Nut Milk + Big Love February

We had another post planned for this weekend but it didn’t turn out as we expected. Instead we have compiled a new list of things that has inspired us this month. If you make it to the end of the post we’ll reward you with our recipe for nut milk. The recipe isn’t very spectacular, quite simple actually. But since we don’t drink cow milk very often this is what we use in smoothies on porridge and in pancakes. So it is pretty essential in our lives. But first, our list.

• This month we have totally been digging this blog. These Squash + Apple Calzones are definitely on our to do list.

• We are so flattered by all your comments on our Hemp Protein Bars and our Beet Bourguignon. Some of you have even posted and emailed us links to your own versions of our recipes. We love that! So if you have made your own version on one of our recipes, please let us now, we’d  love to see your twist on them.

• This recipe looks and sounds perfect for our (hopefully) last weeks of winter.

• A Mardi Gras smoothie.

• We have been listing to this guy a lot.

• Elsa’s new yellow spring shoes! Their organic.

• Yesterday we revisited our old recipe for Rye Pizza dough, but instead of making it with potatoes we blended spinach, green herbs, lemon and olive oil into a green topping. And after baking we also added aragula, goat cheese and pear. Phenomenally tasty!

• We have been baking both seed crackers and traditional swedish crisp bread (inspired by this recipe). I don’t have a crisp bread rolling pin, but if someone could tell me where I could pick one up I’d be very grateful.

• Our crisp breads would fit perfectly in these crisp bread jars from Swedish store Granit.

• Check out this Ricotta cheese video. And then go make your own goat cheese ricotta.

• We are this close to joining Pinterest. First I honestly couldn’t see the point of it, but now I totally can. Not only could we use it for inspiration, but also meal planning. I would set up a wall with recipes that we’re planning on trying. Yes, we’re definitely joining.

Nut milk
4 cups

Instead of just drinking cow milk, we often replace it with different kind of plant milks. They are rich in protein and depending on your choice of nuts and seeds, also high in minerals and vitamins. All you need is a high speed blender and a cheesecloth. Nuts can be pretty expensive, so if you want to try another more economical plant milk you should try oat. Just replace the nuts in this recipe for oat, and strain it more carefully.

1 cup nuts or seeds or a mix (raw almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, sesame, hemp etc) 
4 cups fresh water
a pinch of sea salt 

1 tsp spices (vanilla bean, cardamom seeds, cinnamon sticks or cloves)

Start by soaking the nuts. Place them in a bowl or jar, cover with twice as much water and let it soak over night. Rinse them the morning after and place in a high speed blender together with 4 cups water and a pinch of salt. Blend for a couple of minutes. Place a nut milk bag or cheesecloth over a pitcher and pour the blended mixture into it. Strain the milk through the nut bag until only the pulp is left. Use your hands to squeeze out the last drip of milk. Add spices and place in the fridge for about an hour. Drink it as it is, use it in smoothies or pour it over your porridge.

The milk keeps for about three days in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator.


  • Daniella
    Hello ! I had tried making Cashew/Almond milk but it barely lasted more than a day :(. Should I have done something differently or added a preservative ingredient ? Thank-you! Daniella
  • Matilde
    Hi, I love your recipes and I'll try this one in the weekend. What do you do with the pulp remaining? Can you reuse it somehow? Matilde.
  • Brittany
    Hi I can't wait to try this, but can anyone tell me specifically how many/what kind of spices they used. I think vanilla bean sounds good, but I'm not sure how much I should add and how I should add it. Thanks ?
  • Sarah
    Do you make your own rice milk? Do you soak the rice or cook the rice. I've seen both out there and not sure which would be better, better consistency and better nutritionally. Thanks in advance!
  • Magda
    What a great idea! I can't wait to try it!
  • Thank you for this recipe! I have tried it and it´s delicious. I was wandering if you had any tips on making soya milk? I am trying but nothing seems to work...milk does not taste that good somehow. Best wishes, Eleonore (foodrustic)
  • Soy and Oats are so much more economical, but I guess the nut milk can be saved for special mornings:-)
  • Beautiful Blog. Love to eat healthy vegetarian and wholesome food. I share the same philosophy about eating well. Glad I found your blog.
  • Lauren
    I love using pinterest to organize recipes. I read a number of beautiful food blogs and it allows me to save them all in one location. I first created a "recipes to try" page for my husband, who loves to eat but doesn't read food blogs, could pick out recipes in a fun and beautiful way. I now have a favorites section that we can be reminded of meals we loved.
  • I like the music. I'm listening to it right now. I too have just joined Pinterest. I'm finding it a useful way to save and organize recipes I find on-line. Look forward to following you.
  • M
    Love your recopies. Just be careful with Pinterest. There are some troublesome issues with their copyright policy.
  • Giorgia
    You should definitely join Pinterest! That's how I discovered your blog: somebody pinned one of your quinoa recipes and I was looking for a new quinoa recipe. Then I pinned a lot of yours and soon I will try your falafel recipe, just waiting for spring when fresh herbs will be locally available (I just don't like the idea of basilicum from Kenia...)
  • Lovely list and thanks for leading me to Happyolks! And thank you for sharing your nut milk recipe! I do drink cow's milk but have recently discovered nut milk and would like to explore it more... Looking forward to seeing you on Pinterest!
  • Ketmala
    I made our bi-weekly nut milk too last night! I'll be making raw seeded crackers this afternoon with the almond pulp to go with some fresh homemade ricotta from "My New Roots". Good day to you and your beautiful family!
  • Do do do join Pinterest! I love creating boards on there -- such an excellent curatorial system. I have taken to making nut milks recently, too. I have some soaked nuts in the kitchen right now, actually, and you have reminded me to go whizz them up.
  • Susanne
    Your post and the gorgeous photos inspired me to make almond milk for the first time. My blender is broken, so I used the food processor and it seemed to work fine. From the pulp I could tell that the almonds were not very finely ground. Is it still OK or will I lose important nutrients?
  • I love your beautiful tutorial. I use almond milk often- in oatmeal and even in my tea. I must try this method!
  • I dig everything about you guys!
  • Paulina J!
    Hello! Can't wait to try this. The recipes says the nut milk will last for three... Is it three days, weeks or months? Thanks!
  • Monica
    Nut Milk!!! Yeah - thank you. We have been on Oatley for a week and Leah LOVES it :-) We will try this next.
  • I also use a lot of nut milk, but I have a Soyabella so... I wanted to try My New Roots' goat cheese risotta, you definitely convinced me!
  • I've never tried nut milk, maybe I'll give it a go! I loved those calzones over at happy yolks too.
  • Linn
    Min pappa gjorde knäckebröd en gång när jag var liten. han använde mattpiskan.
  • Can't wait to follow you on Pinterest! It's really addictive, and perfect for those of us who for years have crammed notebooks and folders with inspiration and recipes! Let me know if you're in need for an invite :) Audrey
    • Hi Audrey, I actually didn't know that we needed to have an invite. So yes, we would love an invite if you can spare one. Please send it to: Thank you!
  • Great list and you´re doing nut milk! I think there is nothing comparable to your own one, at least not in Germany. It´s creamy and so tasty.
  • Can't wait to see you on Pininterest! It really is handy. I use it to keep track of the overwhelming number of inspiring recipes that I want to try. The blue background of the milk shots is chillingly beautiful.
  • Great List! I love using your photos for Pinterest! Don't worry, always add your name to it because you never know what happens to those pics after they have been reposted time and time again. Thanks for providing such beautiful recipes and pixs! Definitely going to try the power bars this week. Would LOVE to follow you on pinterest- Whats your link? Here is mine:
  • Thanks for sharing your favorites! I absolutely love Happyolks blog. Anya P.S. Yey for Pinterest. I actually use it for meal planning as well: one board stores recipes I want to try and if they've turned out good I "move" them to my second "tried and true" board.
    • Hi Anya, what a great idea with different Pinterest boards. Will definitely keep that in mind. /David
  • I just love these lists:) And it´s fun you mentioned pinterest cuz I thought about it a lot yesterday and finally came to the conclusion that I love the creative visual part of it and sent a request for joining! ...and guess what I´m finishing up as we speak?! Gonna be in your mail soon! Much Love <3

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