have been serious allergic reactions reported even from eating small amounts of bee pollen.
  • Sophie
    Hi Green Kitchen Stories:), I was just wondering if you could give me the conversion from 240ml buckwheat and walnuts into grams. Thankyou.
  • Anna
    Hi, I am just wondering about the fagopyrine in the buckweat? It irritates your eyes if you don't rinse the seeds in boiling water. Is that somehow lost in the process of watering? Thanks
  • Kristina
    Wow thank you for your immediate reply! I'll keep it in mind. And I am already excited to try the raw porridge tomorrow morning! Have a great evening.

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